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Chapter 5: Clara’s Adventurer Course

That wasn't nearly as bad as I thought, so have a chapter.

Clara's Adventurer Course

In a small room of the library, I watched Clara work as I talked with her.

When I said I wanted to ask a few things, she said she had work, and declined. Fitting of a book lover like her, she took a request at the library today.

Saying I would assist her, I also got permission from the library to take the request alongside her.

She was on standby in a small room, but there, a staff member carrying a few volumes of books.

"Clara, can I leave these to you? One copy each. The period is one week."


The plump-ish middle aged female worker handed Clara three of the books, and Clara returned to her seat, and began using her Skill on them.

"... What are you doing?"

She held the Skill known as [Reading], and it was said to not be that much of a rare one.

Just by holding a book in your hands, it was a useful one that let you comprehend its contents...

But it's hard to remember those contents, and Clara said she liked reading them normally more.

"I'm reading the book to understand it. Like this..."

She kept flipping the pages with her right hand, and used her Skill on her left.


A book of the same sort started to manifest.

As I stood shocked at the scene, Clara did the same to the other books, and finished copying all three of them. She stuck a seal on the copied volumes.

"... Isn't that amazing?"

I praised her Skill, and from the Jewel, I could hear the Third in high spirits.

[This child's amazing! She keeps saying she's nothing special, but look at that!]

... At least she gives better advice than the ancestors. I recognize that she's amazing.

Clara picked up the six books, left the room, and soon returned.

She took her seat, and started reading.

"That was the contents of the request I accepted. We don't allow for lending, but we do sell volumes that will disappear after a certain amount of time has passed. Ah, the copies are a limited time thing. What's more, the Skill is limited only to books. As I made those ones, they'll last for a week."

Even if it was limited, that didn't change that it was an incredible Skill.

(I see, so lending out is prohibited, but like this, you can take out time-restricted book volumes... I should have asked for the specifics earlier.)

I regretted that I didn't ask about the library's system in depth earlier, but it seems that taking them out costs money.

If I was going to regularly commute to the library anyways, then it wasn't something I had to care about.

It's just that it's true that I was impressed.

"I think it's amazing enough... is that one of your Skill's greater applications?"

As I asked, Clara nodded.

"This Skill is one pertaining only to books. That's what links its effects. While it has some restrictions, I don't know its full extent as of yet."

While she started explaining while reading, I began cleaning the small room.

"There was something I was curious about, but is it alright if I asked?"

Without taking her eyes off of her book, she spoke.

"I get the just of it. Will Aria-san and the others be able to acquire the necessary technical Skills? It was about that, right? To put it bluntly, to get the average amount of technique of a specialized adventurer, it would require time units of years."

Isn't that quite a bit of time there? Just what am I supposed to do in that space?

I had a mountain of things to ask.

But Clara went on.

"However, limited only to the city of Arumsaas, even if they don't master the trade, they'll give results to an extent."

"Even if they don't master it?"

As I asked, Clara gave a simple explanation.

"I mean, in the places that adventurers use as hunting grounds, most of the information is readily disclosed. Also, the monsters that come out in it are predetermined. While there are some differences here and there, I don't think there's anything they won't be able to cope with."

Having been told that, I heard a voice from the Jewel.

It was the Second.

[Oh my, so she told him... isn't this girl good at looking after others? From her appearance and personality, the impression she gives off is way too far off.]

The Fourth spoke in agreement.

[It's because in order to survive, communication is also important. Even more so for a solo who specializes in support of all things. There's no doubt she's the type that gets over enthusiastic over whatever she's interested in, though.]

So these guys knew all of this, and kept quiet?

I tried asking.

"Meaning as long as we limit ourselves to Arumsaas..."

"It will take shape in two to three months. For an adventurer to decide a base of operations for earnings, it's often the case that a pattern is formed. Use the specialized patterns of the local land. While they may not reach into the realm of complete specialists, they'll definitely display some results."

But Clara warned me.

They were just taking shape, and it's not like they were actual specialists.

If they got the experience, Aria and the others would become something quite considerable. But the efficiency and effect would be different when compared to real ones.

(In order to clear it swiftly, we have to specialize in clearing Arumsaas' labyrinth for now, is what it means. From the ancestors' demeanor, I wonder if they understood that from the beginning.)

Thinking of why they would keep quiet over such a thing, I could understand it instantly.

They weren't favoring my current actions.

(I thought it would be easy if I just asked, but I see... they wanted to have me think of it for myself.)

While I felt ashamed of myself for relying too much on Clara, I gave my thanks.

"I see. Thank you, Clara. Because of that, I've been able to decide on my objective."

Seeing her finish reading her book, I...

(She sure does read fast...)

Thought that.

"I don't mind. I mean, I did have some personal interest in it... also, Lyle-san?"


"You seem to be in a hurry, but remember that preparation is important in everything. As long as you don't forget that, your chances of success in everything will rise. That's all I've to say."

Saying that, Clara took a new book in hand.




Having pulled Poyopoyo to Damien's laboratory, I ended up consulting him there.

"... A golem not in humanoid form? If you just want me to speak to the result, then yes, it will move. Its control will be different, though."

"I see."

In the room that had become much tidier than before, I stared at something that looked like a blueprint as I started to think.

Within the room, Poyopoyo faced off against another automaton, and their eyes flashed red a couple of times.

Looking at it was scary.

"And wait, you came over just to ask something like that? There wasn't any change in the automaton, or some new thing you noticed, or anything? Generally, we're both using them as maids, so the reports I get always say the same things... did you try taking her to battle?"

What is this one saying?

As I thought that, the Seventh spoke.

[Lyle, come to think of it, didn't Poyopoyo say it? That she would be useful? There's a possibility that she may actually be able to handle combat. I mean, no matter how you put it, she is an ancient automaton.]

The form the Seventh took within the jewel was one of his thirties with a refined air about him.

Imagining him saying Poyopoyo with a straight face made me feel like bursting into laughter.

That name's surprisingly establishing itself.

"C-can she do it? I was sure she would break."

"Why are you smiling like that? And well, I tried giving her a heavy load, and she has quite a bit of power in that body. So I was wondering how it would be..."

Damien looked at the automata glaring at one another. The other automata saw Damien's movements, and called out.

"No. 2, master is calling for you. Cease with your pointless fighting."

"Quite caring about that pitiful pile of scrap metal, and answer to master's demands."

Looking at the automata that said that, I...

"Eh? That was a fight?"

Damien spoke.

"Apparently. Somehow just by staring into each other's' eyes, they can have lightning fast data exchanges, or something... I wonder why those ancients gave them such a function. It's a mystery."

Poyopoyo started shaking angrily. The automaton known as No. 2 raised a victorious smile.

These guys are scary.

Anyways, she directed a nice smile at Damien.

"What could it be, master?"

That smile didn't seem to have any value to the man. He didn't give the slightest reaction.

"Are you guys capable of battle? To what extent can you fight?"

No. 2 answered.

"Combat is possible, but we are not battle models, so there is a limit to that. We haven't been able to go out of here very much, so we have much too little information on what you call monsters, but I have determined we would be able to take care of those around the city of Arumsaas without weapons."

I unintentionally put out my mouth.

"Eh? You can take on monsters unarmed?"

And reacting to me, Poyopoyo...

"This is why those mass produced defects are no good. I, Poyopoyo... the special model model, am an amazing entity that can handle combat without a problem! If I were in the mood, then these mass produced ones would be scrap before you..."

"Stop it. Don't you feel sorry for them?"

As I stopped her, Damien said...

"I kinda want to see it, but if they break, then cleaning the lab would be a pain."

To Damien, it seems the automata were a sort of household appliance. No, there's no doubt that they're maids, though.

While he was saying quite a cruel thing, the three automata were smiling brightly.

"At this rate, we'll make it so that his body cannot live without us."

"Right, he'll feel oh so anxious without us."

"The first stage has been cleared. Let's move onto stage two."

Even hearing that, Damien didn't pay it any mind.

Poyopoyo seemed to receive a shock upon me calling the other automata pitiful.

"... Even when I'm this chicken dickwad's exclusive machine. Even when I can serve this god damn chicken better than anyone else..."

My thoughts on the matter...

"Automata are scary."

Damien looked at me, and offered a suggestion.

"Lyle, why not take that automaton outside, and try having her fight? I'll give out a reward, and when she gets used to it, have her challenge the labyrinth. If it seems impossible, we'll give up on that part, though."

On his request, I looked towards Poyopoyo.

She was sending back a reliable look. She didn't look to be the same timid scrap heap as before.

(This girl is a pain...)

"Well, I'll at least test it."

The other members are busy, so it was determined that I would be acting alone for a while.

It isn't a bad idea to consult wit Novem, and to try taking Poyopoyo outside.

Hearing that, Poyopoyo spoke.

"Fufufu, I can finally even take care of this chicken on the battlefield as well. Leave it all to me. Even if it's in the outside world, I'll show you I can prepare the finest of full courses!"

She seemed to be overly motivated, but I rejected.

"Eh? I think we should stick to easy-to-eat sandwiches out there."

A Dejected Poyopoyo...

"Is that so... but I'd like it if you keep in mind I have motivation to that extent... ah, also, there's something I'd like to consult about, but Professor Pervert?"

As she called to Damien, the three automata eyes let of red light as they glared at her.

"What is it?"

"Are you still safekeeping the metal the chicken dickhead brought back?"

"That's right. Processing that one is difficult, so I don't think anything's been done to it."

Hearing that, she turned to me.

"Chicken bastard, please allow me to use that metal! I'll put it to much better use than you ever could."

It's true that I was troubled over what to do with it, but hearing it like that is somewhat irritating.

But complaining to this one doesn't get anywhere.

"Do whatever you want."

"I'll do the hell out of whatever I want!"

Like that, I learned of an unexpected use for Poyopoyo.




Outside of Arumsaas, I watched the scene with my eyes wide open.

An unarmed Poyopoyo somehow produced a hammer that's height exceeded even her own from under her skirt.

With power I couldn't imagine coming from her slender arms, and swung it horizontally at the monster.

The monster was sent flying off in a shape I couldn't describe with words, but what I was more concerned about was just where she took that hammer out of...

There was also the problem of it being made of a material I had seen before.


"How about it? Have you been shocked by my strength, chicken dickhead? You can leave the front lines to me. If you do, then all day every day, I'll be serving by your si... oh my, my drool is..."

"You... just how did you make that?"

I looked at her hammer, and noticed it was made from the armor of the boss we dispatched on the fortieth floor.

If I'm to believe Damien when he said it was a material hard to process, then I have to be surprised that she manufactured her weapon in so short of a time.

"... Eh? That's what you're worried about? You're not interested in the contents of my skirt or anything? And you still call yourself a man? How about you get yourself shocked over my strength, or praise me, or do something. There are plenty of other things, you know? What's to be of the standing of the girl who was sure she'd be showered with surprise or praise?"

I looked at the monster left in a terrible state, and spoke with a smile.

"Automata can daydream? More importantly, if you don't hold back a little more, we won't be able to collect the materials. Why not think a bit? But it's amazing for you to have the technology to process that metal. Can you form it into any shape you want?"

Poyopoyo affirmed expressionlessly.

"Well, if it's something on the level of the wreckage of that mobilized weapon... there were several differing parts in my data, but the materials were similar enough."

I put my hand to my chin in thought.

(In that case, we can do this... and Poyopoyo's power will also be a contributing factor. I thought there was a need for me to recruit someone else, but I guess this resolves matters a bit.)

As Clara said, it was something I needed to think about on my own.

To actualize that, I'll need Poyopo's strength, or more so, her technology.

I grabbed the shoulders of the maid expressionlessly holding up the hammed that was heavy enough to dig into he ground.

"You're amazing, Poyopoyo! So you weren't just a disappointing automaton! I've gotten a better opinion of you!"

Her face gradually flushed a light red, she turned her head away, and in a quiet voice...

"I-it's not like I was trying hard for your sake or anything, idiot... the phrase that I've always wanted to say... the time has finally come for it to be put to use!"

The Third spoke.

[What the hell is this child saying?]

The Sixth was...

[I don't think you have to think so deeply about it. And wait, it's probably something beyond our comprehension.]

The Fifth seemed cold.

[This automaton is no good. As I thought, wouldn't some cute animal be a better healing factor here? Lyle, for my own personal tranquility, won't you find a...]

Since the last talk we had about the Qilin, the Fifth remained in a broken state.

If we just left alone, he would likely go back eventually, so I decided not to worry about it.

Even so, Poyopoyo being motivated was a good thing.

I continued praising her, and began putting my scheme into motion.

"I don't really get it, but you're amazing."

Poyopoyo turned red all the way to her ears, and she was shaking.

"What a magnificent day it is... For that worthless chicken to finally realize my worth. But it's a bit unsatisfying that he didn't praise me as a maid."

She seemed happy, but there was some part she couldn't accept. I took her along, and decided to return to the mansion.

But before that...

"Well then, I want to collect the magic stones and other such things, but... this is quite brutal."

The ground was died red in a large radius, and a brutal spectacle extended before me.

(A hammer that big won't be of any use in the labyrinth, so she'll have to carry bags.)

I resolved myself, and got to collecting the stones and materials from the tattered remains.