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Question Corner 3

Sevens Question Corner 3

Q: With thirty kids, the Fifth could control the entire government with political marriages~

A: Fifth Generation ( ゜д゜) "Oh, right! You usually don't get that many, do you now? But there was a reason I had to do that! How about you think about my feelings when I had a need to get that many children... right?"

Fourth Generation ( ′?ω?`): "Sorry."

Third Generation ( ′?ω?`): "I'm sorry."


Q: Celes is a reincarnator with a cheat~.

A: Second Generation ヽ(?ω?)/ : "Wrong. She isn't a reincarnated or body swapped or anything."


Q: The little sisters of this world are dangerous. Do you perhaps hate little sisters, author?

A: Sixth Generation (′?`) : "They definitely are dangerous, but the author doesn't hate them, and he has some twisted delusions about them. How foolish~."


Q: The ancestors interfere too much. Lyle doesn't need a personality.

A: Lyle (?д?) : "I know, right?"


Q: He noticed Miranda was attacking, but not that Novem was actually awake?

A: Second Generation (/ω?\) : "Look, he was being attacked and all... he thought drugging was in play, so perhaps it was a perceived notion? The skills aren't omnipotent or anything."


Q: Novem is the one behind the curtains.

A: Novem|??).。oO(... No comment)


Q: Sevens... Lyle is either the Eighth or Ninth Generation, so isn't the title wrong?

A: Lyle ( ゜д゜) : "... W-what was that?"

Fourth Generation ([email protected][email protected]) : "I-it's fine! It's strange because you're thinking of it as implying he's the 'Seventh' of something. How about thinking it as a pluralization of 7? ... no good, huh?"

Seventh Generation (???) : "Just say there's some deeper meaning or some bullshit like that to put them off. They'll forget it eventually! (The truth is, the deeper meaning in the title is... oh, my, I can't say any further)."