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447 Something is Rotten in Denmark

 Dave had dinner with the Silvanas that night. It was a great replacement for the pizza that Bone Breaker wasted. The dinner consisted of some French fancy food that Dave couldn't even spell. However, his hunger didn't care for what the food was called it tasted heavenly and his growling stomach wanted more.

Happily, Dante laughed as he saw how ravenous Dave was, "I've never seen someone with such appetite after having gone through a similar experience."

Dave munched on and took a chug from his glass of wine and replied, "Never Hunger might be for the Undead, but I'm starving, and to be honest, I had much scarier and more frightening scenes than to lose my appetite against a gun."

"Davey is so brave," Zoe cooed, to which Dante coughed, reminding her of where she was.

Zoe laughed it off and excused herself, it was time for her to go to sleep.

"I guess I'll head out too," Dave said after wiping his face.

"Nonsense," Dante replied. "You'll sleep in the guest's room, there is a shower there, and spare clothes. Once your place is fixed you can go there, but now you're staying and I'm not taking no for an answer," Dante adamantly stated.

"Yes, sir," Dave replied awkwardly.

Dave left for the room Dante pointed out. It was as large as his bedroom, with a bigger bed and a clause that held various clothes, most of them were night pajamas. Dave took one and went to take a quick shower in the room's own bathroom.

After finishing up he went to sleep, only to be interrupted by his phone ringing.

Zoe was calling.

"Davey," she spoke, her voice had a small hint of anxiousness.


"Wanna come over?" she asked.

"I do, but if your dad catches me, I don't think he'll be using the lighter gun this time."

Zoe giggled and said, "Then I'll come over," She added.

Dave snickered; it was like two kids being mischievous.

However, the moment Zoe's door opened, a loud cough sounded from the hallway.

Almost immediately, she closed her door and called Dave again.

"Damn, he is standing right outside my room..." she said.

Dave laughed it off and said, "I somehow knew he'd be doing something like that, your dad is great."

"Not so great not letting me even visit my boyfriend in his room."

"Hey, if I have a daughter and I invite her boyfriend over, I'll never let him be within a meter of her. Gotta respect the man, I kinda like that. Your dad is kinda cool," Dave said.

Zoe giggled and said, "You're weird."

The two kept chatting for a while until they decided it was time to sleep. The morning would come soon.

Dave woke up to the ringing of his phone, Zoe was calling him for breakfast.

The three gathered up and ate together, and Dave had to excuse himself and leave soon.

"Why are you leaving this early?" Dante asked.

"I need to be back home before it's Ten, my duel in the Clash of Gods event is gonna start soon." He said.

"Right, then, I'll have the driver take you back home. Also, I already asked James and Nicolai to fix your door for you it should be done. And I had them rent out the apartment right under yours."

"Isn't that kinda expensive, I mean I'm thankful for the protection, but it's pretty expensive to rent those places."

"Don't worry, about that, your safety is more important than a few Benjamins."

Dave smiled genuinely, Dante's sincerity was heartwarming, it made Dave feel like Dante was the father he never had.

Before Dave could get worked up, he excused himself, bad Zoe and Dante goodbye, and went downstairs.

Once down, the driver opened the limo's door for him to enter.

It didn't take much time for Dave to arrive back home, and once he was back, the first to meet him was the Russian guy, Nicolai, Dante had told him that he was an ex Spetznaz with fair skin, blond hair and blue eyes and looked like a wall of muscles.

"Ze Zoor iz Fixzed, Ve'll Ve Down. Coll iV you need Help."

Apparently, the Russian military man had the strongest Russian accent Dave had ever heard before, it didn't matter it was still clear.

"Gotcha, thanks, guys."

Nikolai nodded and went down.

Dave got inside, and scurried to his gaming room, he missed his gaming pod. And it was time to go back and do some more serious things.

He logged in and waved away the greeting notification from the game, he had five more minutes before the Clash of Gods event could start, and right after it, he'll need to go and clear the Ash King's Temple.

Ralph called Dave a few seconds after he logged in.

"Yo, supp bruh," Dave answered.

"I need your help man, I'm stuck at the final stage of my legacy quest, can you help a brother out?" Ralph asked.

"Sure man, but I'm in the middle of something right now, need to wrap up my duel and I have a little quest to do afterward. Once I'm done I'll call you and we can go for your quest."

"Right bro, you don't mind me borrowing some of your undead?" Ralph asked.

"Yeah, just be polite to them, and don't use them as meat shields," Dave said.

"Don't worry, If there is any danger, I'll face it with them," Ralph said.

"Great, that's the way to get them to recognize you as a friend. Alright gotta go, man, my duel is starting soon,"

"Good luck brosky," Ralph said.

"Thanks, man, good grinding."

Dave removed the leather armor that he got from Hammering it Gud and began donning his Doom Knight Armor. His stats were back to their usual forms once he had finished putting his armor on. He also changed from his human appearance back to his undead one.

A notification covered Dave's vision; it was the prompt for the Clash of Gods event.

Dave went through the teleportation vortex and appeared on the dueling platform, his contender yet to come.

After waiting for a few minutes, Albert showed up,

"If your contender doesn't show up in the next twenty seconds, you will win the round and proceed to the next one."

A timer showed up in front of Dave and began decreasing.

Dave didn't care much for the timer, or the round, it was all the same to him, he needed to get this fight over with to go and do more urgent matters. The Ash King's forces needed to be snuffed out before he could get the chance to recruit more. The final assault on the Ash King was nigh, and he needed as many advantages as he could get.

Once the timer hit the one second left, light from the other side of the platform glowed brightly.

"Ah, it's you again," Albert spoke.

Dave didn't understand what was going on, but the player in question was shaking.

"I surrender," he said almost immediately.

Before Dave could even inspect him, the player was teleported out of the platform and Dave back to where he was before he began the Clash of Gods event.

"The heck was that?" Dave questioned and asked Albert to come.

Albert showed up, holding his famous pina-colada juice and in his Hawaiian getup. The world turned black and white, a separate time zone so that no NPC could ever discover the existence of the AI ruling the world.

"Wassup," Albert spoke.

Dave ignored the long since dusted greeting and said, "What did you mean by, it's you again then?"

"Oh, it's that player," Albert said, "He always shows up really late for fights, to make his opponents think that he was not going to make it. They drop their guard and relax, and once he is back, he ruins his mentality, it worked for him thus far, but once he was facing you...well, you saw the outcome," Albert went for a sip of his drink.

"Ah, I thought that..." Dave's words were cut short as he noticed something that shouldn't be happening.

The coconut Albert was drinking from pixelized for a fraction of a second, enough for the content to spill and the small paper parasol in the coconut to fall to the ground.

Albert, however, was none the wiser.

"I'll be going now," Albert said.

"Wait, you dropped this," Dave pointed at the paper parasol.

"Oh, my bad, Albert waved his hand and removed the parasol from the ground, "Trash should go to the trash bin, now, if you need anything call me over, I quite enjoy your adventures," Albert then disappeared.

Dave thought for a moment, how come the AI was glitching, he only faced that when the infamous Alfred was hunting him, but now Alfred is dead, self-terminate as Kada Emile had told him. Could the system be under pressure?

Dave's questions went unanswered as he remembered that he still needed to deal with the ash king temple.

"Right, it's gonna be in-game mid-night soon, gotta get this done." Dave went back to the Inn he stayed at and waited for night.