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443 Going Dark

 True to his word, once the two hours period had ended, Hammering-It-Gud came to meet Dave at the bar he was waiting at. In his hand was a folded set of wearable leather armor.

"Here you go. This is a pretty badass armor you've allowed me to make. If you have more materials I would love to buy them off you, I just know it's going to be a hit. Speaking from experience, this is one of the best Assassin armor sets I have ever seen. Scratch that, it might be the best in the current game, if we exclude the one Mercy has," Hammering praised his own work.

"Is her's really so great? Well, that would certainly explain why I've never seen in another set," Dave replied while accepting the gear.

"How can it not be, it's what she got as her Legacy Item. She can't remove it, but it scales according to her level. Or at least that's the rumor amongst us smiths. Unfortunately, it is protected from being identified so only she herself knows it's true value." Hammering explained.

"Interesting, I never knew that. Now you made me curious, but first, let's see what this little thing can actually do."

Dave pulled out the first piece of armor, it was a dark cowl.

Name Demonic Shadow Tiger's Cowl.

Shadow Tigers are extremely aggressive creatures, and the armor created from their slain bodies, creates an extremely aggressive set for combat. The Shadow Tiger set is practical in camouflage, assassination and can sustain minor close quarter combat to a degree.


Level 400

400 AGI


+10,000 to HP

1,000 Physical Defense

500 Magical Defense

500 Mana


Special ability: [Improved Night Vision] Increases the ability to see in the dark and low light conditions.

Class Epic

Category: Light Leather Armor

Dave didn't read through the rest of the items description as they were all the same. The only difference lay in the abilities each item gave.

The gloves increased pick-pocketing and lock opening speed. The boots decreased the sound of footsteps to a degree. The chest piece gave a decent amount of HP and increased defensive value, while the leg piece increased jumping distance.

However, the most important ability of them all was the one given once all the pieces of the armor set were worn. The Shadow Escape ability. Giving Dave the option to dive through shadows and appear from another shadow nearby. It was not the same as invisibility as his Class was barred from using it. Still, it would be a great Skill to use in a clutch.

It was a pretty balanced set of armor that looked completely black and would blend in perfectly with the shadows.

"Thanks, then," Dave said and took off.

"Where are you heading?" Hammering asked.

"Gotta keep my secrets man. You'll know once you see the server announcement," Dave grinned. "If I were you I'd wait until that happens before I'd sell the second armor set."

"Man, he's off to something crazy again." One of the players in the bar said.

Another frowned and asked his drinking buddies: "Guys, don't you find it weird?"

"Find what weird?" another looked up from his drink.

"I mean, that guy just now was clearly Skelly. Yet he just came here, stayed for two hours chilling at a bar, and we didn't hear shit from the top brass. I can get why none of them personally came, but to just let him be instead of at least trying to chase him off or anything... they acted like he didn't even exist!"

"Don't you mean they acted like he is a pretty badass Boss Monster that you would rather not piss off. I mean the guy fought against all the Super Guild leaders and handed them their asses. Sure, we might the home ground advantage but how would it make us look if he beats us here, huh?"

"Yeah, but you shouldn't forget he had a lot of help from the Undead. The Blood Ragers and Heaven's Dawn had Skelly in a tight lock. I think that if Warlord and Valentine had access to their Legacys and fought together, they would have taken him down."

"I agree with you, but Skelly will never be alone, man. Yesterday he was a nobody, today he has a legion at his calling, and now a freaking kingdom. Who knows what he'll have in store tomorrow. I'd say they made the right call. Speaking of, you probably don't want to piss of the ruler of the East, seeing as we can use them to trade making ourselves richer."

The players kept chatting together about Dave's exploits and whatnot. He moved away from them and into a nearby hotel. The clerk behind the desk froze over when he saw Dave as an Undead walking into his hotel lobby. Thanks to Dave's Doom Knight Aura, the guards at the door remained frozen in their place, acting as if Dave didn't exist, and they didn't see him walking in.

Dave sighed and threw a golden coin toward the clerk. Despite having been completely terrified a second ago, after seeing the glint of gold, he immediately regained his professional composure and started treating Dave like a VIP. "I presume you would like a room, sir?"

Dave nodded in agreement, the clerk left his position, and after taking a key from a nearby wall, bravely led the Draugr to his room. Money could turn a coward into the bravest of all, it all depends on the amount.

Once the clerk left, Dave removed his armor and began equipping the Shadow Tiger set. Unlike his Doom Knight armor, which seemed to perfectly complete his draugr form like a second skin, the leather set felt suffocating. It was tight too tight, especially in places he didn't need the tightness for.

Dave swore the moment he saw himself in a mirror. He looked like a completely different type of scary. The leather armor was too tight on his Draugr avatar, and the beard just made it way worse, he snapped his fingers and changed to his human appearance.

For some reason, the armor looked much better on his human form, less tight and matched his body, though a certain spot was still feeling cramped.

"Damn, how the hell does anyone move in these," Dave cursed and shook his head.

He looked at the time and saw that it was pretty late IRL even though in-game it was still far from night time when he planned to start his mission.

Dave opted to take a rest, perhaps even eat something as he felt himself growing hungrier. He logged out and was immediately assaulted with waves of unforgiving pain. His chest, forearms and thighs were giving him the worst pain he had felt since the accident.

"The fuck, cramps aren't supposed to be this painful," Dave cursed and groaned with every move. He picked up the phone and called the gym.

"Where's Desmond, I think he broke something," Dave immediately went into Karen-mode.

"Desmond's not here. He's done with his clients for the day, so he should be in Conquest. If there is something wrong you can just tell me and I will pass it on. I might also be able to help, in case you're not satisfied with your membership? Or would you like to know more offer-"

Dave hung up and took a deep breath. "C'mon man up! 'tis but a scratch." He lied to himself and moved forward, only to be reminded of the harsh reality of muscles. Muscles are assholes. Ise them, or lose them, but to use them you'll have to suffer. And Dave was in a world of that. Why couldn't he turn into an undead IRL to avoid this...

He decided against going out to get his own dinner, instead he called a food delivery service and waited for his food.


Outside Dave's apartment, was a relatively fat person. Judging by his appearance there were still some workout muscles under the blob of fat allowing for the resemblance of an athletic person. However, the grease and half wiped off mustard stains from a hotdog in his hand were clear signs of overeating.

It was a person Dave hadn't met in real life, but their encounter in the game had changed the lives of both men. One had turned desperate, even depressed due to all the achievements the other was racking up using the Legacy which rightfully should have belonged to him. ... or at least that is what Bone Breaker believed.

By now, he would have been the world's most famous Draugr. It would have been him who would appear on shows with celebrities fawning over him. He'd have gone to world concerts and date the hottest models. Yet somehow the fact that Dave Ruster was just sitting at home all day, doing nothing of that sort with that fame was even more infuriating to him.

'What a waste!!!' he thought over and over.

Under his jersey, Bone Breaker was carrying a loaded pistol. And old Beretta 9mm. It used to be his father's, who had served in the military. He had kept it as a souvenir and had never thought that his son would ever be using it. Especially not because he wanted to 'get rid of a waste'.

Bone Breaker had bribed a few paparazzi who were stalking Dave's place for days now to get his schedule only to be mostly disappointed of him barely leaving the house. What kind of scoops were they supposed to make like that?! Who would pay money to read something like 'Mr. Skeletal staying at home, just like you and me'?

Naturally most didn't want to reveal the information for fear he might be a competitor who actually managed to find something useful. However, just like in the game, with the allure of enough money, one finally told him what Bone Breaker wanted to know. Although Dave rarely left his penthouse more often than not he would order food to his home.

He also learned that today Dave left for the gym. The photographer gave as much information to Bone Breaker as possible making him feel a headache and revulsion because the man had gone through David's trash to learn a tiny bit more about his daily habits.

Bone Breaker was disgusted at how far people would go to secure a buck. Then again, he wasn't really in the position to judge.

Soon a delivery man on a scooter drove up. Bone Breaker intercepted the delivery man who arrived via elevator. There was no way anyone would be ordering take out food, especially pizza, as Bone Breaker guessed from the company logo, from this building. This building was mainly for corporations and companies, and few of the habitable spots were owned by extremely rich people who would not waste their taste buds on pizza.

Little did Bone Breaker know, that Pizza is food for the soul, rich and poor all loved the taste. He was only lucky that it was Dave who had ordered the pizza right now.

Bone Breaker spoke to the pizza delivery guy and after handing him a few banknotes, the delivery guy shrugged and took his scooter back to work.

The man had done his work, handed the pizza over to its 'Owner' and received a few banknotes as extra tips. It was enough to make the delivery man forget to ask for a name and signature on the receipt.

Bone Breaker headed inside the building with a pizza in hand, with the gun hidden under his shirt.