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 Dave switched to his Sworn Stalwart gauntlets and activated the new skill he had planned to keep hidden from the world for a while longer.

"[Aspect of the Dragon]!"

Light materialized over Dave's white armor, tainting it in black runic designs. His pauldrons grew into draconic horns and his helmet changed shape from a T visor full helmet to a draconic skull of steel.

The Sworn Stalwart's fists turned to claws and his body became leaner but more robust, especially in the chest area. His back grew leathery wings.


Your base damage is increased by 500% and you will take 80% reduced damage.

The ability [Fly] has been temporarily added to your skill list.

You are no longer blinded.

You are no longer disoriented.

All dragon-related abilities have had their cooldowns reset.

For the next 30 seconds all draconic related abilities have been upgraded.


Dave ignored the notification, he had only 30 seconds to reverse this whole situation. He turned toward Zhang Shi and opened his mouth wide.

A deafening mind splitting roar blared out of Dave's gullet with enough power that once it smashed into Zhang Shi, it sent him flying hundreds of meters away.

Dave spun toward Wan Yi and punched forward. The berserker was still several meters away from Dave but he flinched and blocked, yet nothing happened.

Wan Yi dropped his guard to check what happened, only to be met with an enormous ship sized dragon made of dark flames bursting out from Dave's fist and charge at the berserker.

Dave used [Immortal Apparition] before the dragon even fully left his fist and appeared behind the White Ghost. The priest tried to distance himself but Dave grabbed his waist before the latter could disengage. With both arms locked tight Dave performed a German Suplex.

If this was a normal human being, he would have died ten times over, as the moment White Ghost's skull hit the ground, it cratered, yet this was just a game. After losing an appropriate amount of HP he would be fine, perhaps suffering from a disoriented or stunned status effect.

Still, Dave was far from done with him. The priest had been the most annoying of the three players to deal with, so he grabbed the priest again and threw him in the sky.

The White Ghost panicked. Unfortunately for him, he was unable to secure a footing to use any of his skills. Dave jumped up and punched the priest in the stomach further increasing the distance from the ground.

He followed after and punched again and again and again. The priest started feeling the despair of death approaching. There was nothing he could do to save his skin. After having been separated from his friends, he was literally in the air where no one could help him.

Dave reached up to the priest and informed him about his impending doom."This is gonna hurt!" He then raised his leg and swung down in [Dragon Kick] sending the priest down like a meteor, yet he survived, for now, leaving Dave unsatisfied. The priest still had a bit more HP and just letting the ground finish him off wasn't quite Dave's style.

He followed after the falling priest who was desperately trying to heal himself.

As he activated [Infernal Tyrant's Oppression] he grabbed the unfortunate sould while they were a few hundred meters away from the ground.

Dave began spinning with the priest in hands, fully destroying White Ghost's balance and throwing off his sense of direction. Dave's velocity increased to an extreme until the aura around him shaped itself into a hurricane of fire that was plummeting to the ground at breakneck speed.

Dave activated [Bastion] on himself a fraction of a second before he hit the ground, yet the White Ghost who had been spun around had nothing to save his skin.

The tip of the infernal hurricane slammed into the ground with a resounding explosion of light and fire. Flames roared inside the pit that Dave had created with his spinning move.

The flames fell silent and sound came back to the world. From within the pit, Dave walked out. And began slowly stepping toward Wan Yi.

"One down, two to go!" Dave proclaimed.

"Shit, this is getting out of hand, let's call for reinforcement." Wan Yi unconsciously took half a step back after .

"We can deal with him, just the two of us!" Zhang Shi encouraged the other guild master. They had come so far... besides there was no way Skelly would just let them go.

"Not without Ghost. He was the only guy who could read this freak! I don't even have my legacy right now. I already had to use it to get us out of that damn city!"

"Shit, you're right. Get some healers inside the barrier!" Zhang Shi shouted. Soon a few players entered through a small rift that appeared in midair, the location where he was teleported to was like a domed lock, he could not get out but people could come in.

From the opening where new players came in, Dave saw others were channeling mana, probably into this very skill they were using to trap him in. More players came inside. About twenty, half of them healers, the rest were all tanks.

"This should be enough to whack him. Guys, don't get in too close, we'll deal with him, provide support to us from afar! Tanks protect the healers!" Zhang Shi gave the order.

Dave frowned, this was getting ridiculous. If he tried to go against twenty players he might kill a few, but the two super guild masters would not let him do as he liked. Not to mention they could supply more players whenever they needed to.

Dave was pretty much dead once the few remaining seconds of [Aspect of the Dragon] were up.

He looked up, the dome was covering everything in the field, and [Call of Chaos] would have been a great skill to use to break it, but sadly it was not a dragon-related skill and its cooldown was not reset.

Zhang Shi stabbed his chest with his own sword then ripped it out. Blood poured out of his stomach, but his blade gained a demonic red sheen.

He then charged forward at Dave with his sword swinging.

He deflected the swing with one fist and sent another towards Zhang Shi's face, the latter ducked and swept Dave off his feet.

Having lost his footing and being on the ground, he began stressing, Wan Yi was in the air above him swinging down with both axes. Dave rolled away from the devastating blow that cracked the ground and stood back up only to fall on one knee, heaving. The [Aspect of the Dragon] skill had ended, yet this wasn't the cause of exhaustion.

While he was in the dragon aspect form, he was had been forced into human appearance and now he had depleted all of his stamina.

The priests that were around the group healed the S-Class legacy holders and used weakening skills on Dave further compromising his situation.

Dave was about to revert to undeath and have all the weakness spells rebuked, but Zhang Shi stabbed him in the chest, crimson blood poured out, painting his white armor red.

"We got the upper hand now, let's finish him off."

Zhang Shi's avatar raised his sword high up and was about to chop down on Dave, but he halted the moment he heard an unholy scream echoing from all around the world.

The dome the players had erected, had dissipated revealing the outside.

Dead players lay everywhere. Not a single one was kept intact, their bodies broken, shattered, destroyed and sucked dry.

Wendigos turned more horrid to look at as they endured the damage accumulated from the fight, but as Dortha promised, the more they were wounded, the more powerful they became.

The player army had been rented asunder. None had survived the havoc Dortha had brought, none lived to speak of the monstrosity of Marik's soul magic, none escaped with a drop of blood in their veins. The Abyssal Knights had sensed their beloved Childe being surrounded and had come with all of their might to his aid. The might of one Abyssal Knight alone would have been hard for the player army to contend with, to say nothing about their chances against a coalition of enraged Abyssal Knights leading their armies.

"KILL HIM!" Zhang Shi shouted. At least if Dave died the Kingship would be his. Even if one of those monsters would kill Zhang Shi since they were no players he would get to keep the Kingship.

"How dare you!" the voice of a female sounded, it was quite similar to the screech that had stopped the avatar from swinging down.

"How dare you spill his blood! His blood is too precious for the likes of you to squander" she cried out.

"Fucking NPC, damn it, kill him!" Shouted Zhang Shi at his avatar, but the apparition remained unmoving, it even gazed upon the female who was shouting with confusion in its eyes.

Dave was unable to move, due to all the crowd control effects the priests had used on him.

Wan Yi noticed the problem with Zhang Shi's avatar and decided it was best if he acted. He struck down with his axes, only to have them both blown away from his hands.

Dortha had arrived in front of Wan Yi's face.

The two stared at each other and began a brawl... a more like a one-sided slaughter.

"Fuck," Zhang Shi cursed and ripped the sword out of Dave's chest, he wanted to get the deed done himself.

"Father, you harmed one of us, aren't you ashamed?" Spoke Lilith.

"Daughter of mine, I had no knowledge. You should know I have no say in what my legacy holder does," replied the avatar. This would be the second time that day an avatar actually spoke in the game.

"Then be gone, God of Blood! I shall end this with my own hands," Lilith claimed.

The avatar disappeared, leaving Zhang Shi all alone on the battlefield.

"Unfair! This is completely Unfair! Why the fuck do you have such god damn luck?!" Zhang Shi cursed.

"This isn't luck," Dave spoke, as he stood up. Zhang Shi hadn't noticed, but Samael had used those few seconds to kill off every player that had been targeting Dave.

He reverted to his undead form and drew back Durandal.

"Everything here, I earned with hard work! Everyone here is my family. We are the same as you and your guild, only we aren't bound to each other by rank! We are friends and comrades. We spill blood together and we bleed together. They came to my aid because they know if they ever get in trouble I'll come to theirs. You trapped me here, and you had your chance, but you failed to kill me. Now your chance is gone. Die with whatever pride you have left, and remember today as the day you NEARLY succeeded in killing Kis'Shtiengbrah!" Dave swung down his sword at the flabbergasted Zhang Shi.