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434 From Bad To Worse

 Wan Yi whirled both his hand axes and charged at Dave.

"That sword is gonna be mine!"

"In your dreams!" Dave replied and blocked the barbarian's twin chops with his sword, using the shield's [Consume] ability. The metallic jaws of the shield bit on the axes, locking Wan Yi against Dave in a deadlock.

It became a match of strength to see who can throw back the other, but the undead had immense strength, especially now Dave empowered himself, his strength was unordinary.

"Up you go!" Dave jerked the big barbarian upward and swung his sword onto the helpless Wan Yi.

A blood spear struck Dave's Durandal from the side, forcing his swing to miss completely.

"Don't forget about us," Zhang Shi spoke.

Dave cursed inwardly, the priest hadn't even moved yet, and he was already having a hard time with just the swordmaster and the barbarian.

Zhang Shi ran toward Dave with one hand on the hilt of his sheathed katana. Dave knew from seeing many of Zhang Shi's videos that he was about to use his famous unblockable quick draw slash, it was a far cry from the Tengu's own quick draw, but Zhang Shi's own attack was nothing to scoff at.

"Now!" the priest shouted and stabbed the bottom of his spear into the ground.

Wan Yi understood the signal and heaved mighty, then threw his axes forward at Dave.

Light gathered under Dave's legs and reformed into chains, the light chains spun against his legs, wrapping them and locking him in place.

Zhang Shi arrived at Dave's close quarters and drew his katana into an attack while at the same time Wan Yi's Axes were flying hot at Dave's bounded self.

At this time, any player would usually panic, either try to remove the rooting spell, or block the swordmaster, or block the twin axes and take in Zhang Shi's attack.

However, the trade will always come out as a loss for the player in question. Dave's mind raced like never before. And one could swear a grin slowly crept its way onto his face before he moved.

He held his shield forward, against Zhang Shi and used [Reject], exploding the attack he had saved from Wan Yi earlier against Zhang-Shi.

Zhang Shi had no knowledge of Ajax's ability to save and eject spells, he had though Dave would dumbly attempt to block his unblockable attack. Yet he didn't account for the blow that came out from the shield. Dave didn't even stop there, thankfully, the rooting effect does not block his [Immortal Apparition], as he teleported behind the stunned Zhang Shi, and in one motion switched his grip on Durandal to a backward grip and stabbed behind him.

Durandal dug into Zhang Shi's armor causing him to falter and at the same time found himself in the direction of Wan Yi's thrown axes.

The two axes dug themselves into Zhang Shi's chest and shoulder, forcing a groan out of the swordmaster.

"Oh, I didn't, think friendly fire was enabled..."

"It wasn't!" Wan Yi shouted, "Man I swear I didn't mean that!"

"Shut up! It's a thrown weapon, they have no master, they are objects the moment they leave your hand, anyone they touch they will hurt, now focus on the goddammed fight." White Ghost ordered.

"Nice reactions there, but can you keep it up?" Zhang Shi growled his words.

Dave shook his legs once the binding effect dissipated and replied, "All night long, baby, now how about we turn up the heat."

Dave activated [Infernal Tyrant's Oppression]. Flames surged from within Dave, raging beyond what normal fire could do. A gigantic black Skull materialized itself above Dave and looked at all creation in utter disdain.

"An aura skill huh," Wan Yi said, both his had were held forward as he recalled his weapons back.

"I also have one! Life Aura!" White Ghost said, a glowing light emerged out from within him and covered his party. Zhang Shi's wounds began to visible heal, although at a slow rate.

"Power Aura!" Wan Yi shouted, his own aura flared to life, pumping his muscles with more energy.

"Though this isn't a skill book aura, it's one of my basic skills. Blood Tides!" Zhang Shi used his own skill to create a domain that stank of the smell of blood. The ground became a quagmire of mud and blood, and it rained blood within his domain.

Three auras against one was the only thing that caused the sneering skull to actually make another expression. If skulls could do so, this one above Dave's head howled.

Its fire raged stronger to fight against the three auras that were attempting to fight against it.

"You're mine!" Wan Yi charged ahead in a shoulder bash, yet the moment his foot stepped inside Dave's [Infernal Tyrant's Oppression] it caved in, his knee struck the ground, and his avatar began sweating and shuddering.

"Fuck! It has a Fear effect!"

"Cleanse the pious!" White Ghost disabled the fear effect on Wan Yi.

"Thanks, spoke the barbarian, then he took another step in, only to have his avatar scream against the user's will.

"Damn! It's a continuous output! I can't get closer, this shit is broken! It even causes flat maximum HP damage and steals mana, what the fuck is this skill!"

Dave had no intention of correcting Wan Yi's misinformation, his aura does not all those things together, it was a combo of that and [Demonic Ascension].

Just then, Dave almost facepalmed himself, he had wings he could easily leave the area. He flapped them once and hopped into the sky only to slam into an invisible barrier.

"I already knew you'd try that. This place is closed off! You can't get out."

"I wasn't planning on getting out," Dave bluffed.

"I just like it when I'm on top," he teased. He raised both hands up and said, "Let this be a lesson. Never lock yourself in while there is a fire raging. BURN!"

Dave summoned his [Draconic Infernal Skulls].

48 dragon head made of pure flames materialized into the area, empowered by Dave's own aura, their color changed from crimson fiery red to an abyssal black. The abysmal flame dragons surged forward, diving onto the players like bombs, blowing up upon contact and devastating their HP.

"Light god, bless us with life!" Wan Yi shouted.

Almost immediately, the player's HP climbed back up to full in seconds.

"God damn annoying priest!" Dave shouted back in frustration.

'I should kill him first, the heal is annoying, I might slip and die at this rate.'

Dave dove downward toward the priest, yet having played with Wan Yi too many times, the White Ghost didn't falter.

"Wan Yi, Ragnarök, now!"

"Damn, it's a high cooldown skill! ROAAA!" the player howled like an enraged beast and charged ahead, the fear effect from Dave's skill no longer affected him, it was as if his skill completely ignored the effect. The darkness from Dave's aura parted giving the player way toward his friend.

Dave's swing came close to landing, but Wan Yi's intervention swatted away the blade saving the priest.

"Bright as Day! Our faith is Everlasting! Blind the Infidel!"

A glowing light shone brightly against Dave's avatar, fully neutralizing his aura and forcefully dissipating his [Demonic Ascension].

"Shit!" Dave cursed, the light was too much to bear, and due to his undead nature, he was feeling the light burning against his skin.

The power was too much for him to bear, the forceful and relentless attacks from Wan Yi were unstopping, and White Ghost's light was pushing him back, not to mention the dissipation of his skills.

"Damn, I can't deal with a priest in this form," Dave raised his hand up, the ring on his finger shone bright and returned him to his human form. The light from White Ghost's body no longer affected him, yet a grin on the player's face irked him.

"You fell for it," spoke White Ghost.

"I've been waiting for that!" came Zhang Shi's voice. "Blood, heed my call, come forth, beckon my call!"

Dave's head buzzed and he forcefully threw up huge chunks of blood. His eyes bleed out blinding him and his ears whistled as blood from his nose and ears burst out.


You are under a  bleeding effect!

You are losing 1% of your Maximum HP every second.

You have been blinded

You are slowed.

You are disoriented


"Shit, shit, shit, this is really bad!" Dave cursed.

"You have no chance, mate, you're outwitted, have been overpowered and you'll die," White Ghost spoke up. His hands never stopping from using heals on his allies.

Dave could barely see or even hear, but the howls of Wendigos were getting closer. Dortha must be on his way, but can he survive the face off against three Super Guild masters?

He had prepared many traps inside the capital, but the fact that he was forced out of his base threw off his plans, and now he had to improvise.

Dave laughed and wiped the blood off his mouth.

"Dam, you're really forcing my hand, Alright, enough playing around, time to get serious..."