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433 Turning The Tides

 "What in God's name are those?" a player squealed more than shouted as the Wendigos charged their way.

"You can inspect them if you want, I'm out of here," another player answered him. The charging wendigos were too much of a scene to bear, their height, size, strength, and hideousness was enough to cause shivers to run down one's spine.

"Don't panic, we can handle these things tanks huddle up at the front, get units to stand the frontlines," White Ghost spoke.

"The players are panicking, dying at this level will waste a lot of their time to regain their lost EXP, and you think we can hold those off with just banding together?" Zhang Shi replied.

"Just shut up and do what I say, Wan Yi, call the berserkers, get them to stop the advance of the Wendigos, leech their aggro. Cervantess, Where the hell are you?"

"Right here boss," A player showed up right next to White Ghost.

"Get me, Skelly, right here," we can't waste more time. We're down to the last hour before he secures the palace," White Ghost gave an order.

"But skelly's all the way over there, shouldn't you just focus fire on him and bring him down? A well-aimed and timed sniping shot."

"In case you haven't figured it out, the one atop the city gate is not skelly," White Ghost said.

The player, Cervantess frowned, looked back at the bearded draugr on top of the walls and said," I think you need glasses because I never have seen another draugr with a beard that long."

"No, it's a condition to conquer a kingdom, the player with the kingship needs to stan inside or around the palace. That's a clone or something, it can't be skelly." White Ghost said.

"Right, I forgot about that. Alright, see ya guys in a few, I'll get him here once I find him." Cervantes replied.

The player touched his temple with two fingers and disappeared.

"Why does he have to do that every time? I mean his skill doesn't need that action to activate?" Wan Yi asked.

"Don't tell men I guess he was influenced by some old animated character. Anyway, Wan Yi, you have an important role to play here." White Ghost said.

"And what's that?" Wan Yi asked.

"You'll have to handle two of these," White Ghost pointed at the Wendigos.

"Just two? Hah, that's a piece of crack, even without a legacy."

"Yeah, I always admired that irrational side of you, now go. Show our members how we do things."

"Right!" Wan Yi roared and charged ahead, despite all of the members slowly retreating from the incoming Wendigos.

Wan Yi pulled out a secondary battle-ax, wielding two at the same time, he whirled them as he ran forward charging into the gullet of two Wendigos.


Suddenly, all the retreating players halted, they saw their leader charging against the retreating tides and this brought both a sense of shame and at the same time a sense of excitement.

"Vice Guild-master is right! Let's go! Guys, I'd rather die and lose a level than someone calling me a coward! I'm off to die, who's joining me?" a player called.

His friends and players around him nodded, raised their arms together and charged ahead.

"Oh, not bad, that White Ghost is pretty good at leading people," Dave commented.

"Indeed, with words he managed to spark the sense of comradery and bravery in his underlings. He reminds me of a certain someone," Dortha smiled at Dave.

"Yeah, humans are emotional creatures, mere words alone are never enough to spark a sense of bravery in them. Without action, and I'm talking about Wan Yi, who charged head first, White Ghost's words would have changed nothing. Wan Yi is the muscles, but White Ghost is the most dangerous, he is the brains of the entire guild and he knows how to use the muscles well. However..." Dave didn't finish his words.

"Yes, even with brains and brawns, one cannot surpass ultimate power."

The screeching whistling sound of the Wendigos blared through the battlefield as the two that were charging at Wan Yi both slammed their enormous limbs at the guild master at once.

Wan Yi had to halt and cross both his battle axes to hold off the blast. But mere axes were not enough to contain the power beyond creatures that went head to head against the Ash King's most powerful battling units, the Sworn Stalwarts.

Wan Yi was forced to his knees, the strength behind the massive units was enough to crater the ground around him. Even with his barbaric strength and beefy HP, he was not a match to the beasts in a strength contest. Whatever served under Dortha, needed to have a certain level of power. And Wan Yi's level of Strength was still far from holding off one, not to mention two Wendigos on his own.

"Fuck, I miscalculated," White Ghost cursed as he realized that the players who went to replicate Wan Yi's feat were sent to an early grave.

The hope he garnered in the players began fading, the fear of the massive creature began wriggling its way back into their fragile hearts. He needed to do something and fast.

"LIGHT GOD! Give me power! Bless your devotees with power to vanquish their foes! I call upon the power of the god of creation! Demiurge! Give us your blessing!" White Ghost's voice sounded high and mighty.

Soon after, an enormous, yet very familiar light and avatar showed up above White Ghost.

The golden avatar had both his hands folded in front of him and looked at all creation in disdain. His mere existence was too much for the world to bear, that the earth began quacking. Yet his light was powerful enough to fight against the darkness and forced the withering ground around White Ghost to grow back to life. Small sprouts grew up from the dirt giving hope for life after death.

"Huh, so Demi-cup is this guy's patron. I should have made that conclusion a while ago," Dave mumbled.

"You speak the name of gods lightly, Childe," Dortha said. He had an annoyed look on his face, not at Dave, but at the light that began premating the darkness the undead atmosphere had created.

"Yeah, I had the chance to meet him. He wasn't much," Dave said.

"Huh, an undead survived an encounter with the God of Light, that is a first," Dortha said.

"Yeah, check this out," Dave grinned then placed a foot above the gate wall and shouted.


White Ghost gazed at Dave like he was an idiot, the avatars of legacies do not speak, they were mute. But what happened next caused the mastermind of the Heaven Dawn's guild to yelp.

"Y-You! What are you doing here!" The avatar spoke.

"That's my question, get the hell out of here, this isn't your fight,"  Dave grunted.

"Humpf, I do not heed the words of lesser creatures."

"Right, so, by the way, did you get your door fixed or not? I should probably have Nick come here, I think he misses you," Dave said.

The avatar gulped audibly and said, "Hooligans, the both of you! You know how long it took to have that door repaired! I'm Done! I'm done! You!" the avatar pointed at the white ghost who was still in a stunned stupor.

"NEVER! EVER, EVER, EVER Call me when this person is nearby! GOOD. BY!"

And the avatar went out like a light bulb turning off.

Though the avatar disappeared, for some reason White Ghost's legacy was still active.  It was clear to Dave that the avatar was only a cosmetic effect to the legacy skill, as White Ghost himself was still glowing in the light of the legacy, but the mere fact that Dave had actually told off a god was enough to shatter the remaining figments of hope the players had.

" badass you got to be to be able to scare off a god with mere words?" A player spoke.

Another one added, "Seems like skelly had traumatized Demiurge, enough that he never wants to appear again in front of him. Damn bruh,"

"SILENCE!" White Ghost shouted, "The avatar is useless, I still have the skills, Bless They Be! LIGHT Vanquish the dark!" White Ghost held his staff up and lit up the way. The powerful divine light caused the Wendigos to wince. Their flesh burnt as the powerful power of the divinity supporting the White Ghost was a perfect counter to their existence.

"Well, the mental blow was worth it. But I suppose I need to do something because the wendigos aren't fighting well with all that light.

"Worry not, Childe. Those creatures only become more vicious the more threatened they feel... Childe, Childe? Dortha's words fell on empty ears.

Suddenly, the draugr that was next to him morphed back into Tiny.

"Where is your master? "Dortha asked the small grave lord

The creature unable to speak words in his form changed a part of his slimy body to a mouth and spoke guttered words, "Lost contact! Lord, kidnapped!"

"Curses! CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT! YOUR LORD HAS BEEN ABDUCTED! HEED THE CALL, BRING CARNAGE AND DEATH ONTO THE VILE!" Dortha didn't even wait to hear the reply, his mouth gaped, growing fangs as sharp as knives, claws as long as swords, and fur darker than dark.

"Even if I turn to madness, I shall never let those who harm our Childe live, today, my hunt begins, and by its end, all left shall be blood!" Dortha sniffed at the air, crouched and jumped horizontally at a random direction, with speed enough to break the tower he stood on.

On the other side of the battle, right within the ranks of the players, Dave found himself standing in the middle of an entire hostile army.


"You didn't expect this did you now?" Zhang Shi laughed.

"I bet he never saw this coming," White Ghost said.

"Did it work?" Wan Yi spoke up.

Dave turned his head to the frontline where the Wendigos were. There were duplicates of Wan Yi, White Ghost, and Zhang Shi at the frontline.

"Hmm, illusionists?"

"Yes, and a few doppelganger classes, enough to make duplicates of us, and enough to fool you," White Ghost explained.

"And how did I get this far?" Dave flexed his shoulders preparing for a fight.

"That'll be me, thank you," a player wearing gray robes spoke.

"Thank you, Cervantess, now you can go." White Ghost said.

"Yeah, best if you fought him just the three of you if I die and become an undead that would suck for you guys, see ya."

"You know I can summon my undead here right?" Dave said, "That'll really suck for you guys if I bring a hundred thousand strong right into your ranks." Dave bluffed, he already tried that the moment he found himself within the enemy ranks but it didn't work. There was a skill active preventing teleportation or summoning.

He only needed to buy some time, because by now, Dortha would have noticed his absence. He needed to survive enough for the abyssal knight to come here.

"We already have counter meas- Wan Yi was about to explain, but the White Ghost raised his hand.

"Silence, he is buying time," White Ghost said. "Let's wrap this up."

"Damn, I hate when I'm dealing with smart assess, alright then, three against one, that's kinda unfair," Dave said.

"Hah, the mighty draugr saying that we are unfair!" Wan Yi spoke.

"All is fair in War, Skelly, you should know this by now." White Ghost spoke.

"True, but I wasn't talking about my situation," Dave casually placed his sword over his shoulder, and his shield tucked slightly close to his chest.

"Zealot! Chaos! Demonic Ascension!"

Dave buffed himself into his ultimate and powerful form. Horns as long as blades, and raven wings sprouted from his back. Red lighting crackled from around him as his body gained a dark volcanic sheen from the Chaos runes. His muscles pumped up as he added Herculean Strength and his avatar grew a few sized bigger thanks to Zealot effect.

Dave was a few heads taller than any of the three Super Guild masters around him