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431 Future In Sigh

 "Hold the line!" Zhang Shi shouted, his army was forcing the undead off the center of the city while the Heaven's Dawn were preoccupied with thining the numbers of the undead turned undead that Dave had released through the East thanks to the monster outbreak he caused.

"This is not working!" the white Ghost shouted, "We're sitting ducks! The more we stay here, the more Skelly gets to secure his kingship. We need to move now!"

"How the hell do you suppose we do this? If we make a run for it, the monsters outside will slow us, and the undead spawning from the gate will catch up to us. We'll be surrounded!"

"We're already surrounded!" the White Ghost shouted back.

"Yes, we are surrounded but we are inside a city, well protected by its walls. If we go out, we'll really be sitting ducks here."

"No, I have an idea. Wan Yi, your legacy, use it."

"Really? It's not gonna last until we make it to Skelly if I use it now."

"Yes, but the barbarian god legacy is the only thing that can drive away these creatures, call in the monsters of this area, make them make a way for us. We'll rush to the capital."

"It's six hours run to the capital, my legacy will be disabled in two hours after use," Wan Yi replied.

"I know that already, but we just need those two hours, we'll make enough distance between us and the monsters that they'll never catch up to us."

"As you say then," Wan Yi roared loud and mighty until the muscles on his body gained a bronze sheen. Dark tribal tattoos slithered over his body painting him a devilish appearance.

His hair grew until it reached his back, then an avatar of a topless warrior wielding a spear and with an uncanny resemblance to Wan Yi himself appeared behind him.

"Nature's Call, beasts heed my command and come forth!" Wan Yi shouted.

His voice resounded miles and miles away from the city of Nora, beckoning any monster that was lower level than Wan Yi and was not affected by the undead curse.

The monsters raced each other to answer Wan Yi's call. The barbarian god was attuned to nature, and the beasts had to follow.

"This should give us some time. The beasts should be here soon. But we'll need someone to hold the gate, Zhang Shi, how many of your troops can you spare?" the White Ghost asked.

"Why me? Use your own troops!" Zhang Shi was not willing to part a portion of his forces to hold the gate. It was obvious, he needed all the advantages he could get to secure the east for himself.

"Don't be suck a dick!" Wan Yi shouted "I already used my legacy to get us all out, use some of your troops, it's only fair. Otherwise, I'll turn them against you and I swear I'll start a slaughter right here and right now, and none of us is getting the east!"

"God darned savage! Shi Unit, Zan Unit, Ro Unit, hold the gate for us with your lives. The rest of you, follow behind the Heaven Dawn."

"Good, just to make things fair, I'll have a unit of ours staying here to support yours," the White Ghost said.

The moment the ghost spoke, Zhang Shi clicked his tongue, confirming White Ghost's suspicion.

The Blood Ragers guild master was a shameless schemer, he wanted to fake his sincerity in holding the gate, but because the white ghost had ordered an extra unit form heaven's dawn to stay, mainly to keep an eye on the other units, Zhang Shi has no choice but to actually hold the gate truly.

"Wan Yi, your beasts are here, go ahead."

"Yeah, going, thank god this isn't the Wilds, this skill would have never worked there."

Wan Yi ran ahead of the group, swatting away the undead left and right. Once he broke through, the rest of his knights and barbarians followed after.

Zhang Shi's archers supported them from behind, and any unit that could sprint ran after the leading group.

The players left the city in a steady stream, once they were out, they were shocked at the sight of the battle going outside. Monsters fought monsters, some were of the same kind and race fought each other, only one part was undead and the other was still alive.

Brutality reigned. But they didn't have time to admire the scenery, they had a mission to do. They needed to get to the capital as fast as they could. Skelly has already stayed in the capital for a long while, and by the White Ghost's calculation, if everything went perfectly, they'll arrive in six hours to the capital, leaving them two hours to kill Skelly.

The White Ghost was certain of his success, even if Warlord had failed, it was due to the intervention of the abyssal Knights. And currently, in his inventory was a forbidden chapter that could deal with them greatly. Leaving only Kis'Shtiengbrah to fight.

"Hurry!" The White Ghost shouted to his allies.


"What's the situation, Bud?" Dave asked as he was helping in removing the rubble from the palace area.

"They are running toward the capital, they took routs away from the cities of this kingdom so they are not stopped.

"Huh, well, I thought they'd man up and fight inside Nora, but that White Ghost guy is rather annoying," Dave said and threw away another boulder that easily weighed hundreds of pounds.

"Yeah, that guy is pretty smart," Blaster said, "But remind me, why are we doing this?"

"I'd like to clear the way to rebuild the palace,"

"But you have a lot of undead, why do we have to do this?" Flanker asked.

"Because I can't afford to have my undead doing menial work right now, they're needed at the frontlines. Hell, you should be thankful to them, if they didn't get you out of that dungeon you guys got stuck at, you'd still be there."

"Yeah, that sucked, we missed all the fun," Lone Arrow said.

"Yep, you really did. It was so much fun beating all of those guy's ass you should have seen Warlord getting knocked around."

"Stop bragging man, your class is broken it was only natural you won." Perfect Shot said.

Dave shrugged, "Not my fault, I worked hard to get where I am. Now, let's keep working I'd like to start building things right away.

"Can't you just use city management option?" Lone Arrow said.

"That will cost money," Demitri answered. Besides everyone, he was the only player sitting and actually doing nothing.

Flanker noticed the slacker and walked toward him while pulling the sleeves on his pries robes.

"Why are you sitting there all lazed around, we all got work to do, who do you think you are."

Demitri smiled at the priest and said to Dave, "This is the priest who always ruins things by speaking, right?"

Dave pulled both his hands defensively and said, "Yes he is, and I got nothing to do with whatever he says."

Flanker tilted his head, he had yet to know that Demitri was a leader of a bratva organization. But after receiving a private message from Lone Arrow informing him of the situation, and before he even tried to throw a punch, Flanker's face whitened and said, "Well, there is no harm, you must be tired from this day's work, let me give you a massage."

"No thanks," Demitri frowned, "Anyway, I got some of my employees to contact your company, mister David Ruster. They'll contact your H\u0026R development team soon."

"Oh, thanks, that's great. And checking the time. Guys, I think I'll go and take a small nap, it should take the guildies a few more hours to get here. Enough for me to catch a break. Call me if anything turns up okay?" Dave said.

"Yeah, I'll make sure of that," Lone replied.

Dave logged out; today's effort has turned out beneficial. Though he was not out of the waters, he was close. He had already prepared a few surprises for the party that was coming his way.

By this time tomorrow, and if Dave's mission is completed, he will officially be one of the pillars of the world of Conquest, ruling over an entire kingdom all on his own.