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429 Deal

 The sounds of battle lessened with each passing moment, players died, and undead replaced them, the numbers increased in the undead's favor, further accelerating the death of players. Several hours later, the kingdom of Qin was rid free of all occupants, only the undead roamed the place along with the Qin warriors that were now under Dave's command.

"What now? Kis'Shtiengbrah?" Samael asked. He had joined the battle late and found Dortha and Dementi having started a slaughter-fest before him to be quite depressing, he wanted to have more fun but alas his lateness caused much blood to be shed without his presence.

"Hmm, I have an idea," Dave said.

"Bud, brig him over," he added.

Soon the enormous ghoul came into the courtyard right in front of the palace where all of the Undead Legion's abyssal knights stood.

In his hand was a player donned in a blue kimono.

"What do you want?" the player asked in all annoyance.

"It's not me what I want, it's you, Demitri, what do you want?" Dave asked.

"Don't talk riddles with me, I've incurred losses too much for you to ever dream of. So spare me the gloating, and if you want to kill me, just do it and be done with it already, I've had it with this shit of a game."

"Easy on the offensive bro, I've come to you with a deal," Dave said.

"Deal?" Dimitri's face lightened up.

"Yes a deal, Albert!" Dave called.

Suddenly, the old man with the Hawaiian dress and the famous coconut with a straw drink showed up.

The world around the players suddenly froze over. The AI's existence was unknown to the NPCs, not even the undeath god could appear or move whilst Albert was in the sitting.

"Yeah, you figured it out apparently. Nice going." Albert said.

"Figured what out?" Demitri asked.

"About the third option of conquering a kingdom. Is to use another Conquest Right gaining the invasion perk. This way, Warlord was unable to kick him out of the city. Now, as it appears there is an army that is still stubbornly moving your way. You might not be able to keep your Kingship if they arrive in time," Albert said while sipping from his drink.

"That's probably not gonna happen," Dave said. To his right and left, the Undead Abyssal Knight's very existence was too high level for any player in the current game to be a match to. Not to mention their personal armies that numbered in the millions.

"Well, you never know. Humans have shown me that they could achieve the impossible, you yourself are a living example."

Dave thought a bit about what Albert said. Though slim, there was always a chance that someone could do something unpredictable. Dave didn't know to evert in conquest, and there could be in Conquest that had an ability that could neutralize Dave or his army or whatever it could do to bring Dave down to his knees. He didn't want his current victory to cause him to grow more arrogant.

"True, you're right. And that falls just into my plans anyway, so I called you in for a contract," Dave said.

"Contract, with who?" Albert spoke as he drew an in-game contract parchment.

"With Demitri her of course," Dave said.

"Me?" Demetri replied in all cluelessness.

"Yep, you. I have an offer for you. You'll get this, in return," Dave said as he waved his hand all over the area.

"The capital?" Demitri asked.

"No, the whole country. I'll get the kingship, you'll get to control all the resources. Army, cities and citizens."

"Huh? Why would you do that? What's in it for you?" Dmitri asked.

"Half of the profits."

"You're insane! Do you know how much money I'll have to spend before this kingdom starts earning me a single dim? Do you know how many people I'll have to higher just to get this thing to functional order? Not to mention, what about the military force? There are tens of thousands of undead walking all over the kingdom, ravaging its resources and killing tis people. Your undead caused more harm than good!" Demitri said in all earnestness.

"Then why are you smiling?" Dave asked in a wide grin.

"Because I'm in, I'd like the challenge. Shit, this is the only way for me to recover my losses anyway." Demitri said.

"Good, then we have a deal?" Dave said.

"Yeah, I'll call the rest of my underlings. They'll need to take care of some of the paperwork. I'll also need to sponsor your company."

"Why is that?" Dave asked.

"You're gonna be in partnership with Demitri Rospatchov, I can't have one of my associates earning less than a tenth of what I do."

"What about the Devastators?"

"Huh, those scrubs, they showed me they can't handle their shit. The situation was perfect in their hands and they still lost it. I give no second chances. They're lucky the Bratva isn't the same as before. Otherwise, I'd have them iced under," Demitri said in all angriness.

"Bratva... as in... the Russian Mafia."

"Yes, have any problem with that? Protégée of Tivo Giovanni and Dante Silvana."

"Nah, I just find it pretty interesting that I end up making deals with criminals."

"I would rather if you don't use that term, gentlemen are more favorable," Demitri said.

Dave shook his head and sighed, then forwarded his hand for a handshake.

"We have a deal then," Demitri shook his hand back.

"Good, I have the terms here on contract then," Albert said.


Player Kis'Shtiengbrah has assigned player Demitri as responsible over the Kingdom of Qin.

All resources, materials, Tax income generated from the country are to be split in half between the two players.

Player Kis'Shtiengbrah will retain Kingship Rights and have the final say in major Country decisions.

If player Demitri shows any hostile or destructive behavior toward the peacefulness and sovereignty of the kingdom of Qin, he shall be stripped of all rights. Giving player Kis'Shtiengbrah full control over the kingdom.

On the other hand, Player Kis'Shtiengbrah has no right to remove player Demitri from his position of power as long as the latter party is benevolent and honest toward the kingdom.

Sign here:


"Simple enough," Dave said.

"Oh it is not, I am the one to judge the behavior of man. If there is ever an opportunity where Demitri decides to betray the trust you have given him, my decision shall be instant and final."

"You okay with the terms?" Dave asked Demitri.

"Yeah, sounds good for me. I don't even need a lawyer. Now, when do we start?" Demitri asked.

"Well, before we start, I'll need to make sure some of our friends know that we're not to be messed around with," Dave said.

"Albert you can go, I'll be needing my undead soon," Dave said.

"As you wish, call me whenever you need me. And good luck with what is to come."

Albert soon disappeared leaving Dave back with his undead.

"Dagla," Dave called the abyssal knight.

"Yes?" the Arch-Lich answered back.

"I'll need a favor to ask," Dave said.

"Please ask all you wish."

"You remember that time where you controlled the teleportation gates of the Qin kingdom?" Dave asked.

"Yes, I still have access to it."

"Yes, I have a good use for that right now." Dave said in a grin, "Let the Ragers and Heaven Dawn come, we have such sights to show them!"