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428 Undead Rim


Conquest Server Announcement

Player Death Stroke has killed Warlord and obtained the Kingship over the Eastern Kingdom.

Player Death Stroke has received the title Sovereign.

Player Death Stroke has earned full control over the kingdom's Teleportation Gates as well as the right to ban any hostile player from their kingdom.

Player Death Stroke will need to stay inside the palace of the capital and lead his army to defend against any other hostile player forces for at least 24 hours game time.

Once the capital is preserved, and no hostile players are in the area, the Kingdom of Qin shall have a new ruler.


"NOOO!!!" a loud screech came from within the ranks of the players. The player from which this unholy sound originated was wearing a blue kimono.

Dave turned his head to look at the person screaming his lungs out. It was none other than Demetri, the leader of the European Guild.

His reaction was understandable. After all, he was the one to lose the most if Dave became the King of Qin. The poor guy had spent way more money than Dave could ever dream of, for this chance, and now all it seemed wasted.

"Kill him!" One of the players shouted.

"Yeah, let's kill him and get the Kingship back!"

Others agreed, but one came to his senses and asked, "What about that Abyssal Knight who protected him last time?"

"She can't one-shot us all. If we go in and take Skelly down, we'll get the kingdom! Just think about how much you can sell that back for!!!" Another fanned the greed of the masses.

"Right, right," Dave smirked. "This is the perfect time for your guys to gang up and kill me. So who here thinks he has what it takes to take me down?" Dave raised his hand up and the ring of the Undeath God shone brightly as it returned Death Stroke from his human appearance to his Undead nature.


Conquest Server Announcement

Player Death Stroke has transferred his Kingship to Doom Knight Kis'Shtiengbrah.

Doom Knight Kis'Shtiengbrah has received the title Sovereign.

The Undead Legion has gained full control over the kingdom's Teleportation Gates.

Doom Knight Kis'Shtiengbrah will need to stay inside the capital and lead his army to defend against any other hostile player forces for at least 24 hours game time.

Once the capital is preserved, and no hostile players are in the area, the Kingdom of Qin shall become part of the Undead Legion.


"COME AT ME!" Dave roared while activating his [Infernal Tyrant's Oppression] and pointed his sword forward.

Every player in the vicinity took a step back. The sudden announcement, the black aura from Dave's avatar and his sudden burst gave them a jumpscare.

"It's for this very reason that I love you so much, my Childe!" An unholy voice suddenly echoed from all over the place.

Darkness... enough to cover the world ten times over began spreading. Dave's own aura began sucking in the darkness and growing more and more until the skull above his aura transformed and took a new shape.

The Undead King's avatar appeared from within the darkness roaring around Dave.

He looked down upon all creation and spoke, "We have given Our Childe Our word! We have given him his chance to prove to Us, that he can be more. And he has succeeded, despite the lies and schemes of you mortals! For his troubles, We shall lend Our aid. Dagla, call them. Let men woe this day, let it be remembered through all eternity. Today shall be the day mankind shall witness THE MIGHT OF THE UNDEAD LEGION!!!"

Suddenly, black torrents of gas exploded from all around the players. The torrents rose up to the skies and covered it entirely. The capital of Qin transformed into a shroud of utter and complete darkness.

Priests began casting their Holy Light spells, to fight against the darkness, only to find their prayers unable to reach their deities. Their spells snuffed out as quickly as they lit up in this ever-consuming darkness.

Jeffery's Mecha-Lights became the only source to provide some light as the magic from the cloud seemed unable to affect his construct much. He opted to focus some of the lights on Dave and his entourage, at least to give the player army a target to fire at.

"Don't fret! Don't fear! We can fight this!" Valentine shouted, but no one listened. The terror in front of them was too much to bear.

"RALLY TO ME!" Another player shouted.

More began calling their friends to group up, as they had started to sense the Undead were about to attack.

Suddenly, a black cyclone materialized right next to Dave, causing many of the players to gasp.

It was yet another Abyssal Knight.

"Welcome Dagla, but didn't His Majesty say to come with everyone?" Dave asked.

"Samael, Dementi, and Dortha are on their way. I'm here. For now, it's more than enough," Dagla responded confidently.

"I'd never doubted your abilities. How about we teach those guys a lesson?" Dave suggested with a wide grin on his face.

"We shall. Yet before we do, allow me to sing a song. It shall be their requiem!"

What followed was a song no player present would ever forget and one which would receive millions of clicks after Dave released it on Mr. Skeletal's channel.

Dagla rose into the sky, floating with ease, he raised his staff forward and began chanting.

"From the Darkness, We Are Born!

Returning to the Darkness, We Shall Die!

Hark the bitter choir,

For Life's burden to retire

Light and vigor into darkness fall!

Will, strength, and courage pall!

Reaper's hymn, Fate of all!"


As an ally and a member of the Legion of the Undead, you have been blessed by Dagla's Song of Death.

You temporarily gain:

200% base HP regeneration.

+10% physical and magical damage.

-5% to damage received.

+20% to movement speed (when moving toward enemies).

+10% Increased damage against enemies afflicted with the Song of Death.

+10% chance to resurrect immediately and spontaneously if killed.

Non-allies and enemies will be afflicted with:

+5% to damage received.

-10% to movement speed.

-20% to HP regeneration.

Duration: 180 seconds


Once the last verse had been cited, it was as if the world had awakened from an endless sleep, groaning from excruciating pain.

The black gas torrents turned liquid and prayed upon the players. It stuck to them like tar and refused to go away. Burdened by the weight of the black matter, disgusted by its smell, and demoralized by the effects it had, the players tried to shake it off where they stood.


"SLAUGHTER THEM ALL!" Dave called and the army answered.

Waves upon waves of Undead charged the front, empowered by Dagla's Mass Buff. Another round of culling players had begun and quickly escalated into a massacre. Players failed to see where attacks came from until it was too late. Most died without even realizing how.

Some found themselves turned into shish kebabs when several spears and swords had gone through their bodies at once. Some were decapitated. Some were swallowed whole by Ghost Sharks and others were utterly sucked dry by small bats.

"Bud, I need you to do me a favor," Dave called.

The Death Knight nodded after hearing what Dave wanted him to do and disappeared to fulfill his master's request.

Dave turned, looked forward and noticed that the Mecha was the only thing that had the ability to fight relatively well in this unfavorable situation.

He then sent Jeffery a private message, "Bro, the stuff you pulled. That ain't cool in my book."

"S-Shit man, it wasn't exactly my idea but I was under contract. Sigh... I guess it was bound to happen whether I wanted it or not. Let me just say that I did enjoy partying with you Skelly. If possible I'd love to do it again sometime." Jeffery said as he shot his ammo left, right and center. He didn't even need to aim, as the number of Undead was so great that it would be a miracle if he missed.

"I have to agree, from what I learned about you, you don't really strike me as the betrayer type. Still, you do understand that I can't just let you off with a sorry. Tiny, come, let's show him our own Mecha!" Dave grinned and summoned his Grave Lord.

The small blob of slime jumped onto Dave's back and began morphing, growing in size and transforming until it became as tall as the Mecha itself. It then grew armored bones around Dave and an antler skull like a helmet.

The only mismatch was the sword Dave held in his hand.

"Neat trick, but your ultra sword looks like a toothpick in your hand right now," Jeffery teased in a friendly manner.

"You know, you and Flanker have this small thing in common," Dave replied with a grin.

"What's that?"

"You both jinx yourselves by speaking," Dave answered. "Herculean Strength!"

Tiny's Muscles pumped up, his tendons tightened and veins pulsed with power.

He proceeded to teach his earlobe, "Zealot!"

Then he smashed his fist into his chest, "Chaos!"

An infernal red and destructive fire burst from Dave's avatar, coursed through his already inflated veins making them visible even in the darkness from the Undead King's presence.

Dave's face was hidden under the hideous skull he wore as a helmet, his black ichorous body lit up space for all to see. Players looked up, and saw a monster facing off against a Mecha, like in the shows they had watched when they were kids, only this time it was happening for real.

"Now, for the real deal! Weight of the Universe!"

Dave tightened his grip on the entirety of the sword, and soon, the weapon began enlarging itself until it was as proportional to Dave's human form with Durandal.

The power from the Chaos Runes seeped into the enlarged sword, making it look like a flame enchanted weapon.

As for his shield, it didn't have the properties to enlarge, but Tiny was a genius of a creature all on its own.

It absorbed the shield into its body and created a perfect replica, only instead of the metallic jaws making the shield, it made them out of bones, while in the center of the bone shield, Dave's Cursed Shield of Ajax was positioned.

"Now, hit me with your best shot," Dave challenged the Mecha player.

Jeffery pointed his shoulder cannon at Dave's face and shot out a plasma bullet.


The attack rocked Mega-Skelly a bit, but he regained his balance with a wide, sharp and toothy grin, "Not bad, my turn now," Dave lunged forward.

Jeffery began panic shooting, hitting some but missing more, while Dave stomped his way through the players' ranks toward Jeffrey.

He covered his front with the bone shield and moved at a staggering speed compared to his size.

The bullets were not enough to stop Dave's charge, even if they broke some of the bones on the shield, Tiny restored them immediately.

Jeffery tried to kite Dave, shooting at him while moving backward, but the mech in assault mode was too slow to perfectly pull off the maneuver.

Dave closed the distance to Jeffery and when he reached close quarters he swung his sword at his right side.

The Mecha ejected one of its cannons in order to disrupt Dave's attack. The ejection threw Dave off balance as the cannon was too large, and gave Jeffery the chance to pull the hilt of a sword.

The sword hilt lit up and created a plasma saber that vibrated.

"Fair warning, I wouldn't recommend you use your sword against mine. This sword is made to destroy metal," Jeffery warned.

Dave smirked, "Exactly, just like Flanker." Mecha Dave swung Durandal horizontally at Jeffery.

"Your loss," Jeffery said and clashed his weapon with Daves. He had expected the plasma sword to sheer right through Durandal, but the reality of the situation was way out of his expectation.

Durandal passed through the plasma emission with ease and tore a huge chunk of the Mecha's armored exterior.

"What?! How?!" Jeffery's voice sounded from inside the Mecha.

"Your sword was made to cut other swords, but mine was made to cut gods. Which one do you think should win? Now, prepare to meet your maker!" Dave swung down at Jeffery who futilely raised his sword in an attempt to ward off the blow.

Durandal came crashing down, slicing through the upraised plasma sword with ease and smashing through the cockpit and into Jefferys skull. Due to Jeffery's Base Class being a Hunter, his HP was too low to sustain a second hit from Dave. Thus, Jeffery was instantly sent to Limbo.

Dave looked down and with his most sinister voice asked, "Who's next?"