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427 Confrontation

 "Remember when we last met in the wilds, you said you'd like to have a go at me, how about now, with all these players as witnesses," Dave said.

"My Legacy Skills are on cooldown, I can't fight you right now,"

Dave shrugged and said, "Okay, Final Edge!" He activated his Legacy Skill.

The Undeath God's hand appeared from behind Warlord and simply tapped him on the back of the head. That simple tap was enough to smack the War God legacy holder into the ground and shave half of his HP clean off.

One of the players shouted, "CHEATER!"

But a single look from the Abyssal Knight Lilith was enough to shut him up.

"Hey, I didn't cheat, he said he didn't wanna fight, but I want to fight. Got a problem with that? Go sue me!" Dave said and turned to Warlord.

"Now, we either do this or do this."

"Damn it!" Warlord pulled out his battle-ax, "You're ON!" he then stomped a foot down causing the massive armored foot to appear in mid-air.

"EVERYONE LEAVE THE AREA!" Warlord shouted. Not to protect them, but to cause the ratio of player vs monster to decrease. The more outnumbered Warlord was on a battlefield, the stronger he became.

"Oh, now who's cheating?" Dave said and raised his round shield up to block the Legacy Skill. Once the Skill touched the shield it disappeared, causing all the players to gawk in awe.

"Shut the fuck up!" Warlord cursed, he didn't understand where the Skill had gone too, so he decided it was better off to use his battle-ax to fight against Skeletal.

The Undead might look like a fighter, but Warlord was sure that Skeletal was a caster. He had relied on his Skills many times to win fights. So the best way to win was to keep a melee pressure on him.

Warlord went for Dave's neck.

Only to have the latter duck and draw Durandal.

Dave swung down his weapon horizontally at Warlord.

"Noob!" Warlord grinned, Dave's weapon was heavy, large and big. So its swings, though they would be painful, were easily telegraphed.

Warlord ducked down under the sword and rose up to retaliate.

Yet what Warlord didn't expect was that Dave's muscles would tense up, and his motion would stop midway, then while he was in mid-swing, he forcefully swung the weapon, faster, stronger and more dexterously to the other side. The greatsword collided with Warlord's open side and smacked him down the ground.

"Sorry bro, but you're just a casual. You should have expected that Undead don't function as humans, we don't care for strain, stress on the muscles, or strength needed to wield a weapon. changing the trajectory of a sword in mid-swing is one of the basics, so better think hard before you dare call me a noob, ya scrub,"

Being called a scrub was it for Warlord, he rose back up, and charged at Dave.

The two began a battle of trading blows, Dave's enormous HP Pool gave him a wide advantage, but Warlord's heavy firepower was something to be wary of.

Dave ducked and dodged then struck whenever he could. Durandal was too heavy, and with Dave's ability to change the weapon's trajectory, Warlord had to stay on his toes.

The players watched with intensity as the two fought, they had forgotten that they were in a war and were raiding the East, they all focused on these two's battle.

"C'mon strike harder! I have skeletons that hit harder than you!" Dave taunted and Warlord replied in roars and overexposed assaults.

"CALM DOWN, God damn it, you're being led on!"

Valentine cursed, he was the only one who could keep Warlord focused and clear-minded. But he needed to fight alongside him.

Warlord stopped his desperate flurry of attacks and began thinking clearer, causing Dave to smile. He must have realized his plan to infuriate Warlord into a frenzy.

Warlord's Legacy Skill was off cooldown and he used it immediately.


Dave looked up, smiled and raised his shield, causing the Skill to disappear immediately.

Warlord groaned; he didn't understand how the Draugr was doing this. He was canceling his Legacy Skills like if they were nothing.

"What's the matter?" Dave said and struck again.

Warlord dodged and this time beautifully evaded Dave's trajectory change.

"Not bad, no wonder you were the number one," Dave said.

Even if it was a taunt, Dave became restless, Warlord was a monster of a player. Not because of his level or gear, but Dave had just realized that Warlord never committed the same mistake twice. If this kept up for to long, Dave would find himself in trouble.

Dave dashed in, he swung his sword vertically, causing Warlord to jump back, even if Dave tried to change the swung to a pierce, Warlord will have enough time to dodge.

Yet Dave didn't change trajectory, he used [Immortal Apparition] to disappear mid-swing, and appear behind Warlord.

Durandal struck at Warlord's back.


"Gotcha!" Dave said and jumped back, avoiding Warlord's retaliatory swing.

"I can't believe you'll keep dispersing these!" Warlord said and stomped his foot down.

Dave looked up, smiled and raised his shield up.

Yet the foot didn't dissipate, causing Warlord to smile, it was going to hit the draugr, and with the Holy Attribute effect of the Legacy Skill, it will deal massive damage.

However, the foot went through the draugr harmlessly, and the tip of the boot stomped down on Warlord himself.


Warlord was crushed by his own Skill.

Unbeknownst to all, Dave had raised his shield, rejected Warlord's own [God's Stomp] and absorbed the one he just cast right now, making it appear as if Warlord's own Skill had turned against him.

Warlord's HP was in the red, he only needed one hit from Dave and he would die.

Dave walked closer to Warlord and said "Heya, I think you lost," Dave said.

"But you didn't win, killing me will get you nothing,"

"Right, you're right, but what if I do this?" Dave said and raised his right hand up.

Dave's Undead avatar immediately changed back to human. His Death-Stroke character was now available for the world to see.

"HA! Idiot! Kick player Death Stroke!" Warlord called.

A notification appeared in front of Dave


The King of the Qin Kingdom, Warlord has issued a Ban on your Death Stroke character.

You will be expulsed from the kingdom of Qin in 10 seconds.


"God's Shield!" Warlord cast.

"Now what're you gonna do? God's Shield lasts for 5 seconds, I still have Bastion and another Immunity Skill, in ten seconds you'll be kicked, and I'll still get to be the king of this country! After all that! You brain farted here!" Warlord gleefully laughed.

Dave shook his head, he turned to the players and said, "You believe this guy? Huh"

He then casually pulled a piece of paper and unfurled it.

To Warlord's misery and surprise, he knew what that paper was.

"I hereby use the Eastern Kingdom Right of Conquest!"

A server announcement message popped up,


Player Death-Stroke has issued a Right of Conquest!

By Right of Conquest, Player Death-Stroke can disregard the Banishment from the kingdom as he is a hostile force with dangerous intentions to the throne.

Player Death-Stroke has the right to claim the Eastern Kingdom as his own by kingship once he defeats the current King of the country.


"Now what are you gonna do?" Dave said.

Warlord stared dumbly at Dave, who casually raised Durandal up, "I thought as much, you'll do nothing. Die."

The sword came down...