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426 Challenge

 Soon that notion grew and propagated like a contagious sickness. Most believed that the legendary Mr. Skeletal has actually been bested for once and that this was Warlord's victory.

"Skelly," came Valentine's voice.

From among the crowd, Valentine appeared, his armor was in tatters, but a wide smile was on his face.

"It was a good fight, too bad you came a bit too late."

Dave didn't respond, he only returned the smile.

"Warlord wants to speak to you," Valentine informed the draugr.

"Oh, does he now? But where is he? Don't tell me he is afraid of me and my company?" Dave asked sarcastically. If Warlord did come out, there was nothing to save him from the Undead.

Valentine chose not to answer Dave's trick question. Even though it was obvious that Dave was right, admitting it would only make Warlord a coward.

"No, he wants to speak to you, Face-Time," Valentine answered after choosing his words carefully. He waved his hand, showing a screen with Warlord on the other side.

"Skelly, Skelly, Skelly, see. I told you many times over, that one day your luck would run out. It just so happened that today's the day. So what can you do now? HUH! You can't do shit! Wanna know something else? I just asked Albert, apparently even if you somehow make it inside, you won't be able take this kingdom away by killing me!"

Dave tilted his head. He had not expected that so he wanted to verify if Warlord wasn't bullshitting him. "Albert, is that true?"

The AI appeared right next to Dave.

"What a crowd..." spoke the old man as he took a sip from the drink inside his coconut.

"To answer your question, yes. The game has been designed so that after an NPCs ruler gets eliminated by a player who uses their Right of Conquest only another player can take control over that kingdom. You can kill him, but that won't make you a king. There are three ways to obtain the Kingship over the Qin Kingdom or any other for that matter. You can become King if you are being offered the Kingship," Albert explained and looked at Dave with a wide smile "Which is very improbable in your case."

"A player has to kill Warlord in the palace, which is even more unlikely because he can kick anyone he wants off the capital."

"Huh? Then why didn't he kick me out?" Dave interjected.

"Because you're considered a monster. The moment you change appearance, you'll be kickable. Still, for fairness' sake, a player will be given a ten-second grace period, before they are kicked out. You never know when those ten seconds might matter," Albert answered while casually sipping from his drink.

"Ok, but the game is literally called Conquest. Doesn't seem very accurate if he can just kick everyone out?"

"You are correct. He might be able to kick one or more players at his leisure, but to keep the spirit of the game, even a ruler won't be able to kick out an army. An army becomes a threatening force to any nation. Say, for example, those players from the guilds, the Blood Ragers, and Heaven's Dawn who are on their way here. If they arrive within the 24 hours period after a new Sovereign has been elected and manage to kill Warlord, the killer will automatically obtain Kingship."

"Huh, then what's the third option?" Dave asked.

"I don't like to spoil things," was the only thing the old man said before disappearing.

The ambiguous remark from Albert caused everyone to be on their toes.

Could Skeletal have an Ace up his sleeves? Something no one expected?

Warlord didn't understand what Albert was referring to, but it didn't make things any easier.

"Well, guess it's time to get started then. I grew very bored," Dave said as he turned to the players and addressed them: "It seems, that you're all gathered here waiting for a good show! Let me be a good host!"

Before Dave could act, one of the players shot a fireball at Dave's face. However, Lilith intervened and caught the spell in her hand. The Abyssal LKnight was infuriated, her face distorted as her jaw opened up inhumanly wide so that she could shout.


The offending player was shocked by the hideousness the Abyssal Knight had revealed and took a step back, but Lilith didn't give him a chance. Her eyes turned crimson red, and the player stopped moving. The next moment he began walking toward the Abyssal Knight, yet his steps seemed forced as if his body did not want to follow his feet. Slowly he made his way toward her, charmed, unable to resist the spell, even as many Priests tried to dispel the Abyssal Knight's curse, the player moved to meet his fate.

Once he was right next to Lilith, she spoke, "Kis'Shtiengbrah was speaking! The least you could do is listen, maggot!" she then dove her hand into the player's heart. Killing him instantly.

"Anyone else wishes to interrupt?" she asked. All the players present had chills running down their spines.

Was this an NPC? How come she was this strong? Perhaps this was just an event gimmick otherwise no NPC should have the power to execute players on a whim.

Dave gulped, even he didn't understand what was going on. But it was good that Lilith was going to keep all of those players on their toes.

He turned and raised both hands up then smacked them both together in a thunderclap of a sound.

The sound echoed in the area, then soon the skies brightened up.

"WARLORD! GET OUT!!!!" Shouted Valentine.

A meteor fell down toward the palace, only this time, the Meteor was empowered by the still active Final Phantasm. The meteor's color wasn't the usual red, but a mix of purple and black, just like the space found in Limbo.

"What the fuck?!" Cursed one of the players when he saw the enormous meteor falling down. Before the giant space projectile could hit the palace, another appeared right behind it.

Loud, thunderous explosions echoed in the vicinity, shaking the very core of the players and NPCs alike. The power the Draugr displayed was too great.

More explosions echoed after the second meteor hit, and barely a third of the palace was left standing. Purple and red flames moved across the stone-like liquid.

Dave knew better than anyone that this Skill would not kill Warlord, but it sure did have a spectacular effect.

He turned to the players and with outstretched hands asked, "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!!

Before anyone could answer, he snapped his fingers summoning Infernal Dragon Skulls, only under the influence of Final Phantasm, the skulls turned to flame dragons.

"DO YOU WANT MORE?!" Dave shouted.

He turned and gave his dragon squad their order, "Burn it to the ground!"

The dragons shot their flames at the palace, further melting all of the stones and rocks.

The players behind Dave were stupefied, they didn't know if they should act or not. But they all believed that no matter what Dave did, he would obtain no benefits, Warlord's death would give Skeletal nothing except for maybe some meager satisfaction.

"Skelly! Killing Warlord will not get you the Kingship!" Valentine cried over the damage.

Dave didn't answer. "Still not dead?" Dave tilted his head, "You're as persistent as a cockroach, so how about we clear up the rubble. I have just the thing for this," The draugr tapped on his bag, "Onixya, it's been a long time since you last got out, time to stretch your wings!"

From his side bag, a small creature emerged. To the players, it looked like a small lizard, but once it unfurled its wings, and once the players began inspecting it, they collectively took some steps back.

"D-dragon! He has a pet dragon!"

"Shit, why is she still a hatchling," Dave wondered out loud. After all the EXP she had received she should have grown up to be an adolescent dragon at the very least...

"That's not a hatchling!" another player corrected his misconception. Dave looked at Onixya, yet she was as small as ever.

Out of curiosity, he inspected her,

Black Dragon [Battle-Pet]

level 422

HP: 4,220,000

MD: 211,000

PD : 211,000


[Death Bound]: As a battle Pet Onixya can benefit from Kis'Shtiengbrah's link to the Death Heart, gaining revivability without the need to turn to Undeath.

[Aura of Terror] Creates a constant Terrorizing Aura that causes Fear to affect all creatures with levels lower than Onixya.

[Dragon Breath] Hidden!


The only offspring of the Dragon of Terrors that ruled over the Wilds. Currently bound to player Kis'Shtiengbrah.

Because of improper care, her natural development has been delayed.


"Huh, I thought you'd get bigger than that once you leveled up," Dave wondered. Yet the last sentence and the fact that the dragon's stomach began growling answered his question about the 'improper care'.

"Ah shit, I forgot you need to eat," Dave slapped himself on the said. "I'll promise that Kraky will provide you with an all you can eat Sea Food Buffet, after this is over. But before that, I just need a tiny favor."

The dragon tilted her head.

"See that rubble, take it away please," He said.

Almost immediately, the dragon understood Dave's meaning, she turned her head and spat a small ball toward the center of the palace.

The ball grew bigger and began spinning, absorbing the flames and rubble, stones and boulders, all was sucked in and turned to distorted dust within the highly compressed black hole.

Until Warlord was finally revealed, crouching behind a pillar.

"His Royal Highness finally appears in front of us lowly masses!"

Warlord groaned and rose up, "You won't get anything from this, Skelly!"

"You might be right, but I came here to fulfill a promise!"

"What are you talking about?" Warlord asked while chugging down a health potion.

"Remember when we last met in the Wilds? You told me, you'd like to have a go at me. I now want to take you up on that. Right here, right now, with all these players as witnesses," Dave answered while stroking his beard.