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425 A bit Unexpected...

 The Undead riding the shark chariots acted like endless hunting flocks of birds that swooped down on players and NPCs alike. The Undead disregarded the fact that they were two completely different factions and came down to whoever they saw first.

Swarms of unending banshees and ghosts flew or rode through walls and buildings, ripping their claws or ethereal limbs as weapons through the players and NPCs. Physical attacks on the ghosts were useless. The only ones who could do something against these creatures were casters or Paladins. But those ones were preoccupied trying to save their own skin.

The Abyssal Knight of Blood and Carnage, the Blood Duchess Lilith showed her fangs.

"Children, kill the holy men for me, they're an eyesore..."

She had waved her handkerchief and her full red and bloodied lips had her request in gentle voice that completely did not match the deviousness of what she asked her subordinates to do. But just like that, the unending numbers of blood bats flew low, swarmed all players who had a holy aura surrounding them, digging their tiny sharp fangs wherever they could or whenever they had the opportunity.

Lilith's small but numerous swarms of bats were a great threat to anything that moved. Their sheer number and small size were enough to entrap anyone and turn them into an empty bloodless soulless husk in no time.

The Mages and Priests began casting their holy spells or fire-related abilities to fend off the bats, but a candle's light would never be able to light an abyss. The bats swarmed and forced their way through the holy light. They hurt and burnt, many even turned to ash, yet more and more kept moving against the holy light of the Priests and Paladins. The first bats used their flaming bodies to cover the light coming from the Priests from their brethren. More and more bats joined in, swarming every single player in a cocoon of leathery wings and fangs. After a while, the cocoon would disperse, though the ground would be littered with ash from the burnt bats, the Priests or player that were swarmed would be no more than a bloodless soulless carcass. Sucked dry of all fluids, and left nothing more than skin on bones.

"We're dying here!" Demetri shouted.

"Mercy! Situation?!"

"Just wait! Stuff is finally happening! Some ghosts are currently running amok inside the palace... They're distracting the guards! Once all the guards are focused on the ghosts, I'll take the first opportunity to go in for the kill!" Mercy spoke excitedly.

"That's great news. Warlord, it's your time to shine!" Valentine said.

"I KNOW!" Warlord roared back, "My Legacy Skills are back on and the Elites outside seem to have decreased in numbers. Let's see if they can hold against it," Warlord called.

Right outside the palace Warlord emerged from the building he was hiding in.

"COME AT ME!" Warlord shouted as he summoned his avatar. Immediately the great golden armored deity appeared for all to see. The sheer golden light coming from it acted as a beacon of light and pulled the bats toward it like moths to the candlelight.

The golden light effectively burnt the bats to a much faster and more potent degree.

Warlord began swinging his battle-ax against the Elite Soldiers who were stationed right next to the palace gate. Creating a distraction for the NPCs.

"You're doing great. The Royal Guards are now paying more attention to you and the ghosts. Be careful some of them should come out soon. But keep it up." Mercy complimented.

"Right! COME MEET YOUR MAKER!" Warlord shouted and summoned a gigantic golden gauntlet. God's Fist came crashing down against the Elite NPCs, where Warlord followed up with swings of his battle-ax. The avatar behind Warlord followed Warlord's hand movement and swung down his ax, mimicking his actions. The golden runic battle-ax of the deity culled the lives of the Qin Elites. While the golden light coming from it, protected Warlord from the swarming bats and the approaching Undead.

It appeared that the War God's attacks were imbued with the Holy attribute. It was extremely incompatible with the Undead army.

Dave had just arrived at the courtyard and found Warlord who looked like he was having a fun time.

"Lilith," Dave called.

"Yes dear," Lilith's voice was sour. For the first time that Dave saw her, she had something resembling actual emotion on her face, in this instance in the form of a frown. "Their death serves no purpose this way, yet I cannot stop them. Do you have a plan?" Lilith asked.

"Welp, not a plan per se, but how about we turn things up a notch," Dave offered.

He stomped a foot on the ground, summoning dark clouds that began covering the entirety of the capital of Qin.

Warlord noticed the darkened skies and looked back. There he saw Dave in the company of a red-dressed female who were both looking at him.

"SKELETAL! TODAY YOU DIE!" Warlord shouted and raised his battle-ax high.

"Ya ain't no fun Brosky, Final Phantasm!"

Dave called the name of his Legacy Skill. The only Legacy Skill he had.

The dark skies tore open to an even darker atmosphere. A skull guitar fell down from the sky and dropped right in the middle of the courtyard.

The golden light coming from Warlord's avatar suddenly dimmed. He was within 100 meters of Dave and thus the area where he stood was considered the Undeath God's Domain. Naturally, the Gods would not tolerate other existences within. The link between the hold deity and the avatar warlord was using was abruptly cut.

"Now, Lilith, call your bats."

"With pleasure. Young ones, make me happy, take revenge for your brethren," she ordered and in barely an instant, all the bats in the area began screeching and screaming. The mere sound echoing from all over the place was enough to cause dizziness.

Warlord's avatar faded in and out of view, but not before he roared out a "Not today!" Warlord turned toward the palace and dashed forward. Empowered by the fading God of War avatar, Warlord was able to break through the ranks of the Elite soldiers guarding the palace gate.

A golden helmet wearing NPC was standing at the gate of the palace. He was one of the Four Generals that had caused a lot of problems for the Devastators. He idly gazed at the entirety of what was happening without moving a muscle. But once he saw Warlord dashing toward the palace he drew a sword and prepared to meet him.

Warlord threw his battle-ax toward the General, causing the latter to dodge the flimsy attack.

Yet once the battle-ax bore through the gate of the palace, Warlord clenched his fist tight and disappeared from view. In his stead, there was suddenly the battle-ax that he had just thrown.

The General realized too late that Warlord had actually managed to bypass him. And before he could take the chase, the ax tore itself from the ground and flew off like a bullet, slashing the ear of the General off as it followed behind Warlord into the palace.

"Damn, that's a cool Skill," Dave said.

"What will you do now, Kis'Shtiengbrah?" Lilith asked.

"Well, I should follow after that guy. Otherwise, if he kills the Qin's King, I'll might fail His Majesty's Royal Labors Quest."

"Then would you like my assistance in clearing the way?" Marik offered as he appeared out of nowhere. In his hands, were the heads of two NPCs, both had golden helmets signifying they were each a General.

"Um, yeah, that would be great," Dave nodded.

Yet before Marik could move. A notification appeared in front of Dave.


Player Mercy, from the guild [It's Just Business], has killed the King of the Qin Kingdom.

For having used the Right of Conquest, Mercy of the Guild [It's Just Business] is hereby installed as the Queen of the Imperial Eastern Kingdom with all its vassals.

Congratulations to Player Mercy.

Player Mercy has received the title Sovereign.

Player Mercy has earned full control over the kingdom's Teleportation Gates as well as the right to ban any hostile player from their kingdom.

Player Mercy will need to stay inside the palace of the capital and lead her army to defend against any other hostile player forces for at least 24 hours game time.

Once the capital is preserved, and no hostile players are in the area, the Kingdom of Qin shall have a new ruler.


"Huh, she did it..." Dave mumbled. The notification came as a shock to him. So much so, that he didn't even check who was the one who called him right after.

"No hard feelings, right? You know, it's just business," Mercy's voice came from the friend's voice chat.

Dave smiled bitterly. He knew she was most likely still spiteful over the fact that he had defeated her in the Clash of Gods, and this was the best chance for her to win back some face.

"Right, that was well done actually. Could you at least tell me how you've done it? Bud told me that there was a huge True Sight lantern inside the palace." Dave asked.

"Well, seeing as I couldn't have done it without your aid, I guess I might tell you," Mercy pretended like she struggled whether to tell Dave or not, even though the glee in her voice made it pretty obvious she wouldn't let go of this opportunity to gloat. "Turns out your Legacy is more useful than you might have realized. When you used your [Blot the Sun] the True Light chandelier gave up, and I had the perfect chance to kill the king. The tricky part was getting away from the General next to him."

"Sounds pretty awesome, shame I wasn't able to watch you do it," Dave said.

"...You don't sound annoyed..." Mercy sounded disappointed. This was not the kind of reaction she had expected.

"Why would I?" Dave asked nonchalantly.

"Well, if I remember correctly, you needed to kill the King of the Qin Kingdom for your quest right?" Mercy said.

"I still do."

"...Ah, I think I get it."

"Now that your contract is done, can you please hurry up... and do your thingy," Dave asked nicely.

"Yeah, I wouldn't want to be your target anymore. I'll log out and tell Papa that our agreement with Demetri has been fulfilled, the rest is up to him."

Dave's grin couldn't grow any wider. Even though the two Abyssal Knights next to him had a baleful atmosphere around them.

"You smile when this is no time to smile, Kis'Shtiengbrah," Marik said, "The soul of the King of this country has just left his body. He has died, yet it was not you who has slain him. That goes against your Quest."

"Perhaps... but maybe you should wait a bit" Dave answered mysteriously.

Away from Dave and the two scary undead next to him, Demetri was shouting cursing at Warlord, for the latter was refusing his orders.

"I'm in the only place that is protected! If Mercy gives you Kingship, you'll die! You won't even be able to log out!"

"I'll take my chances!" Demetri shouted.

"It's up to you, but if you want my opinion Warlord is right. You are too low leveled and currently surrounded by Undead. If I hand over to Kingship to you, you'll just die and Skelly will have the last laugh. Now wouldn't it be ironic, if Skelly gains the East after you paid so much to win his auction." Mercy interjected. "Anyway decide now, I did my part so I don't want to stick around against him."

"How? You can't teleport out or log out here!" Demetri said.

"I have a scroll that can take me to the Underworld."

"Then sell it to me, I'll get Kingship and use the scroll to leave, I'll give you ten million for it!"

"No can do. First of all, all contracts need to go through Papa first, and secondly, it's a gift from Skelly himself. I promised him I would only use it for myself and I don't lie. Besides, you have to stay in the area to officially take over."

Mercy soon logged out after she left the area.

Another notification soon appeared.


Player Mercy has transferred her Kingship to player Warlord.

Player Warlord, from the guild [The Devastators], has become the King of the Qin Kingdom.

Congratulations to Player Warlord.

Player Warlord has received the title Sovereign.

Player Warlord has earned full control over the kingdom's Teleportation Gates as well as the right to ban any hostile player from their kingdom.

Player Warlord has two Kingdoms under his name, he can initiate trade between his two kingdoms and receive increased income from trade and commerce.

Player Warlord will need to stay inside the palace of the capital and lead his army to defend against any other hostile player forces for at least 24 hours game time.

Once the capital is preserved, and no hostile players are in the area, the Kingdom of Qin shall have a new ruler.


"Oh, this is turning out even better than I expected," Dave smiled.

Hidden inside the palace Warlord was laughing like a madman.

"THIS TIME IT'S MY VICTORY! Skeletal, You Ain't shit!"

"What now?" Marik asked, "Should we kill him?"

"Don't worry about that. I have a plan" Dave said as he turned. All of the NPCs had stopped hostilities against the Devastators. Right now, it looked like Dave and his Undead would be against a coalition of players and NPCs, so the situation was no longer a battle royal.

Players emerged from the city streets, NPCs and players all came forward to gather around the palace.

"Have our Undead stop killing their forces and call them back. I wanna make this clear," Dave ordered.

Soon the Undead stopped attacking players. After no new attacks launched for over a minute, one of the players spoke up, "Skelly is giving up..."