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424 Undead Against the wrold

 \"Skelly is here!\" Satan Slayer shouted with all he had.

\"Oh if it isn't Satan Slayer. I never thought you'd be this excited to see me here. Well, I am still grateful for you telling me who bought those 6% shares, but seeing that I saved your ass and Legacy the last time we met, I'd say that makes us even. So, I suppose this is how things ought to be.\"

Dave turned his head across the docks and pointed at them.\" It appears as if you guys didn't put much effort into protecting the docks or securing them. Bad move.\" Dave had an evil smile on his draugr face.

\"What the hell is he talking about?\" Demetri was asking the similarly clueless party members.

\"See, if you focus all of your forces on one side, you end up with fragile sections. An army should be treated as a single unit. It's like a chain. Its strength will always depend on the weakest link. And the docks are unquestionably your weak link.\" Dave explained as he slowly nudged the chains in his hands for the sharks to move.

If sharks could growl these ones did. They closed in fast towards Satan Slayer who was standing on the wooden dock.

\"Now let me show you what happens if you have a weak link in your ranks. You're about to be taught a nasty lesson!\"

\"Your 100,000-man army is nothing compared to ours, we have over 300,000 players under us.\" Satan Slayer countered. \"Yours may look impressive, but we've analyzed it. Those Undead are mostly composed of low-leveled Undead Captains and Elites. They're nothing compared to the players we have. Try and get in out way and you'll get killed. Do you really think you can contend with our army?!\"

\"Right, I only have 100 Death Knights. But you see... the only way for me to get more is if I beat the living crap out of y'all. As you said, my army isn't strong enough to compete against your 180,000 players.\" Dave 'agreed' in a grin.

The mere statement of the current remaining forces of the Devastators and the Mercenary troops was enough to send shivers running down Satan Slayer's back.

He had tried to bluff about the number of the Devastators guild and the mercs they hired, but it appears that Skelly already knew the exact number of the current forces.

It wasn't a complete lie. It was true that they had come here with over 300,000 players, but that number had dwindled greatly after the Devastators received a major beating at the gate and within the city. Yet, the exact number was protected information which should have been exclusive to the players in Warlord's party.

Not even the TV stations were privy to it, so how the hell did Skelly found out about it? All the players had signed an NDA and they were banned from disclosing party within the game. Also if he knew their numbers, what other crucial information was he aware of? Did he know how many legacy players they had left, and who hasn't yet used their legacy?

\"MERCY! You have to take out the king! Skelly is here! If he screws things up, it's on you!\" Warlord shouted.

Mercy couldn't help but curse her luck. Dave had arrived way too early and yet she was unable to do anything to cause a distraction and take out the king. It would be horrible for [It's Just Business] to fail at the last step especially when they sent out their most competent, and most expensive, person. It would leave a massive stain on their reputation not to mention the cost they would have to pay for not fulfilling the contract.

\"What happened? Undead got your tongue?\"

\"Doesn't matter, you're still outnumbered,\" Satan Slayer said after a slight hesitation.

\"I'm not that ungrateful though. I'm aware that if it wasn't for your help at that time I would have lost my Legacy. For that, you have my gratitude. How would you like a spot at the round table of the Devastators in exchange for helping us take the Qin Kingdom.\" Satan Slayer declared.

\"What the fuck are you saying?!\" Warlord was made with rage as he shouted in the party chat. If it wasn't for him being pinned down, he would rush down to Satan Slayer and show him what he thought about this idea. Yet Valentine interrupted.

\"No, let him finish. Slayer's idea is actually a good one. Think about it, we have no idea what Skelly is packing. He also has 100,000 Undead we can use to lower our own casualties. Don't forget that we might have to deal with the Blood Ragers and Heaven's Dawn afterward!\"

\"Oh, you want me to join in? That is an interesting and generous offer, Brosky... but nah. You see Warlord tried to whack me back at the Fourth Raid Zone, and the guys from the Qin Kingdom tried to take what was mine many times now. As far as I am concerned, you're all kinda my enemy now.\" Dave grimly declared.

Satan Slayer sighed. He had been grasping at straws with his offer. It was clear that there was no way he would be able to convince Skeletal to join after their 'betrayal', so he twirled his spear and pointed it forward.

\"Then fight me!\"

\"Nah, I already told you guys, it's not my style to bully the weak.\" Dave shrugged the challenge off. \"Bud, take him out for me please.\"

Almost instantly, insidiously and soundlessly, the reason for Dave's knowledge of the Devastators' movements, their numbers, and their forces appeared eerily behind Satan Slayer.

The Shadow Ghoul had been hiding for a while now, and followed Dave's call for action. The creature's appearance didn't even alert the spear wielder, not until Bud's claws ripped through Satan Slayer's neck.

There was no chance for the Spear Master. The Ghoul was fast and lethal. Ripping out Satan Slayer's avatar's throat was enough to stack massive bleed effects, stop his breathing, and disable the ability to heal with potions. Then the poison in his claws added to the bleed effect, further plummeting the Spear Master's HP.

Staggered and dazed, Satan Slayer was helpless against the follow-up flurry of attacks Bud sent his way.

To Satan Slayer, fighting a Death Knight one-on-one wouldn't be too difficult of a task, but that was only true in the case of an honorable duel. Yet with Bud using the moment of surprise and after having struck the initial attack, Slayer had realized he had lost any chance in this battle.

Perhaps with his Legacy Skills, he could have somehow managed to turn it around, but they still on cooldown.

Satan Slayer dropped to the floor, his face, facing Dave, but his throat bleeding out.

\"Sorry bruh, you're not gonna be here to join the fun, but don't worry they should show what happens on CNN soon enough. But before you die let me at least show you some teaser on how I plan to deal with all your players. 100,000 Undead may not enough, but you shouldn't forget...\" Dave grinned as he stretched out his hands.


Dave's voice hollered through the open sea. Ripples broke and moved across the surface sea, then soon, dozens, hundreds, and then tens of thousands of sharks appeared. All dragging chariots with Undead riding behind.

All of them Death Knights or above.

Satan Slayer's eyes widened, when did Skeletal gain this many Death Knights? Sadly, his HP dropped before he could obtain the answer to his question. If only he could have endured a bit longer he would have been able to see the gigantic Kraken rising from the sea, and the Leviathan in ghost ship mode along with more than fifteen ships sailing like a bird flock behind it.


The next moment, Dave was genuinely surprised as he watched the sharks pull the chariots and lift them above sea level. The sharks were flying!

\"The hell?! Sharks can fly?\"

\"No, young Undead,\" came the amused voice of Marik in his mind. The Abyssal Knight was all the way back at the Leviathan.

\"Sharks are incapable of flying, yet ghosts have no issue with that,\" he answered sarcastically.

\"Oh, don't forget us, dear,\" came the sound of the Vampire Duchess.

\"Us?\" Dave asked.

\"Yes, 'Us'. You didn't think I would do all the dirty work by myself, did you?\" Lilith spoke and let out a little laugh. She waved her hand, creating several small vortexes. And from within these vortexes, it was as if the gates of hell had opened.

Bats, in different sizes, shapes, and colors, all burst out from the small vortexes like water from a bursting dam. Their numbers were enough to darken the already dark sky. Their squeals and shrieks were enough to send shivers down the bravest of men.

\"My little darlings you haven't had a drink in a while, go and feast...\" Lilith encouraged them.

\"Welp, guess it's my time then fly up!\" Dave said and jerked the chains.

The three Sharks Dave had lazily named, One, Two and Three, swung their tails as fast and as powerfully as they could, guiding the chariot up and joined the ranks among the flock of other chariots.

The whole army moving above the Qin capital looked like the apocalypse had started and the harbingers of death were out to collect their toll. Bats that numbered in the millions, Undead riding the wind, and ghost ships on the horizon.

Dave couldn't help but grin as he noticed the gazes of the players, they seemed to have agreed to pause the ongoing fight against the Qin Soldiers and were staring at the sky. Some pinched themselves to check if they might be dreaming.

Dave drew his sword and pointed it down, \"Let's start by cleaning up the streets!\"

His words received an immediate response as the shark Chariots adhered and dove down on the stupefied players.

Panic is extremely contagious. Once the first player decided to retreat from the incoming horde of Undead, many followed him, only making the chariots display their best ability, hunting runaways, and stragglers.

A session of culling and slaughter began, led by Dave who was more than glad and willing to paint the streets of the Qin capital in blood, be it players or Qin Soldiers.

The Undead do not discriminate, none who oppose them deserve to survive.