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422 Four Genrals

 Two players were fishing near the shore of the southern Kingdom.  They were on a rowboat a couple of miles at sea. Even still, the sun was burning bright and the sea barely moved. One of the two people on the small rowboat had a female avatar and wore black leather armor, totally unsuited for the heat of the Southern part of the world of conquest, but players do not feel the heat the same way as one would do from real life.

The other was a male with an old-man looking avatar, this one wore light clothes. Shorts and a white t-shirt to match. While he wore a fishing hat over his head that had several small fish-hooks hooked on it.

\"C'mon grandpa, we're just wasting time here, I'm bored,\" The girl said in annoyance.

\"Fishing is all about patience, you never know when you'll catch a fish, or if it's big or small, but having patience will help you out greatly in life, Dana.\"

\"Ugh, if you want to fish, you should do that in real life. Not in-game, and how long have we been here? It's almost five hours now and you haven't caught a thing.\"

Before the old man could reply to his granddaughter, his fishing rod twanged tight. The fishing line straightened tight, giving the old man the feeling that he had caught something big.

\"See! I told you, it's all about patience, I caught a big one!\" the old man spoke excitedly.

He pulled hard on his fishing rod but the line didn't budge or move, the old man thought that it might have been stuck on something, yet before he could cut the line abandoning his 'big catch' the line from the fishing rod tightened harder and vibrated, giving the old man the feeling of a live fish caught in his line.

\"Easy on the fishing line, it'll cut this way,\" Dana said.

\"I know, but this thing is really big!\" the old man replied with grit teeth.

The two of them were too preoccupied with the fish that they caught that they didn't notice the sky darkening, nor the sea becoming colder.

The water bubbled and raged, creating a small vortex that threatened to throw the rowboat awry.

Yet the old man hung on the fishing rod, enough that the whole boat began dragging.

\"Let it go grandpa!\" the girl said as she just noticed the change in weather. \"There' storm coming!\"

\"I'm not giving this up!\"

Suddenly, the sea parted, giving way to an enormous white creature that flew out of the water

The old man had one second to realize that the creature was a great white shark, and the fishing line was caught in between his teeth, then it took him one more second to notice that there was a large chain strapped around its neck, and linked to something that the shark was pulled from under the sea.

The shark crashed on the sea surface but didn't dive down, it floated, with more than half its body above water.

For the life of the old man, he couldn't understand how a shark can float above water or how it could be so white.

\"T-That's a Ghost Shark!\" the girl spoke.

Thanks to his granddaughter's remark, the old man finally realized why this shark was too white.

Fear gripped at his heart, fear that increased even more as two more sharks appeared right next to that one. Both of them caught in chains.

Suddenly a wooden chariot rose above the sea level, where a bearded draugr stood with what appears to be reins made of steel chains in hand.

The draugr tilted his head as he noticed the old man, \"So you're the reason number Three went crazy, that's a pretty good bait, what's in it?\" the bearded draugr asked.

\"S-S-skeletal!\" the girl spoke in stutters.

\"It's tuna guts mixed with eel liver, pretty stinky and could make fish fight for it.\" The old man replied, nowhere was the fear he just felt as he had found someone who shared his hobby.

\"Interesting, now if you would excuse me, can you please cut off the line? I'm kinda in a hurry here.\" The draugr asked.

\"Right,\" the old man drew a pocket knife and cut the line free.

\"Thanks, Hya!\" Dave shouted as he swung the chains causing the sharks to jerk and swim forward at Jet-ski speeds.

The old man was stunned for a moment until his granddaughter said, \"Gramps, that's skelly! The world's most famous draugr and all you could think of was fish guts?!\" the girl reprimanded.

\"What was I supposed to talk about? Let's get back to fishing.\"

Yet not before the man could even sit back on his boat, the sea churned, as more sharks appeared above the water. Shark-Chariots burst out of the sea and dashed forward following the draugr's path. Dozens, hundreds then by the thousands, as armies of the dead burst out from the sea and moved ahead like a flock of wild fish.

Then came an enormous vessel that dwarfed the rowboat so much, that the rowboat might as well didn't exist.

And behind this enormous war-ship were dozens more that followed behind.

\"The hell is he trying to do now?\" The girl asked no one in particular.


\"WOOHOOOOO!!!!\" Dave shouted as the sea sprayed around him. The Shark Chariots currently his favorite ride.

\"Faster!\" Dave urged and the ghost sharks obliged. They traveled through the sea waters as if they were flying.

\"Guys, you gotta try this, it's really fun,\" Dave said through the party-chat.

\"Yeah, gloat all you want man, we're stuck in this damned dungeon while you're raiding the east all on your own,\" Blaster replied.

\"Well, you decided it was more fun to do adventures without skelly,\" Dave replied in a wide grin.

\"Man, this is really not fun at all.\" Flanker said.

\"Shut up, it's because of you that we're trapped,\" Fortress angrily replied.

\"Wish you the best with your dungeon guys. If you ever get out, go to Urburg, I'll send Tiny to get you to the east.\" Dave said.

\"Yeah, yeah,\" Perfect Shot replied, \"We're stuck for at least twelve hours before the door opens again. By that time, you'll have already arrived to the east and with the number of those troops, I say you'll take it with ease.\"

\"Nah, I don't think so, remember, the east has yet to show us a single general. The attacks we led on them only brought out their Elite Soldiers, I bet they have something much more powerful than those.\"

\"With two abyssal Knights, who can stop you?\" Flanker said.

\"Your mouth if you don't jinx it,\" Dave groaned. \"Alright then, once you're out, tell me. Skelly, Over and Out!\"

Dave hung up at the party and kept moving forward.

The sea voyage lasted for a long while, thanks to the enormous numbers of Dave's troops, there was no way anything would stand in their way, especially since he had the Kraken going deep under the seawater, forcing any creature dumb enough to attempt hunting his undead to think if it was worth its life.


The sounds of battle echoed through the Qin Capital, the streets were clogged tight as the Qin soldiers brought down buildings to block the ways through the city.

\"What's the situation?\" Warlord shouted as he had his hand on the side of his helmet.

Satan Slayer's voice came from the other side of the party com, \"There's a huge number of the Elite Soldiers stationed around the palace, we can't get through without being spotted.\" He said.

\"Mercy should be able to bypass them, why didn't she? Get her to kill the dammed king, we're tight on time, Skelly could be here any moment now!\"

\"I doubt he'll be here, otherwise he could have done this hours ago. He should have been out of the [Lock-Down] six hours by now. And mercy can't do shit, there are tons of True Sight lamps, her invisibility skill is useless and if she moves in too deep she's dead.\"

\"Damn, we'll need to make a commotion, I'll try something to lure the Qin Elites. I'm coming over.\" Warlord said and dashed ahead.

The city burned and raged as fire and explosions echoed through it. The number of players filling the street was staggering. And in tight exposures, their AOE skills proved lethal to the Qin soldiers who relied on their swords to fight against the players.

The howls of wyverns echoed through the city. The Qin soldiers might have lost the ground battle, but the areal support gave the Qin Kingdom the ability to rally orders and recon at great efficiency. The areal attacks proved lethal to any who didn't watch over their heads, culling the lives of the least attentive players.

The flames of war continued to rise as Qin fought back with all they had.

\"We can't get through the Docks, it's packed full of Soldiers!\" One of the Devastators A team leader shouted.

\"Then Don't! We don't need the docks, leave them be, help the rest at the city center. We have troubles to capture it.\" Another A-team leader shouted back.

A loud horn blew through the city, causing most of the soldiers to retreat back. This left the players perplexed. The enemy was retreating but to where?

Soon came the sound of hooves, and behind the players from the broken gate, tens of thousands of riders came charging. Every single one of the riders was an Elite Knight.

\"We're being flanked!\" Demetri shouted!

\"Fuck, get the mercs to hold them off! Jeffery, if shit hits the fan, Bomb them!\"

\"Roger!\" Jeffery replied and activated his Mecha Skill. Transforming into an enormous steel humanoid.

The Mecha's size was bigger than the buildings around it, giving him a clear shot of anything that moved.

Jeffery loaded his guns and began shooting hails of bullets that bore through the horses, causing the riders at the front to fall, and the ones behind them either to slip and fall or to trample their own allies, leaving them dead or dying in their wake.

The mercenary forces retreated and began shooting spells at the incoming riders. Mines and traps were placed in haste, as they prepared for the impact.

Tanks used their shields to hold the charge, casters, and archers shot volleys of arrows and spells. While supporting class buffed their allies to hold the front.

The crash came soon, proving beneficial to the riders. Even with the great shields of the Tanks, a rider's charge had enough momentum to throw the players off, causing knockback effect.

The riders tore through the weak and hastily made ranks and began a massacre.

It was obvious that the Qin Elites were winning this trade-off, as players died left and right.

\"Jef!\" Demetri shouted.

\"Fuck, I'm on it!\" he said.

Jeffery's Mecha opened its chest area. From within the robot's chest came a spherical metallic ball. The Mecha grabbed it and threw it forward toward the Qin warriors.3

\"Brace for impact!\" Jeffery shouted.

Almost immediately, all the players ducked down, even the ones that were fighting. Though they gave the enemy ample opportunity to kill them, what would come next was going to be much worse.

Seconds later, a soundless explosion echoed. It was of course not mute, but the sound was so loud it surpassed the sonic speeds.

A shockwave blasted through the entirety of the Qin Capital, causing the hundreds of damaged buildings to crumble to dust while those that were intact bore cracks and signs of massive damage.

A shroom cloud rose up in the distance where the Qin army was. It didn't take much time for the dust to fade away as a strong wind gale pushed it away.

What remained of the Qin army was nothing but ash and molten armor.

\"Good shot!\"

\"Yeah, fucking sucks that it doesn't give EXP! I would have been max level by now!\" Jeffery cursed.

\"That skill is unfair if it gave EXP you'd be the game's most broken player.\" Warlord replied.

\"Everyone, regroup, shit's about to go down\" Valentine called.

\"Why, what's happening?\" Warlord asked he had just arrived at the palace gate where he saw the Elite soldiers that Satan Slayer was talking about.

\"Four Boss Class Elites showed up, I think these are army generals,\" Valentine said.


\"Right in the middle of the city, they're not moving, but whenever one of our players move toward them, they execute them,\" Valentine said.

\"Shit, share their Status Screen, Warlord said.

\"That's the problem, they cannot be inspected, I never had this problem before,\" Valentine said.\"

\"Doesn't matter,\" Mercy said.

\"Why? Those four generals are cutting off our army we need the rest of the players to take out the elites at the palace gates.

\"Not really, that broken skill was actually useful,\" Mercy said, \"It cut off the power supply of the True Sight lamps, I can get into the palace now.\"

\"Yes! Finally, luck is smiling my way, go, take the King out, then those generals will be useless!\" Warlord urged.

\"On it,\" Mercy said and hung up.