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415 Waiting for the Perfect Opportunity

 "Pull yourself together!" Warlord roared at the pyromancer.

"Sorry guild master, I can't control myself!" the pyromancer cried out. He was shooting out all of his skills at his own allies. Creating chaos within their ranks.

"Calm down, it's the boss's skill," Valentine said. "I'll take care of this!" he added.

Suddenly, Valentine's own body began bubbling and metamorphosing. His legacy skill was the Metamorphosing man. Gaining him enormous vitality and adaptability at the cost of damage. But as a guardian, his sole purpose was to safeguard his allies and make his enemies focus fire on him.

Valentine applied his legacy skill onto his shield, making it into an enormous shield that blocked the fireballs and torrents shot toward the party members.

While Valentine and the rest of the players were distracted by the sudden 'betrayal,' the Guk-Drasiel had already reformed his body, and it was regenerating his HP at a fast pace.

"Warlord, take care of the boss," Valentine spoke up.

"Slayer, with me," Warlord spoke up, he turned and ran to the boss's flank, dodging his swings with professional ease. Satan Slayer pulled out his spear and shot it forward, propelling himself and the spear like a comet.

The powerful attack created red surging heat waves that made space itself fluctuate.

The giant tree man couldn't dodge due to his massive size and received the spear that penetrated right through his knee cap. The tree man groaned, roaring in pain as it fell to the ground.

Yet, it didn't just lay down, waiting to be killed, it smashed its fist into the ground, both supporting himself back up until his leg would regenerate, and at the same time, creating massive roots riddled in sharp thorns that burst out from underground, trapping Satan Slayer into a deadly embrace.

Warlord had just stood in position, behind the Guk-Drasiel. He held his ax with both hands and swung down. A gigantic armored man appeared behind him. The size and immensity of such a creature were too great for the eye to take in its entirety.

The avatar held a battle-ax quite similar to Warlord, only this one had more runic carvings and had a godly golden aura surrounding it.

The ax fell down, crushing the tree monster and shaving of an enormous portion of its HP.

"What the fuck?" Dave groaned; this is a way too broken man." Dave complained to his undead.

He believed that his legacy was already powerful, but seeing the firepower of Warlord's own legacy changed his mind entirely.

But it was only natural, Dave's legacy was focused upon controlling massive numbers of undead and reviving them to his cause, it was a leader's legacy to control minions to achieve victory. But Warlord's own legacy was specific for war. His firepower was enough to compare to an army, and the continuous devastating blows it could release had given Warlord his title of the strongest in the game.

That is of course before Mr. Skeletal rose to fame. Now feeling threatened, Warlord didn't hold his punches. And decided against holding his cards. He was willing to risk it all to go back to being number one.

"Should we interfere, my lord. The tree creature is suffering much. If it falls to their hands, we will have a hard time obtaining the final Node." The tengu spoke up.

"Not right now," Dave's eyes were focused now on the pyromancer, the party was mostly defending from his attacks and focused their fire on the tree monster. Due to this, the parasite didn't have a chance to spread.

"We need to kill the pyromancer," Dave said.

"I can do that," Singund slammed his fist into his palm.

"No, it's still early. If we're spotted our plan will go awry." Dave said.

As he was looking, the pyromancer shouted, "Shit, GO AWAY!"

Warlord's eyes widened, "STOP!"

Dave was distraught, he didn't' understand what was going on. The pyromancer's own body began burning.

"He's self-destructing!" Valentine shouted and ran away, "EVERYONE BACK OFF!"

Dave finally realized what was going on. One of the Fire Masters class skills is Self-Destruction. Causing massive damage to all enemies in a wide area at the cost of the user's own life. A tactic used in wars to eliminate as many enemies as one could.

The skill had only one positive side-effect. That once used, and the caster manages to kill one of his enemies. They will not lose their level or be sent to Limbo. But if the caster fails to kill his foe. It's instant death and everything will proceed like a normal player death.

The party moved as far away from the self-destructing pyromancer. The slowest of the party were the two priests that were in the backline along with the pyromancer.

"Shit, Lord of the Divine Light, grant us your blessing!" one of the priests shouted. Creating a sphere that covered him and the other priest from the explosion.

The fire blew up, creating massive heatwaves that shot through the pillar formations and scorching the greenery that was surrounding the area.

The heatwave thankfully stopped a few feet away from Dave's location. So he was still invisible to the party.

As for the rest of the party, they were unharmed. All thanks to Valentine. As he had enlarged his arms to match those of the godly being that Warlord had summoned. He then used the arms to safeguard the rest of the party from the explosive damage.

"Is everyone alright?" Valentine asked.

"Yeah, we're good," came the group's response.

"Fuck," one of the priests muttered.

Turning, Warlord noticed two enormous leeches digging into both of the priest's necks.

Due to the death of the pyromancer, the parasite had doubled in number and had jumped into the body of the two closest persons. And now, the party was left without any healing.

What made matters worse. One of the priests began waving his staff. Creating divine golden light and aimed it at the boss.

The Guk-Drasiel's almost cadaverous statue began changing. The light increased the rate of his regeneration, and it began reconstructing itself at a much faster pace.

"Fuck, he got both the priests." The assassin showed up from nowhere cursing. His dagger was at the ready.

"Guildmaster, should I take them out?" He asked.

"That will only cause the parasites to spread further.

"We can't win with the boss having two healers!" Satan Slayer said.

"Nor can we win if we end up facing four of our allies," Valentine said. "Let's burst it down."

"I'm all out of powerful Skills, this fight will be taking a long time," Warlord added.

Satan Slayer dodged one of the boss's attacks and shouted. "Stop arguing, and do something I can't hold him down anymore!"

The boss shouted and shook his head. The corpse flower atop it began releasing glowing purplish spheres. The small spheres spread wide and began covering a large swath of the area.

"Don't inhale these," Valentine spoke up and moved away from the spores.

The party moved away, regrouping and thinking up of a new plan. While the priests continuously healed the boss.

"There is nothing we can do right now, I say we wait until they're out of mana then we re-engage." Satan Slayer said.

"Right, I'll take over the front. Without healing, I'll be having a lot of trouble handling this thing. So you guys will have to swap with me regularly," Valentine said.

"Right, go. We'll back you up," Warlord gave the order.

Valentine nodded and turned to the boss, he began increasing the size of his body to match that of the boss.

"Great, this is going better than expected," Dave grinned.

"But Lord, those holy men are dangerous to us," the tengu said.

The holy element was the strongest counter to the undeath nature.

"Yes, I know but this is good. The more they struggle, the better it is for us. They'll exhaust their Skills, their stamina and their power to take down the boss." Dave said.

The high Orc snorted, "Those soft skins are too weak, they'll never win like this."

"No Singund, these are the best of the best. There is no way they won't win. I trust their capabilities." Dave said.

"I wonder why you are complementing your enemies," the Tengu asked.

"One must respect his foe, and I know how strong these guys are. They can win, but they won't win. I won't let them," Dave's grin widened large enough for all of his teeth to show up.

His hand was casually stroking his beard...