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413 Unwanted Company

 Dave and his undead companions moved through the tall brushes of the Drow Kingdom. Their movements were subtle as they tried to move in as much discretion as they could.

The Drows were hostile and extremely territorial. As Dave had understood they were tribes that banded together and served the Ash King, unwilling to let anyone trespass their stronghold.

The giant forest of pillar formations and thick trees was easy to use in hiding and moving stealthily, but as Dave could do so, so could the Drows, they could have already spotted the conspicuous undead, while the latter had not seen any of them.

But, this would have only been possible if Singund was not with the party, the massive High-Orc had a keen sense of smell that he could sniff out any of these dark elves no matter how far, or how powerfully they used their hiding and sneaking arts. Nothing could escape the nostrils of the undead orc.

The undead in question suddenly halted and his nose twitched several times then it stopped. Suddenly, the orc turned and threw his flamberge as powerfully as his bulging orcish muscles could throw. The weapon spun like a top as it moved at blinding speeds toward a bush in the vicinity.

A moment later, a loud thud echoed through the vicinity of the party, and seconds later a high pitched scream followed.

"We have company," snorted Singund.

"Boyz ready up!" Dave called the undead to formation. Spark took the rear and began conjuring infernal fireballs of all sizes and colors.

The Tengu flew low, his eyes gazing through the shadows of the forest while his hand was resting comfortably on the hilt of his Katana.

Dog patted his basilisk, and crackled his Bone Whip, turning it into its whip form. While Singund roared out, "To BATTLE!" his bellow caused the tree leaves to shudder, and whomever hid within their shade to shake in fear.

The High-Orc charged first into the trees, his objective was to retrieve his Death Knight Flamberge.

"Spark, smoke them out;" Dave gave the order.

The red robed undead waved his hand, causing the colorful fireballs to shoot forward and blast through trees and rocks. Red Orbs of fire set the trees aflame, while green orbs of fire melted rocks and stone. Purple fireballs caused the trees to burn and visibly wither as they burnet, releasing a purple poisonous smoke. Each colored fireball had a different secondary effect besides its burning effect.

"You became stronger Spark," Dave complimented his undead.

"It is all thanks to Lord Tengu's Soul Enlightenment sessions." Spark replied.

"That sounds neat, Tengu, mind showing me how you did that?" Dave asked pointing at his undead.

The tengu looked down from mid air, and slowly spoke, "I can show you later, Lord Lich, for now, we battle. Our foe is numerous and they come at us in haste and in power, lest we want to be overrun, we should focus on the upcoming conflict."

"Right, right, Singund, you got your sword yet?"

A roar echoed from within the shadowy forest as Singund emerged, his armor half covered in blood. Red blood.

"Aye! And with a prize to top it!" Singund barbarically raised his flamberge. The head of a shocked and terrified Drow was impaled on the tip of the sword. Gore and blood dripped and fell from the torn neck.

"Damn, that was too graphic," Dave shook his head.

"More enemies are advancing to your location, Lord Lich, allow my contribution in joining you in this battle."

The tengu spoke then began moving his hands, creating complex symbols and ninja seals. This was the skill Dave had learned, [Dragon Ball], and now the Tengu's own spell was much more powerful than the one Dave had obtained it. Now, dozens of Fireballs emerged in mid air as did a storm of fire that gathered in an enormous swirl under the tengu's hovering body.

"Burn to ash, dwellers of the dark kingdom," The Tengu uttered and the spell unleashed itself upon the incoming numbers of Drows.

The fireballs sought the Drows like guided missiles. Their screams rose high then quieted to whimpers as their burning bodies collapsed one after the other on the forest floor.

"Your Lordship, more of these dark ones are coming, we should change our location," The tengu's words did not interrupt his guiding of the fireballs and his control over the firestorm that burnt trees, rocks and flesh to ash.

"We're wining the battle, let's keep the charge," Dave said as he slew one more drow.

"The incoming numbers are more than we can take, I note at least a thousand. Our location has been discovered by the whole Kingdom as it seems."

Dave stopped and thought things through, he already has two Nodes of Damlacaous, and if he stalled or waited until the Devastators manage to obtain the Node of Life, he will have nothing but trouble in trying to obtain it from them.

"Right, the Tengu's right, let's move from here. Singund where did you say you caught the smell of flowers?"

"From this side," the orc pointed his bloodied flamberge to a location.

"That's where all the Dark ones are coming from," The tengu replied.

Dave thought for a moment then said, "We'll have to break through them then, everyone stay behind me." Dave called.

His basilisk led the front as the rest of the mounted undead followed behind Dave.

"Forward!" Dave called and the five undead moved dauntlessly ahead. The trees broke as the Grumpy charged straight through them, the giant onyx basilisk never cared for obstacles, as whatever it was, as long as it was smaller than a boulder the size of the Basilisk itself, would crumble when Grumpy charged through it.

The rest of Dave's party followed close behind, their pace increasing to match that of the leading reptile.

"Dark ones ahead!" The tengu called and shot two fireballs at the front of the incoming Drows.

Three dark elves wearing leather armor emerged from hiding, their spears pointed to stab the basilisk.

The two fireballs that the tengu shot, crashed into two of the Drows, blasting them into burning flesh. While the last one, Dave had to take care of it on his own.

Dave didn't bother using any fancy skill, or even dodge. He drew the Cursed Sword of Durandal, and threw it forward with as much power as his undead muscles could garner.

The sword shot forward like a bolt, the speed, power and velocity, too great for the Drow to dodge in time.

The sword tore through the Dark elf with sickening ease. Its mass and the power behind it was too great, that it didn't even move the Drow, but blasted from one side of its body and emerged from the other side.

It seems that the warrior had yet to register that his torso had a hole the size of a basketball, and in his stunned stupor, Grumpy crushed him under his six legs, ending his already dying self instantly.

"More are coming," the Tengu reminded.

"Let me at them!" Dave said. His hands blurred into ninja seals. Creating forty eight ethereal but infernal dragon skulls that hovered in front and above him.

He pointed his hand forward and spoke, "Bore through them!"

Dave's command was instantly answered, the fire skulls smashed into rocks, even in their ethereal form, they somehow gained mass as they blasted rocks that were in their ways to pebbles.

They bit through the Drows, and burning them, and crushing their bones with their mighty powerful fangs. The hundreds of Drows reared back from the fire, but they still assaulted the party from afar with arrows or javelins.

Dave's dragon skulls were enough to tear a clear path through the Drows, but they couldn't keep all the arrows from reaching them.

However, that is why one has a party. Dog, the Dullahan crackled his whip and began whirling it. The vertebrae made whip, miraculously elongated itself in Dog's hand. It gained a greater length, and it began smashing and breaking through the incoming projectiles, protecting the rest of the party from one of its flanks.

Spark didn't want to be outdone. He waved his hands creating fire whips that hoverd around him. He was mimicking Dog's mastery, lashing away arrows and javelins. Though the fire whips were less longer than Dog's Bone-Whipe, they compensated by their number. The were able to cover a wider space, holding off the projectiles from the other side.

"Great job guys! Keep going!" Dave called once again, his skill finding free reign now that it no longer needed to worry about the party being attacked.

And to add more fuel to the fire, Dave enabled his Aura, [Infernal Tyrant's Oppression] flared out like a flock of flame. Then burnet high and mighty, creating a hot air balloon sized human skull that looked down upon all creation.

The fear effect, now Horror Effect associated with the skill triggered. Causing the elves to run away in crazed fright. These undead were like the riders of the apocalypse, bringing Death, Carnage and war upon them. Those who stood in their way were slaughtered, and those who ran would live on to remember this fearsome day for ages to come.

The group of five tore through the Drows and managed to make distance. As most of them had decided to give up the chase.

"Your lordship, they have reassembled and are now heading to the north." The tengu called as he was hovering in mid air. He was in charge of recon. And gave Dave crucial data to maneuver into the forest heading toward the Boss's Location.

"Why North?" Dave asked.

"I do not know, but I believe that they must have found the other group." The Tengu added as he flew low and came toward the party.

"Good then, if they kill them, it won't be on me. Now where is this damnned boss?" Dave spoke.

And just as he finished his words, a loud crash echoed through the forest. The sound of it, was strong enough to shake the ground under the mounts

"The hell was that?" Dave questioned. And he was once again immediately answered. Thorny vines emerged from not so far away from the party, and whipped at a stone pillar, causing the entire thing to crash and crumble, sending another miniature earthquake running under the party.

"There's a fight, the nauseating smell of flowers is coming from there, so does the smell of those soft skins." Singund gave his piece.

"Oh, then that means it's time to make an appearance, I bet Warlord will be thrilled to see me there when he is in a decisive fight against a raid boss," Dave spoke, his classic Draugr smirk painted proudly over his jaws.