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409 Surrounded

 The massive juggernaut sprinted forward, unrelenting, every step breaking and reducing the ground to dust powder. He proceeded to swing his gigantic stone on the battlefield, crushing all those who stood before him into a gooey paste of blood and meat showing off why his weapon was best known as the 'Paste Maker'.

His ear bursting roars made even the stale corrupted blood inside the Undead's bodies start to boil. They followed behind the gigantic Berserker with a madness previously unseen in the Legion. Drahma's rage proved contagious, and his might brought a powerful surge of power and energy to the Undead. They might not have the ability to fear but the same could not be said about the normal soldiers who began shaking on Qin's side.

"Guys, don't hold back with your Legacies!" Dave shouted, and as to lead by example, he snapped his fingers.

The Undeath God's guitar slammed down into the ground, sending enormous rippling waves of dark energy that spread all over the area.

The first clash between the Qin Army and the Dave's Undead Legion proved fatal to the front ranks. Many were crushed under the weight and momentum of their brethren or their enemies. Thanks to the added factor of the divine guitar the Undead were able to act with even more resilience and bravado.

They launched themselves over the front skirmish, vaulting over enemies and allies to fall into the ranks of the Qin Army.

"Let's get this party started!" Jeffery loaded his weapons. He was ready in his Mecha-suit and his guns were firing nonstop. His targets, the flying wyverns had appeared in a formation, threatening to establish air superiority for Qin's side.

As a one man army the Hunter had his work cut out for him. Fortunately he had just the right equipment for the job. The plasma cannons were powerful enough that even if the riders succeeded in dodging the highly accurate shot, the wind behind the plasma bullet would send the flying mount into an uncontrolled deadly spin.

Lone Arrow also activated her Legacy. She had managed to complete the rest of the Quest on her own. Now seemed like the perfect time to use it. Without hesitating for even a moment, she immediately used her most powerful skill summoning an Avatar of the Ice Queen.

The beauty made of ice materialized behind Lone Arrow. The royal figure waved her hand, creating hundreds of ice shards that floated above and around Lone Arrow. The shards were bound to Lone's will, able to distinguish between ally and foe, and shot toward the Qin Soldiers. Each hit turned their weapons brittle, freezing their bodies and piercing through their chests as they went.

Ralph's Legacy was still incomplete, but his swordsmanship visibly improved as he fought on. His sword found purchase with every swing, dealing massive damage to the Qin Soldiers he fought. His weapon would pierce, slash and cut at the enemy vitals. Those who did not outright die, were left dying in his wake.

Human Fortress tanked three Elite Soldiers on his own while his girlfriend prepared her spell. Soon Tess began wreaking havoc upon the soldiers, her mighty Red Magic creating controlled explosions in their ranks. It made the Qin Soldiers stumble, fall and those unfortunate enough to be in the center of it simply perished. The Undead used this chance to walk and move about unhindered, further increasing their deadliness.

The ballistae on the walls hadn't stopped for even a moment. Their threat level rose high enough to garner Dave's attention. If nothing was done the ballistae it was just a matter of time before they would mow down a great many of the Undead.

"Dunlords! Underground now!" Dave commanded.

The Dunlords dove deeper into the ground, creating waves of dirt and rocks as they moved. They were moving in a straight line, directly underneath the Qin Soldiers and Undead allies. The Undead had long since been prepared for the coming of the earth waves and had braced themselves accordingly, but the unaware Qin Soldiers hadn't noticed their incoming doom in the chaos of battle.

The term 'a soldier has fallen' had always been synonymous with the person in question dying. And in war, if a soldier trips and falls, it would cut down their chances of survival enormously.

Thus, this simple strategy had caused a massive number of Qin Soldiers to topple to the ground turning them into easy prey for the Undead Soldiers.

The skirmish appeared to favor Dave's Undead and his party for now. The damage Drahma was causing, the massive full-on assault was surprising and hard to deal with. ... Yet so far, Dave had not seen or noticed the presence of any enemy general to lead or change the battle.

This was a major cause for worry, but he would not wait until the enemy troops reorganized themselves to fight back. He would take whatever was given to him, and right now, the lives of the Qin Soldiers were just what he wanted.

It was a pity that the plans of men couldn't compare to the plans of the heavens. A horn sounded from the rear of the battle and to Dave's misery, behind his army, another army was arriving. More Qin forces would soon join the fray, probably reinforcements from the other cities Dave had decided to forego.

"Shit, guys... They have us surrounded." Dave called in their voice chat. His sword never ceased its attacks.

"We can see that! What are we going to do?!" Flanker shouted back.

"I hate to admit it, but our best option is to retreat," Dave answered unwillingly.

"Really? After all this? We'll just go back?" Jeffery asked.

"Well, I assume none of us is too keen about visiting Limbo. Besides, our main objective hasn't necessarily been about conquering the East. I'm not strong enough for that. At least not right now. This is just payback for some bullcrap they pulled on us." Dave sighed.

"Right, that's all good and dandy, but there still remains one huge problem. How do you propose that we retreat? A simple sorry won't cut it. After all, we did, they won't just let you or us go!" Mercy interjected.

"Let's first deal them some damage. Afterward, hurry on over to me. I'll use Tiny to get us out!"

"What about your Undead?" Tess asked.

"Don't worry about them, I'll revive them once I'm back to the Dead Realm," Dave replied.

He then stomped his foot as hard as he could on the ground, creating dark clouds over the battlefield. The clouds synergized well with Dave's currently active Legacy Skill. Following a hunch, Dave used [Draconic Infernal Skulls].

The regular draconic heads got further empowered by the Legacy. Just like the time [Spectral Skulls] got changed into warring skeletons, this time Dave's skill created dragons, full infernal dragons, and 48 of them at once.

The dragons roared out, soaring above the battlefield. The fire they released was enough to turn the area of battle into an inferno.

"Oh... I guess we'll deal more than just a bit of damage!" Dave was happy to say.

Then he let loose the fire dragons.