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404 Dont Mess With The Storm

 "I don't have time to waste, I have more important things to do," Warlord folded and left the area with Valentine in hand.

Leaving Blaster, and Dave in the middle of the city square.

The players were still flabbergasted as they were gawking at how the Undead Kis'Shtiengbrah treated the entire affair. Dave on the other hand shrugged, and turned to Blaster," So, where's Jeffery?"

"Here!" came the sound of a player among the group of spectators.

Turning, Dave saw a short guy clad in standard Hunter armor, he wielded a small bow behind his back and wore a brown coat that reached down to his feet. If the player would link the edges of the coat, it would cover him completely.

"Good to see you, Jeff." Dave nodded.

"G-good to see you too, Mr. Skeletal," the player greeted him back, stuttering while he was at it.

"Relax I don't bite. At least not those on my side. So you think you are ready for adventure time with Mr. Skeletal?" Dave asked.

"Yeah of course," the player replied happily.

"Right," Dave approached the player and said in a hushed tone, "How about we make a flashy exit?"

The player didn't understand what Dave meant, so he shrugged saying, "Whatever Skelly wants."

"You're gonna dig this then. Tiny," Dave called and the small slime emerged from his side bag.

The players around Dave wondered what was the purpose of the small black slime, some even debated that it was one of Skelly's own pets.

"Take us high," Dave said.

The slime shuddered and began enlarging, enough that many players shrieked in fright and backed away, running, sprinting and some even fell to the ground.

Tiny's growth caused mass-panic, some of the players unaware of Kis'Shtiengbrah' arrival to Icathia had wondered when they saw the Grave Lord if maybe one of the dragons had somehow found a way to attack one of the safe cities.

Tiny hadn't reached his maximum growth size before Dave ordered it to stop growing, otherwise, it would start causing damage to the buildings.

Dave then handed his hand over to Jeff and said, " Grab on."

Jeffery was still too stunned to notice Dave's call until the Undead called again. The Hunter hastily grabbed onto Dave's hand. And to his surprise, the Undead hurled him over and onto the dragon's back.

Dave jumped after Jeffery, making the jump in one try, "Tiny, East!"

"Oi, what about me, man!" Blaster shouted.

Dave sent a private message to Blaster, "Use your scroll, I can't take Jeffery to Urburg. There should be a few Dunlords there though, take one and ride on to the East, I'll pick you up when I fly over you."

"Okay," Ralph replied. Making the spectators understand that Kis'Shtiengbrah had sent him a message for his ears alone.

Dave nodded and called, "Ride the clouds, Tiny!"

The Grave Lord roared and began stepping through space. With every step, his body uncoiled and elongated, further distancing himself from Icathia and reaching up to the skies.

Jeffery's face whitened as he noticed that the safety of the ground was getting further and further away from him.

Dave noticed the frightened look on Jeffery's face and laughed, "Don't worry, Tiny won't let you fall."

Tiny roared once again and moved at a much faster pace. Carving a path through the clouds moving at faster and faster speeds.

Dave was not interested in making the trip from the Western Kingdom to the East. It would have easily taken dozens of hours even on Tiny's back. Conquest was that large. The fact that he used Tiny to ride out of the city was mainly to further cement his untouchable status and the mystery around the Undead Kis'Shtiengbrah's character.

Once they were at a safe and far away distance, Dave was going to ask Jeffery that the both of them use a Teleportation Scroll to Moria, and then he would use Tiny to ride to the East, purposefully making a more roundabout way to not have Urburg insight.

Dave still needed to keep Urburg away from player notice. And Jeffery was not someone he would trust based on first impressions or first meeting. Something he had realized a bit too late, but thankfully the one he trusted in his earliest adventures was Lone, and she turned out just fine. (Eat that, Lone-Arrow haters!)

But man plans and God laughs.

The skies above Dave thundered, as clouds gathered from nowhere. A roar far too primal, too primordial for Dave's ears boomed with intense hatred and antagonism.

Dave shuddered as he looked up, the skies had eyes.

"The fuck is going on?!" Jeffery shouted.

"I guess we have company," Dave let off a stressed laugh.

But to Jeffery's eyes, what Dave believed a stressed laugh, was a laugh of a hero against the odds. If Dave had turned to see Jeffery's eyes, he would notice them sparkling in admiration.

The roar echoed this time in audible words, "Accursed Undead! Dare Thee slay one of our own! Prepare to face a might unseen upon these lands before!"

The white enormous eyes shrunk and revealed behind them a chrome-colored dragon. Lightning sparked across from its body as it flew right above Dave.

Tiny stopped moving and looked up. Dave wondered why the Grave Lord did this, and so Tiny's thoughts had popped into Dave's mind like a small bubble message. The grave lord apparently was interested in how this dragon would taste. And Dave had to suppress a chuckle, probably an electrifying taste.

"Is this why you called me bro? I can't use my Mecha all the way up here man." Jeffery said.

"Oh, Nah your Mecha is for something more important," Dave replied while keeping his eyes focused fully on the dragon.

Jeffery had to suppress the urge to shout back at Dave. As for the Hunter, what would be more important than this Lightning Dragon! That was threatening their survival.

"What's the matter with you, lizard, you have some beef with me or something?" Dave asked.

"L-Lizard?! The might of the thunderous heavens named a lizard?! You shall see my wrath, mortal!"

"In case you didn't notice, bruh, I'm Undead." Dave shrugged, then inspected his foe.


Joundar, Storm Bringer

Tier: Mythic

Base damage: 350,000-490,000

Danger Level: ☠☠

HP: 100,000,000

PD: 300,000

MD: 400,000


Thunder Storm: Calls upon the might of thunder and lightning, bringing a permanent storm that strikes its foes with occasional lightning strikes that cannot be dodged.

Each Lighting strike deals 0.5% of the target's maximum health and causes five (5) seconds Paralysis.

Sonic Boom: Flays the sound barrier with a powerful lighting strike, causes the receiver of the attack to suffer from a five (5) seconds disorientation.

Dragon Claw: Deals 200% of the dragon's base damage in lighting damage. Causes a five (5) seconds paralysis.

Dragon Breath: Fires a continuous torrent of electricity for 30 seconds at a target that deals with 2% of the target's maximum health per second. The electric breath causes paralysis and upon continuous exposure causes overheating and reduces weapon and armor durability.


Joundar, Storm Bringer, is the descendant of the dragon that had been created when the world had made its first rotation. The dragon of the storm is a powerful entity that is abnormally fast and powerful, his aggressiveness is to be feared as many cannot sustain the wrath of a storm. It has been known that Joundar had not many foes he could fear, but some dragons that were much more powerful to him, or beings that didn't fear the storm. Joundar has always claimed reign over the power of the storm, claiming that none but he could rule the power of such a natural catastrophe.


"Oh, cool lore," Dave said, "I wonder what Fujin and Raijin would say about this. I mean, they're the Storm Brothers you know, Lighting and Thunder incarnate," Dave said as he drew his sword and shield.

The anger in Joundar's expression faded, and Dave had for the life of him never seen a dragon that could change expression as vividly as Joundar just did at the mention of Raijin and Fujin.

"Y-you said, Raijin and F-Fujin... H-how do you know such names?" the dragon asked, failing in hiding the fear in his eyes.

Dave caught on to the hint and smiled, "I kinda killed their master and he is now my servant."

The dragon's fear disappeared immediately, turned to immense hatred and wrath," Such insolent! Lies upon lies! Undead prepare to meet your maker! Dare claim slaying the Master of the Storm!"

The dragon's gullet began bloating, it was preparing to shoot its most powerful skill at the start of the battle, Dave couldn't let it do that.

"What do we do?" Jeffery said, the tameness in his voice completely changed to seriousness.

Dave smiled, 'this guy is good.'

"Tengu, come on up," Dave called.

A swirl of dark aura materialized right next to Dave, and from it the long-nosed sword master appeared. His wings flapped to keep him aloft while it spoke, "What is it that you wish me to do, your lordship?"

Before Dave could answer, the dragon that was still preparing to shoot out his dragon breath choked, letting out a yelp as lightning discharged out of its maw.

The chrome dragon began coughing, with every cough the sound barrier broke, letting out a disorienting wave through the sky.

Dave's surprise was the only thing stopping him from laughing at the dragon's misery.

"Huh, you're out?" the Tengu spoke, addressing the dragon.

"L-lord Tengu, Cough, em, greetings," the dragon said.

"When did you come out? You have vowed not to appear in this world, have you not?"

"Em, you see, some matters happened..." the dragon stuttered to explain.

Dave's surprise at the dragon's change of tone and speech was as comparable to his surprise at how the dragon was addressing the much lower-leveled Tengu with respect.

"What's going on here?" Jeffery asked.

"Beats me," Dave shrugged, curious to see what would happen next.

"I suppose what the Lich had said was true," the dragon eventually uttered after a heady long pause.

"I have no knowledge of what my lord had said to you, but if he spoke, he speaks true, have you claimed him a liar?" the tengu said.

The dragon didn't reply.

"My lord," the Tengu said, "Do you wish me to have this dragon punished?" the Tengu asked.

Dave's brows rose up, how in the hell can you do that?

And even without voicing his words, the Tengu understood what Dave had in mind.

"Kids, come on out," The tengu said.

The moment he spoke, the world began distorting. To the left and right of Tiny's massive size, were even more imposing creatures. Shaped like an Exordia, and standing on nothing but air.

Raijin, the god of lightning, and Fujin, the god of wind. Two creatures that have haunted Dave's nightmares, beings of such immense power, that Dave could easily claim them much more powerful than the Undead King and the Ash-King stood right next to him.

However, this time, their name-tags were not red, but a bright friendly green.

"P-please lord Tengu, I had no intention of doing harm to one of your people," the dragon said, backing away from the imposing creatures that have appeared.

"Then how about you do this old man a favor and scram out of here," the Tengu shouted.

"As you command!" the dragon turned tail and flew in the distance, disappearing between the clouds of the storm.

Dave's surprise matched Jeffery, as they both looked at each other then back at the Tengu.

"Isn't this kinda dangerous?" Dave said pointing at the two non-moving creatures.

The Tengu laughed and snapped his fingers, causing Fujin and Raijin to dissipate into nothingness.

"Tis but a soul-magic. I created a memory from my mind and projected it into the world. It was enough to scare this dragon witless. If Raijin and Fujin were here..." the Tengu didn't need to finish his words as Dave finished it for him.

"They'd start with me, wouldn't they?" Dave said.

"Yes, they can hold a grudge you know," the Tengu laughed.

"Ah, man, that's a blunder I'll have to take care of it sooner or later." Dave shook his head.

The Tengu laughed, "So, Lord, do you still require my assistance?"

"Nah, but tell me, has there been any movement on the enemy's side?" Dave asked.

"The status remains almost the same, but we have noticed a few enemy soldiers joining the ranks of those at the gate. The Qin Army is doing its best to fortify the assaulted cities. If not for the fact that many of the Dungeons have had outbreaks, the whole Qin Army wouldn't be caught up in defending its territory and would have razed yours to the ground." The tengu said.

"Right, we need to get there then."

"What is he talking about, Skelly?" Jeffery said.

"Ah, I forgot I didn't even tell you; I'm raiding the East."

"You? I mean no disrespect, Skelly, but last time I saw you back when the first raid on the East had begun, you had just a little over two thousand soldiers, that's nothing more than a powerful brigade. So, let me ask you, you want to raid the East, you and what army?" Jeffery said.

Dave laughed, "I'm about to show you, kid, it's me and my Undead Army!"