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402 One Down, Three To Go

 The dragon-shaped Chosen One coiled around itself like a spring and shot forward like a bullet toward Dave.

Dave remembered that the fire dragon would burn him by just being close, so he immediately activated [Infernal Tyrant's Oppression], countering fire with fire.

A blast of fire roared out and spread from around Dave like a tidal wave of incinerating flames. The soil, trees, and greenery around the armored Undead burnt to ash, while an enormous black laughing skull appeared above Dave.

Dave held his shield forward, it opened up, absorbing the shock power behind the dragon's charge, and halted the entire thing suspended in the air.

The bearded Draugr grinned as he spoke, "[Reject]!"

Blasting back the dragon with his own power and shaking it to its bones.

Threatened and wounded, La-Blaire rethought his plan of attack. He coiled back, hovering in mid-air and stalking around Dave as he thought of a better way to attack the Undead.

Dave calmly gazed at the dragon, waiting for it to make its next move.

Suddenly Dave's in-game phone rang, it was Lone Arrow.

Dave took the call while he kept his eyes on the demonic dragon that was still waiting for a chance to attack.


"My god, one day, you'll burst my eardrums," Dave said wincing from Lone's high pitched voice.

"Tell me how you did it?!" Lone asked.

"Did what now? And hang on, shouldn't you be asleep?"

"Yeah, I just woke up, I saw you were playing and I didn't want to bother you," Lone replied.

"You're still at the apartment?" Dave asked.

"Yes, I'm currently watching you while you're laying down inside the capsule," Lone said in a low voice.

"That's just creepy," Dave shook his head, then he asked, "So, what did you mean by how I did what," Dave asked.

"Yeah, I was checking everyone's progress through the Clash of Gods event, and when I asked Mercy who she fought against, she said it was you and you won, she didn't want to tell me more than that."

"Uh, well, it was just some luck," Dave said.

"Right, the great Mr. Skeletal is always lucky," Lone said.

"Yeah, I got you, didn't I?."

"Smooth," Lone replied, a hint of laughter in her voice, then asked, "What are you doing right now?"

"Oh, the usual, fighting dragons and stuff," Dave said. his eyes were still glued at the dragon that was seemingly satisfied with hovering over him waiting for a chance to act.

"No way, another dragon? Sure you did cause the Dragon Age event, but aren't you way over your head in this?" she asked.

"Yeah, kinda, but I think I can kill it," Dave said.

"For real? Share with me the feed, I'll go online, I'd like to watch." Zoe said.

"Right, I'll send you the feed link to your phone," Dave said and shared with her the live streaming of his combat with the dragon.

"Oh, that thing looks like a giant noodle," Zoe said.

"Yeah, big, giant noodle made of fire," Dave said smirking.

"Can you win?" Zoe asked.

"Yep, I'm just waiting for the right moment, I can end this fight in one shot."

"You sound confident," Zoe said.

"You doubt me?" Dave laughed, "Oh the dragon is moving," Dave said and quieted down.

The dragon did, in fact, decide to move. It opened its mouth wide and began coalescing fire in front of its maw like an enormous fireball.

The fireball began rotating and growing larger and larger. Soon, there were two suns in the sky, and Dave was facing one of them. This skill reminded him of the [Dragon Breath] attack that the Dragon of Terror had used on him on so many occasions.

"Ah shit," Dave cursed.

"That's gonna hurt," Zoe commented.

"Yep," Dave replied with a grin, "But like I said, I have my ways," Dave said laughing.

The dragon, deciding that the fireball had grown wide and hot enough, snapped both jaws close. The fireball that was in front of the dragon descended like a small moon about to crush the world.

If the aura of [Infernal Tyrant's Oppression] surrounding Dave had burnt fifty meters of radius around him, the fire from the [Dragon Breath] was burning kilometers of it with ease.

The whole of the Wilds was going to suffer at the cost of these two's fight.

Yet, facing against this small descending sun, Dave was still grinning wide.

Even as his armor began to turn red, even as bits of his beard began wrinkling and burning, even as his own aura was being affected and distorted, Dave still kept a wide smile on his face as he looked at the descending fire.

And soon, he was engulfed.

Yet almost the same time the fireball had touched Dave, it had disappeared. Leaving a smiling draugr standing all alone in a large area of ash and dust. While the dragon staggered back in surprise. Apparently, the[Dragon Breath], the strongest Skill a Dragon could use had been rendered to nothingness by this Undead.

It was a feat not many would be able to mimic.

"What! What have you...done?" the dragon spoke for the first time.

"Nothing that I will tell you," Dave shrugged then added, "So, wanna try that again?"

The dragon, incensed, dove down toward Dave at a blaring speed.

Dave grinned, "Got him," He said.

"Got him? What are you planning?" Lone asked.

Dave didn't answer, he crouched down, then jumped up to face the incoming dragon.

La-Blair noticed the incoming Draugr and opened his maw wide. Planning on crushing the Undead between its razor-sharp teeth.

The dragon closed its maw with an audible snap that broke the sound barrier. However, something felt wrong, there was nothing inside the dragon's gullet.

"Hey Noodle, have you grown so senile you can't even see your own prey?" Dave said. He was hovering in mid-air, already in [Demonic Ascension].

The dragon roared and charged after Dave.

"What are you planning?" Lone asked.

"You'll see, I need to fulfill a few conditions for my next plan," Dave said laughing and flew away from the dragon.

He knew he wasn't fast enough to outrun the dragon, but he didn't need to run too far away.

"Found it," Dave said as he charged toward the river that crossed the Wilds.

The dragon realized that the Undead was trying to lure it into the river, but it wouldn't matter.

Dave flew above the river water while the dragon rapidly closed the gap between the two. When they were only a few hundred meters away from each other, Dave dove down into the river, forcing the dragon to do the same.

The heat from the dragon's body reacted against the cold water of the river, creating a steam explosion and massive fog curtain.


The explosion forced Dave out of the river and revealed the dragon without the flames surrounding it.

Dave looked wearily at the dragon. Waiting for it to make another move.

"You think that by dousing my fire, you could get rid of me? Too naïve!" La-Blair roared and charged at Dave again.

Dave noticed that the water had indeed extinguished the flames around the dragon, and it was now like any serpentine dragon, made of scales. But at the far end of its body, there were still bits of fire there and it would soon regain its former infernal self.

"Guess this is my only chance," Dave said and then charged ahead.

Dave discarded [Infernal Tyrant's Oppression], and waited for the dragon to open its mouth again in an attempt to grind Dave in between its jaws.

Once the dragon tried to engulf Dave again, the Undead pulled a small blue potion from his inventory, he smiled then used [Immortal Apparition].

La-Blair lost sight of the Undead. He looked around but couldn't see or find the Draugr.

"See ya in hell!" Dave shouted, his voice sounding from a location the dragon never thought anyone would dare be in. Right above its head.

Dave slammed his shield into the dragon's head and a notification appeared in front of him.


You have used [Reject] on the saved Legacy Skill [King Slayer] Stolen from player [Mercy].

You have fulfilled all conditions to use [King Slayer]

First Condition, Target must be royalty, leader or iconic figure. La-Blair is a Chosen of the Ash King.

Second Condition, Target must be attacked while he is distracted!

Third Condition, Target must have engaged the user in combat in the last 30 seconds.

Forth Condition, Target must be higher level than the user.

Fifth Condition, Target must be attacked while the user is under [Invisibility].

All conditions have been met! Legacy Skill [King Slayer] has Executed [La-Blair] Chosen of the Ash King!


The dragon didn't even move once Dave's shield slammed into it, it just fell down and dropped like an anvil toward the ground.

"What the flying fuck?!" Lone cursed.

Dave's ears threatened to burst once again.

"Zoe, easy on the cuss words, what's going on?" Dave asked.

"That's just not fair man, I mean what the hell? How did you use Mercy's skill?"

"Oh, this, yeah, she tried to kill me with it when we were fighting in the [Clash of Gods] I wanted to use it on her, give her a taste of her own medicine, but seems that I didn't need to," Dave said as he began sorting through the numerous notification screens appearing in front of him.

"No, no! I mean how did you use it? Okay, I can understand that you could manage the Skill with four of the conditions, but how did you manage [Invisibility?], you're not an Sssassin. Nor a Rogue Class, don't tell me your SS Legacy Skill is so broken you obtained an Invisibility Skill through it?"

Dave laughed and said, "Nah, nothing of the sort," he said and pulled up an empty potion bottle.

"Invisibility potion? That's a low-level item, oh wait...So the reason you pulled the dragon into the river..."

"Yea, to put out his fire," Dave said. "The dragon's fire would interfere with the [Invisibility] that this potion gives and the skill won't work. Anyway, this potion was actually the source of Mr. Skeletal's rise to fame, I owe much to it. And it has once again helped me in a Main Questline."

Dave said smiling, in front of him was a blinking notification.


You have slain The Chosen of the Ash King.

You have fulfilled one of the Royal Labors!


Level UP!

Level UP!


"Nice!" Dave made a fist.

"Oi! Don't forget the loot!" Zoe said.

"Yeah, I got some great goodies from La-Khabar, La-Blair is stronger, he should have even better drops," Dave said and went to the dragon's carcass.