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399 Didnt See That Coming

 La-Blaire's frustrated roar sounded from behind Dave like the explosion of a long-overdue volcano. Dave couldn't help but chuckle, it was only a fool's errand to fight that which one knew he couldn't beat.

Dave would simply ignore the Chosen One and escape. He didn't need to kill him right now, he could try some other time with the help of his friends, or when he had the upper hand and level.

The Draugr kept running, he wanted to make sure that the Chosen One had fully focused on chasing him, and he had to assure that when he was going to make a break for it and escape for real, his undead army would be too far away for La-Blaire to go back to and hunt.

Dave didn't doubt the ability of his Undead to halt or at least slowdown La-Blaire's movement if the Chosen One decides to ignore Dave and return to assault them. Many Death Knights would die to the Chosen One, but the majority of the army would still march ahead and destroy the cities of Qin.

And apparently, the Chosen One was also aware of that. Accepting or perhaps simply not caring about the inevitable losses he focused even more on chasing after Dave with all the might his inhuman strength could provide him.

The Chosen One caught up to Dave in no time, proving that demons were unfortunately much faster than the undead.

La-Blaire crouched on all four then sprang forward like a shooting star, the strength behind his limbs crushed the rocks and dirt that were under him to dust.

Dave turned to face the incoming La-Blaire, with the round shield of Ajax poised in front of him like one of the Three Hundred Spartans at the Hot Gates.

La-Blaire smashed into the shield, creating a deafening blast of sound. Yet the massive force of the Chosen One, capable of grounding stone to dust with a mere kick, had failed to push Dave even a foot from his position.

Dave grinned, and spoke calmly, "[Reject]"

Almost instantly, an explosive amount of power, awfully similar to the one the Demon had created when he smashed into Ajax, was reflected back onto him. La-Blaire's eyes widened in understanding, but he was too close to the Shield to properly block or dodge.

A hasty attempt at rolling to the side, caused the full brunt of the blast coming out of the void depths inside the Shield of Ajax to blast the Chosen One into a series of tumbles on the ground.

La-Blair kept tumbling and smashing into rocks and small trees until the back of his neck smashed hard into one of the largest trees of the area cracking the whole ancient tree in the middle.

La-Blaire fell limply and remained motionless on the ground. Dave had small hopes that the demon wouldn't wake up again. A small twitch of the creature's oddly bent hand had rudely awoken from his wishful thinking.

"Luckily, your neck broke your fall, otherwise you'd be dead for real," Dave threw in one last aggravating comment at the Demon who was struggling into regaining his muscular functions.

The Demon's neck must have snapped, causing him a temporal paralysis, but the Chosen Ones' regeneration was definitely on par with a cheat ability. La-Blaire was recovering from an injury that should have rendered anything immobile for life.

Dave turned and continued heading into a random direction. He had gained a good amount of time thanks to his Shield's ability, but he was sure that that wouldn't last for a long time.

Dave's feet were moving as fast as he could move them. Never Tire would make any marathon runner jealous... to bad those athletes were known for their endurance but not their speed. The same applied to the Undead, they may have gotten rid of the stamina consumption, but they were still limited to the physical abilities of their original bodies. They could break past the limits that were imposed on their formerly living bodies, but they couldn't surpass the limit by a lot.

A loud roar announced the imminent arrival of the Chosen One, Dave turned his head to see that La-Blair, no longer retained his humanoid form. In his current transformation, he looked like a boar with three sets of tusks emerging out of his long muzzle. The boar's eyes were red as blood and the rest of his body was releasing an infernal heat.

The current boar form had three sets of legs, increasing the already rapid La-Blair's speed to a higher level.

Dave cursed and jumped aside, dodging the boar's tusks by the skin of his teeth.


However, the mere fact that the magma-shaped boar passed by Dave caused the heat to increase tremendously. The draugr's left arm caught fire. To which he slapped the dirt until he put it out.

Dave was in a bad position, he couldn't fight the boar right now, the heat was making him burn with every exchange.

Then as if he had just recalled, he too was proficient in fire.

Dave unequipped the cursed weapon and shield, Ajax and Durandal and switched to the Sworn Stalwart Gauntlets.

He activated Aura and disabled the [Azure Water Rune] causing the chaos energy to break free and wreak havoc through his body in exchange for an infernal burst of power and strength.

Dave could sustain the -1% Hp he would lose every second as he activated the Chaos Runes on his body thanks to potions and the passive [Vigorous] that would heal him by 10% of his max HP every 10 minutes.

But the reason why he activated it was due to the relationship between the chaos energy and fire. They were very similar, and he hoped that the chaos energy would grant him a bit of succor from the heat coming out of the demonic boar.

When La-Blair turned to face Dave the undead was ready.

Dave stomped both feet on the ground securing his footing and leaned forward, both palms open and ready. He grit his teeth and waited until the charging boar was a few feet away, then he took a step forward and lunged for the boar's tusks.

La-Blair's momentum could have easily crushed Dave and he could have easily broke him. But the boar couldn't for the life of it, to understand why it was being flung in mid air then smashed into a tree.

Dave however, gambled that thanks to using [Herculean Strength] at the last second he would be able to overpower the boar... still this strength wouldn't last for long. Dave smashed his fists into the boar, the fire coming from its body didn't harm Dave anymore.

After pommeling the creature a few times, Dave turned and ran away. [Herculean Strength] had a mean side effect. It would cause Dave to enter a weakened state where he would only be in further disadvantage against the Chosen One.

Dave jumped in mid air then activated [Demonic Ascension].

The armor on his back deformed letting Dave's raven wings to sprout out. He took to the skies like a fire raven. Distancing himself from the demon. Yet as fate decreed, his encounter with the Chosen One was not meant to end right then.

The demonic boar began morphing once again, this time his body twisted, creaked and cracked. His snout elongated even further, and his tusks turned to whiskers. His forehead grew twisting horns and his fat round body became sleeker slimmer and elongated to hundreds of feet long.

"Who the fuck gathered the Dragon Balls? I have Sheng Long up my ass now!" Dave cursed as he looked at the dragon that was now chasing him.

Dave flapped his wings as fast as he could, he couldn't fight this, he didn't need to and he didn't have to.

Dave tried his best to run away, but something ominous caused the hair on his back to stand on end. He turned and saw that the enormous flood dragon had opened his mouth wide, an air orb had been gathering in front of the dragon for a while now, and then the creature shot it forward, aiming at Dave.

Dave dove down evading the air blast, but the wind-ball kept chasing after Dave. The closer it got, the harder Dave was able to fly using his demonic form.

"Ah shit this is going to hurt," Dave cursed. An attack of this magnitude, and from this high up would undoubtedly flatten Dave to the ground.

A notification appeared in front of Dave a few moments before impact.

Dave's eyes widened as he noticed the notification, with a wide grin he laughed and accepted."

"Guess my luck is still good!" Dave laughed.

A vortex appeared right behind Dave and he was sucked in, disappearing from the skies of the Wilde.

What met Dave who transformed back to his regular Undead form was a dark purplish swath of a world that was familiar to Dave.

This was the Limbo, exactly in the arena of the Clash of Gods.

Dave laughed, he had totally forgotten about this, but now he could rest easy here. Once he defeated his opponent, he would be able to leave. Perhaps he should try to extend the fight. That would increase the odds of the Chosen One having given up on him, or at least allow him some time to come up with a strategy.

"Why are you laughing?" a familiar voice sounded behind Dave.

The undead turned and saw his opponent, his wide grin disappeared.

"What? You look like you've seen a ghost," the opponent sounded annoyed.

"I think I'd rather go back and fight the dragon," Dave replied in an awkward voice.

"I don't know about any dragons, but I bet you will, I mean you're in a pretty tight spot. Especially against my Class," the opponent pointed out and smiled. Dave did not like being at the receiving end of his own trademarked smirk.

"Yeah, you're kinda the last person I wanted to fight... Well it was probably bound to happen. Don't blame for not pulling any punches, Mercy." Dave took on a fighting stance and summoned out his most powerful equipment.

The assassin in white smiled and disappeared through the shadows of Limbo.

"Screw assassins and their invisibility skills," Dave cussed and prepared for probably the worst opponent he could face in this Clash of Gods.