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398 Struggles

 Dave dove away from the Chosen One, barely getting away from La-Blaire's extended claws.

The Demonling tore through the ground with enough strength that Dave thought the world of conquest went into an earthquake.Claw marks the size of tree trunks spread from the point of the demon's impact. Dave gulped, that wasn't a probing attack. The Chosen one was really pissed.

He believed that La-Blair wasn't going to play around with him, or underestimate him like La-Khbar did.Dave hurriedly drew Durandal and Ajax. The two cursed items gave fright to even a Demi-God, they should be the best to use against a demon.

Wary, and careful the demon stalked Dave while Dave moved creating distance between them.He needed to have all of his undead move away from the fight before he would let loose, Dave didn't want anyone of his underling caught in the cross-fire, and they had an important mission to do, he couldn't hold them here to help him. The undead needed to raid the cities that still had resistance in them and force the civilians for the Capital.

The demon's bones began twisting, he grew two new sets of arms. From the palm of each arm, a sharp pointed bone grew out, the demon snapped the bones emerging from his palms and used them as swords.

He ran toward Dave and began swinging his make-shift swords with wanton abandoned.Dave was no super-man, he could block one or two of the swords but the other arms managed to find purchase into Dave's body.

Battering him or piercing between the small gaps of the armor he wore.




Dave kept piling damage onto himself. Durandal was a sword made to break bones and destroy the enemies, it was too large for him to deflect or parry the sharp and fast swords of the demon.

Dave overextended and swung his sword in a vertical line, trying to get the demon away and create some distance, but the creature had telegraphed Dave's move and vaulted over the sword swing and landed on Dave's shoulders pinning the undead to the ground.

Dave was stuck, unable to move, he grunted trying to force the demon away from him, but La-Blair only laughed, then raised all of his bone swords and swung down at Dave's head.

The bones were sharper than swords, and Dave knew that he would be in a world of pain if they struck him in a vital spot like the head. The least of his worries would be disorientation, or getting stunned. What he feared the most was if the bones struck his eyes, he will go blind for the duration of the fight.

Yet before the bones could even graze his face, La-Blair was jerked away from on top of Dave and slammed into a nearby tree, toppling it to the ground.

The draugr rose rapidly and chased after the still stunned Demon.

Ajax in hand, the demon barely noticed a slimy sludge covering it, the creature was sure it was not there before, but he couldn't help but think that something had came from the shield and had thrown him away from Dave.

The only problem was that the demon himself didn't know what it was and that kept bugging him.

Dave slammed down with Durandal, another attack the demon telegraphed easily and rolled away in time to dodge and send two of his sword bones digging into Dave's ribs.The undead grunted and moved a few steps back, the exchange between them was a losing trade for Dave.

He was taking more damage than he was dealing, and this was the first time Dave had felt like this.

The Demonling crouched on all his members and stalked Dave like a hungry beast. The undead looked at Durandal and cursed. This weapon was made to destroy big and slow targets, something as nimble as the Demonling was a poor match to the destructiveness of this sword.

His thoughts were cut thanks to the Demonlings roar. The creature jumped at him like a tensioned spring being released.

Dave dove to the side, only receiving a glazing attack from the creature's claws, but the strength behind the attack sent Dave sprawling to the ground.

Dave spat a few leaves and dirt that found themselves into his shocked, open mouth and stood up.

This Chosen one was different, unlike La-Khbar, La-Blair didn't need to die to change his forms. He was doing it on his own. Dave felt like he was way in over his head.

He can't fight this guy, it's a losing battle, but he can't let it go to his undead.

Dave grunted and activated his strongest power ups. He activated [Zealot] and disabled [Azure Water Rune]. The effect of the two skills bloated Dave's muscles, his usual speed increased to match that of the Chosen One and probably surpass it even. Dave bolted toward the demon who met him head on. The bones in his arms swung in a wide arc at Dave.

The undead swung his sword intercepting them, and used the maws on his shield to crush the others. He then used his own momentum to crash into the demon, sending the two of them to the ground.

Dave rose up first and stomped at where the demon's head was a fraction of a second ago. The creature had moved away and slashed at Dave with his bone swords again.

Dave was too exposed and his shield's ability to consume and absorb attacks was on cooldown from having stopped the bones a few moments ago.

But he wasn't stopping his attack, he wanted to overpower the demon, especially since he was powered up, he could take a hit or two, but the damage Dave would deal the demon will be worth it.

The demon realized that the incoming trade-off would be unwise for him, he forced himself to stop the attack and jumped back away from Dave's sword.

However, while he was in mid air, he felt something tugging at his ankle, and he was dragged to the ground with bone shattering force. Dave slammed the tip of Durandal into the demon's exposed chest, and with a grunt and a roar, Durandal pierced through the demon's torso and into the ground, leaving only the hilt exposed while the demon trashed in a pool of dark blood.

After a while of trashing, the demon turned limp and still. Dave didn't hesitate into ripping his sword out of the demon carcass and prepare for another round. He knew the chosen ones needed to die at least ten times. And for now, the chosen one in front of him still had more deaths to finally croak.

The demon's bones began cracking, they turned redder, and as if all of his body turned to lava, the ground under the demon began melting.

Dave walked a few steps away; the demon was releasing a heat capable of melting steel. A demon made of lava. That was nothing short of catastrophic news for Dave. The heat alone was a foe he had to face, not to mention the very creature he had to fight.

Dave placed his shield forward, the jaws snapped open revealing the abyss that was contained within the shield. A long brownish tentacle burst out form the shield and coiled around one of the demon's legs.

It was only then that the demon had understood that it was this very tentacle that was pinning him from moving every now and then and had caused his misstep earlier.

Yet the demon didn't even move this time to dodge the attack, the tentacle had strung itself tightly around the demon's ankle, but after a second, steam rose from the tentacle at the point of intact.

The organ recoiled and snapped away, burnt by the heat the demon released.

Dave grunted, there was no way he could use this trick again. He waved his shield to the side, and from the demon's point of view, he could see a white spherical object that had a squarish shape inside it. It was an eye, the Kraken's eye. The eye shuddered then disappeared, replaced by another eye, a demon's eye.

Dave looked behind the demon, he realized that all of his undead were long since gone from the area.

"Right, now I can finally use my secret weapon," Dave said while smirking.

The demon tensed up, the memories of being crushed by Durandal was still fresh in his mind and he was readying up to dodge away from the sword this time.

Dave then decidedly turned and then sprinted away as fast as he could, leaving the demon staring at his disappearing silhouette. Moments later, the demon had just realized that the great undead draugr was actually running away...