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397 Round Two

 Ophidia turned to Dave, her face almost sullen, she was worried that she had caused trouble for her boss and he might blow up on her. She didn't even enjoy her new post much and now, there was a real chance that she might get fired before her first paycheck.

"I'll leave then, let you two solve this between you," Ophidia said, and stood up promptly.

"Oh, hell no", Dave said. "If you leave right now, Zoe will think that I actually did something and cheated on her, just stay here, I'll think of something," Dave said and relaxed.

Ophidia reluctantly sat back down. She gazed at Dave, unknowing of what was going on in the mind of the world's most famous undead.

After several long minutes, Dave's door rattled. Someone was knocking hard on the door threatening to tear it apart if no one came to answer fast enough. Dave didn't have to guess at who was at the door.

He stood up and walked to the door. He almost chuckled, the undead don't fear. But Dave's fright from Zoe's trumped his undead passive. Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned.

Dave opened the door, Zoe's grim face looked directly at him, she didn't say a word but shoved him aside.

Ophidia was sitting calmly and awkwardly at Dave's sofa. She looked intently at her, then as if she had just recognized her, she said, "You're the woman from that day? What the hell; are you doing here?" Zoe asked.

"Um, I'm sorry but this is a huge misunderstanding," Ophidia said.

Zoe's brow rose up she looked intimidating, then she had a hiccup, shattering her threatening posture.

Dave chuckled, but suppressed the laugh, although late. Zoe turned to him poking him with his finger and said drunkenly, "You don't get to laugh!" after another hiccup she said, "I didn't think you were this kind of guy!" Zoe said.

Dave laughed and hugged Zoe tight, she tried to struggle out of his embrace but couldn't.

He calmly spoke in her ears saying, "Z, nothing happened and nothing was going to happen. She works for my company." Dave said.

Zoe stopped wriggling from his embrace, partly because she liked being this close to Dave. She looked at him at tear point saying," Really?"


"If she works for you, what's she doing here? Trying to get a promotion?" Zoe said lifting her brow.

"I already got that," Ophidia said. Causing Zoe's brows to rise even further. Dave wanted to facepalm, "You're not helping!" he said.

"No, she lives here, she came to give me the report of a new product she was working on," Dave said.

"Then what's with the wine?" Zoe asked she seemed stable enough to remove herself from Dave's embrace.

"That's her promotion party. I had a bottle of wine leftover from the house warming party we had. And she came over for the details I decided to share a drink with her. You know me, Zoe, I'll never cheat on you, or find anyone better than you." Dave said.

"Really?" Zoe asked.

"Yeah, I love you," Dave said in a grin.

"Awwwn that's cute," Ophidia commented.

Zoe snapped back to her, angrily, cueing her to shut up, which Ophidia did immediately.

Zoe's angry face turned to Dave all beaming with a smile, "So do I," She said and kissed Dave on the lips.

The two almost forgot that they were not alone until Ophidia coughed. "I should probably get going."

Dave nodded at her and she left immediately locking the door after the two after taking a longer look at them.

Zoe kissed Dave on the lips once again, he didn't complain or argue. The two move slowly toward Dave's chamber. But before he got in, he said, "I'm a bit sweaty, let me take a shower first."

Zoe nodded, her face was red but she wasn't complaining.

Dave's own heartrates were racing, he knew they were a couple and what was soon to happened was a part of every healthy relationship. He took his shower almost too quickly. He made sure that he didn't stink anymore and dried his hair with a towel.

Once he left the shower room, he headed to his bedroom. A bit hesitant but excited never the less.

But once he walked through the door, Dave chuckled. Zoe had long passed out on his bed in a weird position.

She was wearing a pair of tight jeans and he thought they would be uncomfortable on her while she slept. She also had a light jacket on top, that wasn't a dress for bed.

He went toward her, removed her shoes and unbuttoned her jeans. He wasn't tactless enough top remove her pants while she slept, he felt it would be inappropriate but that was the best he could do to keep her comfortable in her sleep.

He helped her off her jacket while she groaned in her sleep then covered her.

Dave kissed her on the forehead. He fetched ahis pajamas from the hidden closet in his room then left closing the room on Zoe, and letting her rest.

"You can get other chances, Davey," he said to himself and went to the couch.

He adjusted the alarm for his morning event and slept soundly.

Once it was morning and his alarm woke him up, Dave felt a few cramps on his back. He didn't complain though, it was time for the Clash of Gods event.

His bedroom was upstairs, he didn't want to go up and wake Zoe yet. Let her sleep a bit more he thought.

Dave went to his gaming room and accessed the capsule. He had an event to be ready for.

Once Dave was inside the game world. He realized that he still had an hour more for the event. In the meantime, he could prepare for the attack on the Qin army.

Dave went to Nora, the city he first conquered and began giving orders. The first few orders were for the citizen of Nora to use the gate and head toward the capital.

The teleportation gate could be used to access the capital but not the other way around, Dagla made sure of it so no enemy soldiers could come in.

One of the Death Knights that were standing guard in Nora approached Dave and said, "Your lordship, we have received information saying that the Qin army is being mobilized, they want to retake the cities."

"Don't worry about it," Dave said. "Send word to the captured cities! Order all the civilians in them to go to the capital now!" Dave called and the undead disappeared in the teleportation gates to rally the message to the other two captured cities.

Once the order was given, and the NPCs moved to the capital, Dave gave another order.

"Burn the captured cities to the ground!"

Dave left Nora burning to cinders, the undead had made sure that no building was standing as they left.

The two other cities had fallen as well and now Dave was starting the final part of his plan.

He summoned Singund and asked, "How many dungeons had you captured?"

"Apart from a few dungeons that were too close to the Qin capital, we captured more than eighty dungeons. There were a few that were too difficult for us, we had wasted too many soldiers but couldn't overcome the guardians of the dungeons." Singund said.

"No matter, then, Eighty Dungeons is more than I hoped for," Dave said and pulled out a small black square from his inventory.

It was the Core Resonance Amplifier. A low-cost item that could agitate a captured dungeon into a dungeon break. But with the amount of captured dungeons, Dave's following step would be deadly to the Qin kingdom.


Do you wish to use the Core Resonance Amplifier?

Currently, it is bound to 83 Dungeons.

The following captured dungeons are too far for the Core Resonance Amplifier ability to take effect.

Dungeon of the Skeletal-Soul Bat

Ice Palace Dungeon

Mustakrakish's Desert Palace

Desolate Temple

Sea Goddess Temple

Do you accept?



Dave pressed accept, and almost immediately, the Black Square shuddered to release waves of energy that swept through the land of the Qin Kingdom.

Suddenly, shrieks and howls of creatures, hundreds of them echoed through all the lands of Qin. The lands began shaking almost as if an army of monsters was racing through the lands.

Dave caught a glimpse of a nearby cave, several dozen wolves, with patches of missing fur and rotten flesh ran after each other as they headed east. More undead creatures followed after them, it felt like they knew where life was and they chased after it.

Dave knew that this was working even better than he thought. His idea was to fill the Qin lands with undead and hamper the advance of the Qin army as he could raid more cities while they lands were teeming with monsters that would hamper them, but now these monsters were going to swarm the lands of the cities and will cause the citizen to hole up in them.

Without food to harvest as the land would be filled with undead, the NPCs will hunger. Their only chance at survival will be to head to the capital, the only city that still had available food. With more people swarming the capital, it will be chaos. Dave loved chaos, he could do whatever he wanted in it.

Dave grinned as the armies of undead ran toward the cities. He ordered his Sub-Division to head to one of the nearby cities that he hadn't taken down yet. Without food, and with undead monsters swarming them, it would be easy to raid and takedown. Especially since they can't receive aid from the main army as it will struggle to get there due to the numerous monsters on the land.

Just as the army began moving, one of Dave's undead jumped at Dave lifting him off his feet and throwing him a few feet away. Dave yelped in surprise, he turned to see what madness went on into the undead's mind to shove his leader to the ground, then he noticed that the undead that had pushed him was split in half.

"Oh, your underling would rather give their lives for you," an eerie deep and familiar voice sounded near Dave.

Turning, he saw the reason why his undead had given his life to push Dave away. The Chosen of the Undead King was standing tall inside the group of undead, unworried by the thousands of undead surrounding him.

Dave cursed, the Chosen One's timing couldn't be more perfect, what's worse. Dave knew that he couldn't use his undead to fight it. As he learned from Nick, the Chosen Ones of the Ash King could feed on Dave's undead to regenerate, he needed to fight it alone.

Dave stood up to face the Chosen one.

"Ready for round two?" The Chosen spoke then lunged at Dave.