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395 Now, We Wai

 Dave continued his journey back to the East, the Wilds, as he knew where not safe. The massive World Boss monsters were reigning free, and he was more than certain they would ambush him if he gave them the chance.

Dave, however, didn't need to travel the wilds, the teleportation gate at Nora now belonged to the Undead, he could use the gate and be there in seconds, however, he continued marching through the Wilds riding on Stinger. Mainly because he was inspecting the skill book the dragon had dropped along with the Dragon Soul.

Dave pressed his palm lightly on the black skill book, and a notification appeared in front of him.


Skill Book

Tier: Unholy.

Dragon Roar.

Cause Fear effects to all enemies in the vicinity of the caster and throws back enemies in a cone in front of the user.

The enemies that collide with terrain or other enemies will be stunned for 3 seconds then disoriented for 2 more seconds afterward.

-Due to having unlocked [Horror] effect, the fear effect of Dragon Roar had upgraded to [Horror].


Dave learned the skill and was happy to know another cool CC trick to thwart his enemies.

The second item was the dragon soul. He inspected it but found a single line explaining what the item did.


Dragon Soul.


Upgrades Dragon Related skills.


It was a simple description. But if another player had the item, they wouldn't be able to use it. To Dave's knowledge, only he had dragon-related abilities.

Dave pressed -Use Item- and the small spherical item disappeared into his palm.

A heatwave blasted out of Dave's body as a stream of notification once again popped up in front of him.


You have consumed Dragon Soul.

Your next abilities have been upgraded.

Advancing Dragon.

Dragon Fist

Dragon kick

Advancing Dragon

Awakened Dragon

Dragon Roar



You have learned a new skill

Aspect of the Dragon

For a brief period of time- 30 seconds -, you can become the embodiment of a dragon in a human body.

While in Aspect of the Dragon you cannot benefit from any of the empowerment of skills besides dragon-related skills.

Base damage increased to 500% for 30 seconds.

Damage received reduced by 80% for 30 seconds.

All dragon-related abilities will have a change in appearance and effectiveness.

You can use [Flight] while in Aspect of the dragon.

Cooldown 72 hours game time.


"Whoa, another Op Skill. Man, I'm collecting them like candy," Dave said smiling.

Once Dave made sure the dunlords had done a good job covering the dragon's carcass, he left the area and headed back to Urburg. He needed to see if it had suffered any damage from the sword attack he had just done.

Urburg wasn't that far away, and to Dave's comfort, its outer walls were standing tall, the construction had long since ended and there was barely a few undead roaming the city.

Xix looked happy as he commanded the people of his family to do their work. Shops were open, bakeries, even the smithy was billowing smoke out of its chimney.

Dave smiled and headed toward the teleportation gate. He needed to go back to Qin. He still had a debt to settle.

Dave used the teleportation gate to arrive at Nora, the first city he conquered in the Qin kingdom.

The city lord Ling wan looked haggard, but he was still keeping the situation under control and the people of Nora didn't show any disobedience toward the Undead that were guarding them.

When he saw Dave, he approached him fearfully and said, "Lord Undead, please. Our citizens cannot sustain hunger for much longer, the young ones at least, if they don't eat soon, they will fall sick and die. Please," The city lord begged Dave to help change the situation.

Dave calmly looked at the city lord and said, "Soon, all will be resolved soon. Have some patience," Dave said and slapped a hand on the ground summoning Grumpy.

The massive basilisk growled the moment it appeared at the City Lord, Dave scratched under the creature's neck and said," Calm down grumpy, he's not food. Not yet at least."

The city lord folded back, knowing that he was not one to make amends or demands, he had to take what the undead gave him and never ask for more.

Dave hopped on Grumpy's back and headed out of the city in a trot.

When the basilisk left the city, Dave urged him to move faster toward the east, he needed to group up with his friends.

Through the voice chat, Lone's voice sounded, "Dave, the assassins you sent are back."

"Oh, is Bud with them?" Dave asked.

"Yes, he just said that they had successfully completed their mission, though they suffered some casualties, they had destroyed all the food stocks of all of the cities of Qin besides the capital."

"Good," Dave said and then added, "You guys should log out, tomorrow's gonna be a good day to start a war," Dave said in a grin.

"Oh, you're right, we've been online for a while, Dad was asking when he should leave because he still had work to do." lone said.

"Yeah, tell him that he can go, tomorrow we'll start the final step of the plan," Dave said.

Perfect Shot spoke through the party chat right after Lone finished and said, "Dave, the dragon, can I have the video feed?" Perfect asked.

"Yeah, I'll send it to you, I also need to add a promotional bit in it for my company," Dave said.

Dave knew that revealing the video to the world would garner a huge amount of attention toward his equipment and skills. Dave knew that many would use the information to find out about his weaknesses, yet he wasn't foolish enough to reveal all his hand. Dave told Perfect to delete a few sections of the video so that his skill-set won't be revealed and only the dragon hunt and his capture at the Qin borders would be revealed.

Perfect Shot agreed and mentioned that the staff working for his father's company would do their best to keep Dave's secrets and maximize the effectiveness of his endeavor.

Dave continued heading toward the east, and after an hour's ride, he had arrived at the camps where his undead was camping.

"Singund," Dave called.

The pig-faced orc chieftain appeared from within the rank of his captains and greeted Dave, "Lord Kis'Shtiengbrah, we have conquered more dungeons at your request. What is our next step?" Singund dropped another crate full of dungeon cores of all colors. Dave smiled as he began processing them and converting them to undead dungeons.

"Singund, I need you to leave."

"Beg your pardon?" Singund didn't understand what Dave wanted him to do.

"Our job here is done, we don't need to do anything else," Dave said calmly. He turned to the rest of the undead and said," Your mission has ended leave and go back to the dead realm." Dave said, and almost immediately, the undead under Dave began disappearing in swirls of black smoke.

"Your lordship, I don't understand, I thought we were going to fight," Singund said.

"Oh, we did, and we won," Dave said in a wide grin.

"Tomorrow, the final step will commence, and you'll see what I have in stored for the Qin kingdom."

"Guys," Dave turned on his voice-chat and said, "I'll log out soon. If you still want to grind some exp, feel free to take some undead with you as protection. Tomorrow we'll finish up here." Dave said.

"Oh, right, It's time we log out."

"That's not fair man, only you got to fight some badass boss man," Ralph said. And Dave could feel that the rest of the party was of the same opinion.

"There's still a pretty strong boss that I want to hunt in the underworld, once we're there we can group up and go hunt it," Dave said.

"If you say so," Flanker's voice sounded from the party chat, unconvinced that whatever monster Dave was talking about would be as strong as the Dragon.

"Right, then, I'll have to log out soon, tomorrow will also be the third round of the Clash of Gods event, I need to be ready," Tess said.

Dave also remembered that he was still participating in the event.

"I'll have to give it up," Lone said.

"Why?" Fortress asked.

"Unlike you, I have a legacy to risk, if I lose it it'll suck," Lone said.

"You don't think you're strong enough to protect it?" Flanker asked.

"What if I end up fighting Warlord? Do you think I can keep my legacy then? Or at least one of the big shots of the Devastators, remember Satan Slayer, he killed a legacy holder in the last round and refused to take his legacy because it was too trash, there are some pretty strong players in conquest, I need to be careful." Lone said.

"She's right. Ralph, and Dante, you too, don't try the Clash of Clans, even I almost lost the last round." Dave said.

The words Dave spoke made the whole party more silent than usual. If even Kis'Shtiengbrah almost lost, that meant that it was far riskier for them to partake in these events, however, Tess spoke rebuking him, "I don't think I'll lose to anyone, even you Dave. If we end up fighting each other, I won't be so kind," Tess said playfully.

"Uh, can you kill a dragon?" Lone asked, "No you can't, so shut up. No one can beat Davey," Lone said in a protective manner.

Lone's words started a round of bickering between the players, they began comparing legacies and who had the best chance of taking on the other.

Dave shook his head and turned off the party chat. He logged out.

Dave woke up from the capsule, looking around the apartment was dim-lit, besides the light coming from the city. It was night, and pretty late at it too.

He turned to his phone and wanted to order some food. But then he decided against it, he didn't want any overly enthusiastic 'Fans' to know where he lived. Dave left the penthouse and went outside to find somewhere to grab a bite.