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390 Urburg in Danger

 Dave looked grimly at the foe in front of him. The red-skinned demon was a powerful creature of the Ash King's. Lakhbar the Immortal was the same as this one, a Chosen One that had the ability to revive after death ten times.

Dave had struggled and fought nail and tooth to finally down Lakhbar, and from Nick's info, this one-La Blaire, was much stronger than Lakhbar.

Even if Dave had slew Lakhbar before he obtained the Cursed Sword of Durandal and the Cursed Shield of Ajax, it wouldn't have changed the fact that he only won by chance, having the same thing happen again was nigh impossible. His Horror applying skills had only 0.001% of actually killing his foes. He couldn't count on them to work nor would he rely on them. Not to mention, Dave was currently shackled and couldn't use any of his skills.

"Now, do a back-flip for me, undead!" the king said. His youthful and jubilant voice made Dave think of beating the snot out of him. But the guards surrounding him and the presence of La-Blair made any thoughts of resistance futile.

However, Dave would never bow to power, especially in a game. The honor of the undead didn't allow him to do it, and his personal pride forbade him from doing what he counted as an enemy to force his hands.

Dave didn't reply, causing the King to grow in anger.

"La-Blair, teach him pain!" The King said.

"As you command," the voice of the demon boomed through the palace.

In less than a heartbeat, the demon disappeared from his place, moving with speed comparable to a full-powered arrow and surged toward Dave like a haywire train.

The demon's hand was extended like a spear as it shot toward Dave's chest.

Dave was unable to use any skills to defend himself, but he could still move his chained hands. He crossed both hands in front of his chest a moment before impact, causing the sharp nails of the demon's hand to slice through the chains with the utmost ease.

However, due to the strength behind the hand, not only were the chains severed, the impact from the attack blew Dave off his feet and caused him to fly for several feet back until he slammed into one of the pillars supporting the palace.


Dave grunted in the effort as he rose up, his hands were no longer tied and he could move. But the demon wasn't going to let him have his way, La Blaire was already in front of Dave's face. The red skin slammed down with a chopping blow, to which Dave dodged by rolling aside.

He tried to scramble up but the chains caused Dave to lose balance and he dropped once again. The trip had been a merciful blessing as the demon had predicted Dave's rise and swung his foot in a roundhouse kick which hit nothing but empty air above Dave's head, thanks to him tripping.

Dave rolled back away, dodging a downward foot stomp, then jumped back and drew the Cursed Sword of Durandal. The demon stopped the moment it saw the sword.

"That Sword! You're unworthy of it! Hand it over!" the demon spoke in a demanding tone.

Dave didn't bother replying to the demon as he gripped at Durandal with both hands in a reversed grip and struck down between his feet at the chains.

Sparks flew as the chains parted releasing Dave from them. The demon raced after Dave swinging his claws at him in an X shape.

Dave countered by a roar and a heaving effort, ripping Durandal from the ground. Stones, pebbles, and dust flew up as the sword slammed at La Blair's hands, parting them and canceling the attack.

Durandal slid through La-Blair's chest cutting it open and forcing a gush of blood to flow out.


The body of La-Blair fell in a heap to the ground. Dave knew he didn't kill the Demon, and in a few seconds, it would rise back, stronger, faster and even more stubborn than before. The king of Qin had obviously known about such an ability, thus his mild or almost lack of expression. But the two guards and the Magistrate were ill-informed. Their expressions ashen and their faces pale.

Dave ran toward the guard that had struck him with the baton a few times before. The guard hastily pulled his sword and thrust it at Dave. The undead lifted his foot above the sword's trajectory and stomped the tip of the sword into the ground burying it into the pavement making the palace floor.

The force behind Dave's foot jerked the guard out of his stance, and tilted him forward, his neck exposed to Dave's Durandal as it slid through it like a giant hot knife through butter.

Blood splattered on the magistrate and the second guard as the headless carcass fell to the ground.

"I told you, you'll pay for that," Dave gave a solemn comment and turned to face the body of La-Blair.

His lack of interest in the magistrate and the second guard, breathed an air of hope into the two and cued them on leaving the premise, a battle was going to happen here, and they had no power to tip the scales or even influence them in the least.

Dave waited until La-Blair stood up, the demon grew in size, and his heads grew horns. This was the same that happened to Lakhbar when it rose from death.

"Undead! You have some might in you, but can you take me on in this form?!"

"Less yapping, more fighting, show me what you got, biatch!" Dave replied and dashed forward. He knew he couldn't win. But he didn't have to win, he just needed to escape.

Dave swung his sword in a feint, causing La-Blair to dodge back then lunge in with a claw aimed at Dave's throat, however, the undead used the weight of the sword to do a full spin and slammed the Cursed Shield of Ajax into the demon's side.

La-Blair grunted and moved to the side, away from Dave's attack. As he was about to strike in retaliation, Dave held his shield up, the metallic jaws making the shield opened up revealing a crimson red demonic eye that was as large as the shield itself.

The eye shone bright giving the demon a slight stagger in surprise as dozens of Draconic Spectral Skulls materialized in air.

Dave grinned as he backed away toward the palace's gate while the spectral skulls blew up in the face of the Chosen One.

The Chosen One died in a fiery blast, and many of the Dragon Skulls flowed toward the King who sat on his throne in a calm manner, he was not the least bit bothered by the incoming fireballs as they blew up in front of him.

Dave didn't receive the kill notification for the King of Qin, so he kept backpedaling toward the palace gate.

Soon, the explosions and their effects subsided revealing a shimmering golden dome around the throne. The king sat perfectly still and without the least bit of harm onto his person.

"You should have done a backflip when I asked, La-Blair," the King said and almost immediately, the scorched carcass of the demon rose up.

"Go to the lost city, burn it all to the ground," The king spoke casually, almost yawning.

The Demon rose up, the charred skin fell off his body as he grew wider in size, two more arms burst out from his back and his horns grew larger and twisted upward.

Dave cringed away from the sound of bones dislocating and flesh-tearing, but the words spoken by the king of Qin made him shudder, if the Chosen One reaches Urburg, it would spell untold disaster to the city that has just been reconstructed.

Dave was not going to let the demon go past him.

La-Blair nodded at the king and turned to Dave, his claws grew larger and he dashed forward, his speed incomparable to before.

Dave hastily lifted his shield in front of his face, ready to absorb the incoming attack that never came.

A shadow went past over him, as Dave looked up, he saw La-Blair vaulting over and dashing toward the gate.

"Like hell, you would!" Dave turned and ran after the demon. He didn't have the time to dawdle or waste against the dome protecting the king, the safety of Urburg took priority.

However, Dave was not a match to the demon's full speed. La-Blair made it to the gate and turned to the right, where half a dozen warriors came inside the palace to stop Dave.

Dave ran ahead, used [Immortal Apparition] and teleported away from the group of soldiers, he pointed with his shield, and the demon eye shone once again, in a spell cast: [Defile].

The ground under the guards became a quagmire, slowing them and stopping their advancement for a few precious seconds before roots with thorns as sharp as blade rose from the murky grounds and tore into them further slowing, bleeding and locking them in place.

Dave left the palace where more soldiers converged toward him, but he couldn't waste time against them, the demon was running away from the palace and toward the square building that Dave thought out of place the time he first saw it.

La-Blair disappeared into the building through a small door at its side, while Dave ran after him.

Yet the moment Dave arrived at the halfway point to the building, he heard a roar he never thought he would hear in this place.

The square building broke down and revealed the chained and saddled form of one of Wilde's greatest terrors, The Black Dragon.

La-Blair was sitting on the Dragon's back where a heavy iron and brass saddle was strapped.

The dragon roared another time, and it flapped its wings once to reach the sky, leaving Dave in a daze.

"No fucking way!" Dave wanted to scream in frustration.

He hastily opened a teleportation scroll and tore it, only to be notified with an even more terrible piece of news.


You cannot use Teleportation Scrolls while inside the territory of Qin!


Dave's mind went blank, the dragon was going to reach Urburg without him ever being able to stop it, and what's worse, Urburg has no army to help protect it against the dragon. All of his forces were in Qin's territory.