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384 Stage Two

 Dave turned to Singund saying, "Move the army through the night. I want undead stationed in the forest here," He said pointing at several locations around Nora on the map.

Dave circled the city, there was a huge patch of forest where the undead could hide through the veil of the night without being noticed.

"Once the undead are stationed and after my signal, you will charge the gate. I need you to keep anyone from getting out of the city and notify others. We only have once shot at this Singund," Dave said.

"As you command," Singund replied with a salute.

"Mercy, you'll come with me," Dave said.

Mercy tilted her head, "Why me?" she asked.

"I need an assassin for the next part," Dave said smiling. "Dog," Dave called.

The dullahan came toward Dave and shook his head that he held jealously under his armpit.

"I'll be sending you a signal, when you see it, lead the undead through the city gate," Dave said.

Dog grunted in agreement.

"Good, everyone, wait for my signal, once you see it go into Nora. We need to do this perfectly

"Do what exactly, man you didn't tell us anything," Flanker said.

"Remember Troy?" Dave said.

"Oh. Yeah, I remember the movie, pretty old stuff," Flanker said.

"I was talking about the myth, but yeah, this is even better. You'll see why soon." Dave said smiling.

"Mercy, are you ready?" Dave asked the assassin in white.

"Yeah, but if they have true sight fire, they will see me going in," Mercy replied casually.

"Don't worry about that, they won't be looking our way anyway," Dave snorted.

He then activated his god-tier skill [Demonic Ascension].

His back grew enormous raven wings and two large horns emerged out of his head. His hands grew into demonic claws. A black and red swirl of smoke gathered around him, creating a nauseating aura of carnage. Red lightning crackled around Dave and small pebbles rose up around him in the air. He had fully transformed into his demon form.

"Let's go," Dave said and grabbed Mercy's arm then flapped his wings once.

Mercy yelped from the sudden jerk and soon noticed that she was hundreds of feet above the ground. She took in a deep breath, a gasp of shock, but soon she calmed herself.

"We'll be going high above!" Dave said smiling, his usually deep voice turned a pitch higher, and now felt like it vibrated through the air.

Dave flew in the darkness of the night, bypassing the city. The guards were unaware of the demon flying above them.

Dave took a better look at the city, it was a huge gathering of tightly built houses that were adorned in eastern decorations. Spiraling pillars and red lanterns hung all around the city lighting the dark streets from the shadows of the night even if ever so slightly.

In the middle of the city was his target, a teleportation gate.

Dave smiled when he saw it. There were no guards looking that way. The city guards were all stationed on the walls and the gate. And due to the darkness of the night, most of the city people were in their homes.

He slowly made his way to the Teleportation Gate and dropped next to it. He saved the gate codes and turned to Mercy, "Stay here for a moment, I'll be back soon." Dave said and used the gate back to the Undead Frontier.

The moment he appeared in the Undead Frontier, there were hundreds of Undead aiming their weapons at him.

"By the love of the undeath god!" Delvina's voice echoed through the Undead Frontier.

"Delvina, hey."

"Where did you come from? I thought the enemy had gotten the gate's location." Delvina said.

"I'm currently capturing a city in the Qin Kingdom. By the way, did you finish with turning those soldiers?" Dave aside.

"Yes, they have all been turned to our cause.

"Good, I'll be needing them soon."

Dave looked around and smiled, "Can you spare me some of your troops Delvina?" he asked.

Delvina thought for a moment then smiled, "While yes if it's capturing a city of the Qin Kingdom. Then it will increase my standing with my king, take all you need." Delvina said.


You have been offered 100 Death Knight to serve you.

You have been offered 1,000 Undead captain to serve you.

You have been offered 100,000 Elite Undead to serve you.


"Thank you a lot Delvina. Can you get Lord Dagla a message?" Dave asked.


Dave told Delvina what he had to and used the gate to appear back in the city he was currently trying to capture.

"Who goes there!" Dave heard the voice of an unfamiliar person speaking the moment he appeared.

Dave turned to see a man squinting his eyes at the gate, it was a guard.

If the guard shouts, he would be exposed and all hell will break loose. But before the guard could realize what was going on, a thin red line spread across his neck. Then he fell to the ground unceremoniously. Mercy appeared from the shadows and spoke in a hurried tone.

"His disappearance will be noticed sooner or later, we need to hurry, what did you have in mind Dave?" Mercy asked

"We need to get to the gate Now, "Dave said and flew up, picking up Mercy by the hand once again. This time the assassin was ready and didn't cry out when she was jerked up from the ground.

"You need to take down the guards at the gate. As fast as possible." Dave said.

"Leave it to me." Mercy said, then the moment they were close to the gate, she called, "Drop me!" Dave let go of the girl's hand.

She fell down and turned invisible in mid-air. Then suddenly, Dave noticed one of the guards on the gate drop to his knees, a large gushing wound pouring a fountain of blood from his neck.

Right before the second guard could see what happened to his friend, he also dropped to his knees, the same wound appearing on his neck.

Mercy worked fast, silent and professionally. She killed the level 400 guards like they were low-level scrubs. Her assassin class gave her enormous advantage against unaware targets. And she could down them in one hit.

When the gate was clear of guards, Dave dropped down from the sky, his [Demonic Ascension] was up. He looked around and noticed a lever. The lever had several chains going under it and were attached to the gate.

He drew on it and caused the gate to rise up.

Dave waved a hand summoning several spectral skulls. They appeared like glowing suns in the night. The appearance of the orbs notified the undead hidden in the forest and they came charging at the gate.

"Mercy! We need to get back to the teleportation gate now!" Dave shouted.

"I'm on it!" Mercy shouted back and the two of them raced back to the teleportation gate.

Dave had done his task, and now the only weak link in it was the gate. He needed to secure it before any of the guards could use it and teleport away to notify the Qin army.

Dave ran like a gale of wind through the calm city streets. But he knew that the city won't be as calm in a few more minutes.

Few guards noticed the undead running through their streets. But they couldn't even utter a word as Mercy moved past them, sprays of blood painted the walls right as she moved behind.

The girl in white was like a ghost that moved in the darkness of the night. None survived her curved dagger.

The teleportation gate was in sight, and there was no one nearby, Dave heaved a sigh of relief but kept running toward it. He needed to make sure that no one used it.

Suddenly the teleportation gate shone bright, someone was about to use it. From the other side.

An armored NPC came out of the gate, he wore the elite armor of the Qin army. The moment the man appeared, he took notice of the undead running toward him.

Dave broke into a cold sweat, the NPC was strong enough to cause Dave a huge deal of trouble just to face him alone. If Dave fought him it would cause a lot of noise, he was sure he could kill him but the NPC would only need to step back into the gate and disappear to inform the Qin army.

Dave had to stop him. But the distance was too great for him to cover in a single sprint, and the NPC sure did notice what was going on in Dave's mind.

Dave used [Immortal Apparition] coupled with [Twin-Strick]. He had never used this before, and thankfully, the skill synergized well.

Dave teleported twice in a single breath and was right next to the NPC. He slammed down his sword at the NPC in [Decimating Smash], he only needed to stun him for Mercy to arrive.

The two of them can certainly kill the Elite Warrior, even if it could still be difficult.

However, to Dave's demise, the NPC moved a step to the left, completely dodging the attack and lunged back disappearing into the teleportation gate.


Dave shouted.

His undead had just entered the city and began a fight, he could hear the battle going on. But it was all for nothing. Now, the Qin army will know of Dave's attack on the city and everything will be over.

"What happened?" Mercy asked.

Dave grunted and said, "I fucked up. it's over." Dave cursed again.

He sighed, there was nothing he could do. The raid was over before it could begin. Now he needed to fold back and think of another plan. But the Qin army would surely be more prepared.

The gate brightened up, someone else was using it. Dave pulled up his shield readying for a fight. Soon the green and blue armor of the Elite NPC emerged from the gate.

Dave was about to charge in, he would rather fight here and think up a way to destroy the gate to make it harder for the Qin army to arriver. Until he stopped, he noticed a bony hand tightly pressed upon the neck of the Qin soldier.

Dave frowned then his eyes were drawn to the NPC's legs, they were not touching the ground.

"Oh, Kis'Shtiengbrah, you did well informing Delvina of your plan," the familiar voice of Dagla echoed from within the gate.

Dagla appeared from behind the gate, grabbing on the NPC that escaped Dave a moment ago.

The Abyssal Knight threw the now dead NPC unceremoniously on the ground and fully emerged from the gate.

"I say, you owe me a favor young undead," Dagla said in a wide smile.