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381 Kings will be Kings

 Grumpy roared and moved through the fire, thanks to it being cast from Dave's own hand, the flames didn't hurt the truck-sized lizard as it moved with ease through a literal inferno.

The rest of Dave's party had their eyes wide open by the display. But no one commented on it, there was a horde of monsters behind them and it seems from the sudden silence prevailing the Wilds that the creatures, World bosses and massive monsters behind them that they had finally took note of what was going on.

They had decided that draugr was a threat, and it was currently running away with a crown that any of them could wear.

The monsters howled again, breaking the silence, this time this howl was aimed at the party, it was the same howl a lion would utter to completely and utterly render a pry immobile. A howl of a hunter terrorizing a prey. And there was not just one, but a whole lot of them that began running behind the party.

"They're coming!" Flanker shouted

The earth trembled as the creatures marched forward.

Grumpy began huffing and puffing, he was not undead, he was a fully live and alive creature. He had energy, and it seemed to Dave that this energy was beginning to thin out.

"Grumps, you're tired! You can go," Dave said.

The basilisk howled in protest he wanted to run more, to take Dave to safety, to be more of use.

It was as if Dave understood these thoughts and smiled, "I know big guy, but I can't have you dying on me. No! you still have a lot of family back at home, how am I supposed to tell all those females that I left you to die? Just go, I can handle myself." Dave said and jumped form the running Grumpy.

Right before he fell to the ground Dave shouted, "Stinger!" and less than a breath later, the dirt under the falling Dave burst out as a dunlord emerged from under it.

The basilisk slowed down when it noticed Dave riding on a dunlord.

"Go, hide, I'll summon you when it's safer. Go, Grumps!" Dave shouted.

The basilisk reluctantly turned to the side and hurled into the wilds. Dave didn't fear for the big basilisk, he could take care of himself. After all, anything that could threaten its life was currently after Dave.

The party rode through the wilds while they were being chased.

"Man, I never knew your adventures were this fun Davey boy. But still, I'm not sure we can shake these monsters away," Dante Silvana's voice echoed in the party chat.

"They're getting closer Dave!" Perfect Shot said.

He Nocked an arrow and shot it at an incoming shadow, the arrow glowed bright and it seemed to have struck the nose of the Htanajna. But the creature wasn't even fazed in the least, the arrow broke the moment it touched the massive raptor's face.

"And our attacks aren't enough to stop them." Perfect added.

"Let me try something," Dante said.

Dave frowned, Dante was a level 120 gunner, among all that were present, besides the lawyer, he had the least firepower of the team.

Before Dave could tell Dante to not do anything, the Gunner pointed his .44 magnum at the Htanajna, then he pressed on the gun's trigger. The barrel turned and the hammer struck. A loud blast echoed in the wilds and the Htanajna howled in mad pain and stuttered. It almost fell on itself but managed to balance itself and continue chasing them.

The gunner took another shot, but this time, nothing happened.

Dante grunted and turned forward "Nope, didn't work I think it only made it angrier."

"What's wrong daddy?" Lone asked.

"Oh, I shot it in the eye. The first shot worked, but didn't damage it much."

"What about the second time? It clearly hit in the same spot," Lone asked.

"Do you know that alligators have two sets of eyelids?"


"The second set is transparent; the monster just covered its eyes with it to keep me from shooting it," Dante said.

"Oh, bummer," Lone said. she tried shooting an ice arrow to freeze the monster's leg, but the ice shattered like glass, not slowing the creature in the least.

"Is there any dungeon, any spot we can hide from these things?" Flanker asked.

"Then what?" Dave said you think you can stay hidden forever? Because I'm sure as hell that these things can be pretty patient waiting for us. There is a crown at stake." Dave said.

"I'm just offering suggestions; you have any other plan man?" Flanker said, annoyed.

"Man, we're about to get royally fucked," Fortress said.

"Royally? Royal! Fuck Fortress, you're a genius!" Dave shouted.

"Huh, Am I?" Fortress said.

Tess smiled at him, "Yes you are honey-bunny, you're the greatest genius there is."

The two of them, once again, managed to turn the dire grave atmosphere into a pink world of their own.

Flanker rolled his eyes, groaning, "Oh for fuck sake, I'm seriously starting to think that it be better being eaten alive by these monsters that see this."

"What's up in your head Dave?"

"A big, nasty idea. Keep moving, I'll be behind you," Dave slowed Stinger so that the party raced past him. Just when the last dunlord went past him Dave turned his head toward the monsters.

"You guys wanna be kings! Let me introduce you to an emperor!"

Dave waved his hand, then the earth shuddered under him. He was ready to jump aside, but the incoming creature didn't emerge until Dave was out of the radius of the skill.

Just as the Htanajna in its massive bulldozing fury stepped where Dave was a few moments ago. Jaws of enormous light, strength, and sharpness bore out of the ground. They latched on the raptor-like a bear trap. The creature screamed in fright and pain as the jaws latched onto it and grabbed it dozens of feet above the ground. The worm emperor rose up and slammed down the Htanajna on the ground forcing a scream of pain from it.

The worm king, in all its glory, howled in the wilds, nothing was more worthy of the monster's respect but the dragon and this very worm a king among kings, an emperor!

The monsters chasing after Dave all halted at once, weary, and afraid of such a being trespassing onto their lands. They knew royalty when they saw it, and the Worm Emperor had that in abundance.

"HA! What you gonna do motherfuckers!" Dave laughed and moved ahead.

He joined the rest of the party laughing like a madman.

"What did you do?" Dante asked.

"Simple, those guys wanna be kings, I introduced them something that hates anything thinking itself a king."

"Um, I don't mean to be a prick, but isn't that really stupid?" Flanker said.

"Wudyamean?" Ralph asked.

"Well simply put, that guy hates anything thinking itself a king, so wouldn't that mean that by proxy it wouldn't like Onixya one bit?" Flanker said.

And just like that, just as flanker finished talking, the worm emperor turned its head to the party, it screeched even louder, in a more primal, more dangerous tone, then it coursed through the trees, dirt, and rocks topping them, breaking them like if they were made of Styrofoam.

"For fuck sake flanker! You had to open your big fat mouth!" Dave shouted to the high heavens.

Now, the Double Edge skill truly did its purpose, it was now pointing at Dave's party along with an enormous horde of creatures that didn't like Dave or Onixya one bit.