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376 No Rest For The Wicked

 The Pronged Fiend raced through the Wilds. It had lived in these forests for most of its life, and it knew them by heart. Now, as an Undead, it didn't feel fatigue or exhaustion. It moved at a pace that its former living self could never have achieved, nor would have ever been capable of competing with.

Spike carried the TNT and Dave on top of its broad back with ease. Even with their heavy armor, weapons and accessories, it proved a little hindrance to the magnificent stag.

"How long?" Flanker asked.

"Not yet, it's only been half a day. Tengu, you see anything?" Dave shouted.

The flying Heavenly Dog replied in a rasping voice, "Ahead is nothing but death! Your Undead have wreaked havoc in this area of the Wild." the Tengu spoke, a sliver of pride in his tone.

"Yeah, the boyz are damn badass! Still, we need to be ready for anything. Keep your eyes peeled for any trouble."

The Tengu grunted acknowledgement and increased his speed. His wings blowing gales as they flapped, propelling the red-nosed creature to sonic speeds.

Dave led Spike by the horns, his task was to secure the safety of Xix and his comrades. They were Dave's people since the moment they had set foot at Urburg. They had become his and Dave had a terrible temper when someone tried to take what was rightfully his.

"Bro Skelly, what do you think we're gonna do when we meet an army of thousands. I mean I don't mind fighting but those Qin soldiers..." Fortress didn't finish his words.

It was true, the Qin soldiers were a tough bunch to deal with, not to mention the Elite Forces that even Dave himself couldn't fight. Only Jeffery with his super Mecha-Unit had managed to force them to retreat.

"I'll handle them. I've kinda improved since the last time. But if it's too serious, I'll call my entire Undead army upon their ass. No matter how tough they are, facing a hundred thousand Undead at once is bound to make them slip. Giving us the chance to extract Xix and the rest of his group." Dave said.

"Finishing in murky waters," Flanker said.

"I think you got the proverb wrong, but kinda, yes," Dave replied.

The stag raced through the forest eagerly. Dave kept stroking his fur as he moved. Though now Undead, the appearance of Spike hadn't changed much. He still had a soft pelt and could still feel Dave's hands ruffling his fur. It made Spike move even faster.

A few Were-Tigers decided that Dave's party was a good prey. They were soon convinced otherwise as Dave blasted two of them with Infernal Spectral Skulls, sending the Were-Tigers to an early, grim and scorching death.

The remaining members of the pack decided to retreat, a wise decision that only cost them two of their members.

The attacks on Dave's group declined to null from then on. The Wild could sense the danger one presented as they moved through it, and so could its populace. From then on, Dave's group was left alone. But this didn't mean that they were safe, Dave knew all too well that there was an angry Black Dragon waiting for the chance to pounce on them. However, for the life of Dave, he had yet to understand why the Black Dragon hadn't attacked them yet.

They still had the Stench of the Weak debuff on, so they were tagged as prey by the Wilds themselves. Yet the ultimate predator of the area had yet to decide to go hunt them. Dave didn't know what reason kept the dragon from hunting them, but for now, he was thankful for it.

The party spent a few more hours of moving until the Tengu came down and stopped them.

"Fires, my lord. There is a camp nearby, and your people are there. Most of them," the Tengu said grimly.

"What do you mean, most of them?" Dave asked.

"There were corpses. Corpses of men, women and children. The Qin Army used them and discarded them. A typical act of war, yet it still sickens me to see children so young deprived of their lives for the glee of others."

"How many?" Dave asked

"The victims, I counted seven," the Tengu replied.

"No, I meant, how many soldiers of the Qin Army are there," Dave spoke through gritted teeth.

"Numerous, but nothing we can't handle."

"The Elite Forces?" Dave asked.

"None were present," the Tengu shook his head.

"Very well, let's go then," Dave said and hopped down from Spike.

He patted the Fiend and said, "Spike, thanks for the ride. Stay here, I'll need you for the ride back. Things are about to get messy."

The Fiend neighed in protest. "He wishes to fight alongside you my lord", the Tengu translated.

Dave smiled and said, "Thanks bud, but no, you're a great mount but you're not a fighting mount. I'll call you again when we're going back." Dave said and unsummoned Spike.

"Now what do we do?" Flanker asked.

"I'll get you some mounts", Dave said, and stomped a foot on the ground, summoning three Dunlords.

"Each of you take one," Dave said.

"Whoa, I always wanted to ride one of these," Flanker said giddily.

Dave crouched and slammed his palm on the ground causing black sigils to spread from underneath his hand. The sigils lit up and in an explosion of smoke, summoning Grumpy, the Onyx basilisk.

"Grumps, you're up!" Dave said and hopped on Grumpy's back. He equipped Durandal and the Cursed Shield of Ajax.

"Holy cow, WHAT ARE THOSE?!" Fortress blurted.

"These," Dave said looking at the massive Ultra Great Sword and the round Cursed Shield, "These are god slaying weapons. Let's see how they fare against the Qin Soldiers!"

The four players and one Tengu rushed towards the camp. The Qin Soldiers were caught off-guard and as it was night, most of them hadn't donned their armor. The surprise attack from Dave made them scream in fear.

"Undead are attacking!" one of the soldiers shouted, to which the rest of the camp took notice and they began sounding the alarm.

Dave urged Grumpy ahead, the basilisk ran into a group of scrambling Qin Soldiers and chomped his maw close on one of the men's heads, instantly killing him. Dave jumped away from Grumpy, letting the basilisk massacre his way through the Qin Soldiers.

He turned and charged into a group of soldiers that weren't wearing any armor, killing them instantly. The moment his charge stopped, he stomped a foot on the ground, activating [Blot the Sun].

The skies thundered, literally thundered. Red lightning crackled in the skies as black clouds made even the darkness of the night darker.

Dave moved to another Qin Soldier, not hesitating in swinging his Ultra-Greatsword horizontally at the NPC. The soldier tried to parry Dave's gigantic sword with a spear he grabbed from nearby, only to have the weapon split in two, and at the same time split the wielder in half.

The man or half-man laid on the ground gurgling and throwing up blood. Dave didn't have time to admire his work, more of the Qin Soldiers were waking up from their surprise and they funneled to their tents to equip their gear.

Dave looked ahead. The old man, Xix, was strapped to a tree and a few feet from him was a lit bonfire. The old man had many bruises and wounds all over his body, but he didn't look like he was broken yet. Next to him were several dozen men and women, held tight with ropes to the ground or large wooden pillars all around the bonfire.

"Guys, hold them off for a second!" Dave shouted and charged ahead.

A few Qin Soldiers came at Dave all at once with spears aimed to pierce his chest. Dave used [Immortal Apparition] teleporting behind the group that stabbed empty air. He didn't turn, but waved his hand behind him and snapped his fingers. Summoning eight Infernal Spectral Skulls he blew up the soldiers.

Dave kept moving, his sword slashing at any unfortunate soldier that came his way, snapping them in half, or at least, breaking ribs and bones with every sword swing.

A soldier charged at Dave with a shoulder bash, to which Dave reflexively held his shield up in [Block], he was once again reminded that the Cursed Shield of Ajax doesn't Block. Yet what happened next made Dave's eyes widen.

The Cursed Shield of Ajax had jaws! Metallic jaws and they clamped on the incoming man's shoulder tearing it from his body. The shield chomped on the torn shoulder and arm, eating it and leaving the soldier screaming for a while until he lay forever still.

Dave raced through the Qin Soldiers, he roared with all he had as two soldiers came towards him swords aimed to take his head off, then swung down with his sword at one of them crushing him to the ground, while he took the second one's sword to the neck.


The amount of damage wasn't enough to even prick Dave, to which he grinned.

The Qin Soldier froze in fear, he had struck at Dave's neck with all he had and the Doom Knight didn't even seem phased by the attack.

This moment of fright was the signature on the Qin Soldier's tombstone. Dave slammed down with his shield on the soldier's head, stunning him then slashed at man's feet cutting them off. Dave managed to spin the gigantic sword over his head, then grabbed it with an overhand grip and stabbed down at the soldier's chest, ending his life instantly.

Dave ripped his sword out and roared once again as many soldiers surrounded him. Yet this shout echoed through the Wilds and definitely resounded through the soldier's bones. Everyone took a step back from Dave. Even the loud clamor that was going on behind him thanks to Dave's party helping him hold a path of retreat had stopped.

The Qin Soldiers were terrorized. A single Doom Knight had charged through their ranks and wreaked unbridled havoc amongst them without finding anyone to stop him.

Suddenly a notification appeared in front of him.


In carnage, you thrive!

As a Doom Knight, you bring doom to your foes with your mere presence!

Deathly Presence activated!

All units, fifty (50) level under you will sense fear at your presence.

Your enemy's damage had been decreased by 50%!

Your damage on afraid enemies has increased by 100%


"Come! FIGHT!" Dave roared once again, to which every Qin Soldier shuddered and backed away they didn't want to die. Their expressions portrayed it.

One of Dave's victims, a Qin Soldier that he had killed earlier began shuddering and moved back up. it picked up a weapon and moved next to Dave, glaring angrily at his former companions.

Dave's skill [Blot the Sun] had been improved upon and could now automatically resurrect Undead. Though the chances of resurrection were low, they were still there.

When the Qin Soldiers saw their former comrade turning his weapon against them, that was the straw that broke the camel's back. They feared for their lives, but they feared more to turn to Undeath, to never find rest. To be enslaved to the will of another for all eternity and for all time to come.

The Qin Soldiers' retreat turned into a route. They spun around and ran away, screaming shouting and cursing at whatever unwholesome luck had been brought down upon them.

Dave was surprised at first at the sudden retreat of the enemy, but he didn't have time to question the reason why. He strode through the escaping enemies and stood in front of Xix.

"Old man," Dave nodded.

"Lord! You came...but you must return! Urburg is in danger!" Xix said.

Dave smiled saying, "I know, don't worry, I'm here to take you back."

Dave turned to see the rest of Xix's people and frowned. They had been tortured and brutalized, but nothing too dangerous. It was sad that he couldn't save them all. But he had to accept what he had for now.

"Guys, we'll go back," Dave said.

The TNT had just come next to Dave, Flanker asked, "What about them?"

"Don't worry about them," Dave said and waved a hand.

As a Doom Knight, Dave had an option to communicate with his Death Knight through vast distances.

"Singund!" Dave called.

"Lord! At your command!" the sound of the High-Orc Chieftain sounded around Dave.

"I need ten Death Knight Units."

"As you wish, commander!" Singund replied.

Then suddenly, ten Death Knights appeared in front of Dave.

"You, and you," Dave pointed to two Death Knights," Call your underlings, escort these humans back to Urburg. The rest of you, come with me," Dave said and tore a teleportation scroll to Urburg.

Flanker, Fortress and Perfect shrugged at each other and followed Dave's action, tearing teleportation scrolls and they appeared in Urburg.

The moment the trio appeared in Urburg, they heard loud sounds of battle all around them.

"Guess we're not late for the party," Dave's voice sounded next to them. Next to him were eight Death Knights and Grumpy snorting hard at the incoming hoard of Qin Soldiers.

The Qin Soldiers had already breached the city gates, but the numerous Undead had quarantined their assault around the gate. The city hadn't taken a lot of damage, all thanks to Dog and Bud who were breaking bones at the city gate. These two Death Knights had been kept here at Dave's behest to protect the city, a plan that had worked for the best of the citizen of Urburg.

And now with the reinforcement, the Qin Army was set for yet another defeat.

"FOR THE LEGION!" Dave roared, then dashed ahead. His Death Knights summoning their underlings and instantly tipping the battle to Dave's side.