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375 I Spy With My Littel Eye...

 Dave appeared in the heart of Urburg, the city, bustling with all its activity and construction looked like it was about to take its first breath after reviving. The end of the construction was neigh. The buildings looked clean and neat. The Undeads sense of beauty and aesthetic remained unchanged even in death.

Large wooden buildings stood aligned, facing each other across a wide street. The city streets had small trenches along the side to funnel out rain if it fell. There was a sewer system installed, and there were stables, shops, and restaurants about to take their final shapes. The city was almost alive, it only lacked a day or two and a lot of people before Dave could finally call it a true city.

Urburg had turned out to be a beautiful place, situated among one of the deadliest places on Conquest. The journey here would endanger a lot of its people, but the protection behind Urburg's walls would guarantee their safety.

Dave was certain that once he revealed this area, it would become a hub for all kinds of players to group and gather. They would forge out from Urburg to the Wilds, to grind EXP and collect resources and materials. Being this close and so deep in the Wilds, Urburg promised great excitement for all comers. And all of it belonged to David Ruster. Once an orphan without prospects or a view of the future, now at the brink of making the Dream, capital D.

Dave grinned as he walked through Urburg's streets. By announcing its presence to the world, he would by then, certainly and surely have set foot at a height comparable to all the world's Super Guilds. This place might look like a city, but it held a lot of potential power and sway. Yet Dave didn't delude himself thinking that the masterminds behind the Super Guilds wouldn't think of ways to take this place away from him. And he had prepared for such attempts.

Protecting a city isn't as easy as protecting a kingdom, the latter needed a Conquest Right to conquer, the first only needed manpower and it could be overrun. Yet this didn't deter Dave from announcing it when it was time, after all, he knew what he was doing.

Dave arrived at the town center, there were a few men and Undead working around a gigantic fountain that had the Undead King's statue standing in the middle. His sword held high in one hand while his other hand was behind his back. The statue was very life-like, if not for its white porcelain color, Dave would think that it was the Undead King himself.

One of the living workers noticed Dave, he turned and gave him a nod. Dave nodded in kind, smiling.

It seems that the teachings he had imparted to the old man had spread.

"Greetings Lord Kis'Shtiengbrah," the man spoke.

"Where's the old man?" Dave asked.

"Lord Xix?" the man asked.

"I never learned his name, but yeah that's him. Anyways, has he come back yet?" Dave asked.

Before the man could answer, perhaps as if this was a script, Dave heard the grieving cry of a young man.

Turning, Dave saw a young man, almost the same age as he was walking through the gates of Urburg. He had dozens of wounds all over his body, one of his eyes was gone. His right leg had an arrow going through it and blood dried around it. The man's clothes were torn and in tatters. He looked like an escapee from a torture camp.

Dave walked briskly among the now interested Undead and humans. He stopped in front of the man and pulled a health potion from his inventory.

"Drink!" Dave shouted an order.

The man shuddered and seeing the Health Potion, he snatched it from Dave's hand and opened it. Drinking the contents in one single gulp. The red liquid splashed over his face and onto his clothes but he didn't care. He drank the red potion with greed, an insatiable thirst and a fierce desire to live. It was his hope.

When he had emptied the potion's contents into his throat, the young man's expressions turned a shade pinker. His complexion improved and he no longer looked like a pale man on the brink of death.

"T-thank you, lord."

"Who are you?" Dave asked.

"I'm Xuan Liu, I've come with lord Xix, please, you have to help our lord! He's been captured. He came to take us to this city, but he was caught, they are killing him!" the man said.

Dave shuddered, wrath was boiling under his skin, "Who is?" Dave asked. He already knew but he wanted to hear it from the man's own mouth.

"The dogs of Qin! They followed him and found us, I barely managed to escape, I followed lord Xix's instructions and found this place. Please help him!" the man urged.

"Where were you stationed?" Dave asked.

"A day's travel from here, to the north of this region."

Dave nodded and stood up. Looking around, he caught sight of Nick standing among the crowd, a frown on his face. Dave didn't like it.

Dave calmed down for a few moments then stomped his foot on the ground summoning the Tengu, Dog, and Bud. Dave had kept these three Death Knights on standby, as Singund went wreaking havoc across the whole of the Wilds.

The moment the three were summoned, they surrounded Dave, arms at the ready and looked around preparing for a fight. Dave had already told them to be prepared to fight the Chosen One of the Ash King and they hadn't forgotten.

"Stand down," Dave sp

"What is the situation lord?" the Tengu asked.

"Someone took one of our own, we're going to get them. Prepare for a battle." Dave said.

The Tengu turned to Bud and Dog and said, "Call your underlings, we'll march with our lord!" he said.

Dave turned to the Undead that were working on the construction, he frowned for a bit then turned again to the man who had collapsed to the ground.

"Take this man and tend to him," Dave ordered one of the undead workers.

Once the man had been taken away, Dave turned to the rest of the Undead and said.

"Be ready, I sense a fight coming soon," Dave said.

Nick then emerged out of the crowd and spoke to Dave. His mere presence made every other Undead fall immediately to their knees. As an Undead, you don't stand in the presence of the God of Undeath.

"You noticed?" Nick asked in a hushed tone.

"Yeah, no matter how lucky one can be, they won't be lucky enough to go through the Wilds with an arrow through the leg for a day's travel. Not with beasts that could smell even the tiniest drop of blood. Also, his wounds were heavy but not life-threatening as he made them seem." Dave replied, his voice equally quiet.

"Then why did you heal him?" Nick asked.

"Because we don't want to alert the rest of the spies." Dave grinned.

"But you will still leave the area? Who is to protect Urburg, you should know that even if I love this city, there are rules, Kid. I can't break them."

"I know, I have a plan," Dave said.

"Let's go," Dave called his three Death Knights and moved out of Urburg.

The moment he was out of Urburg's perimeter and was hidden by its bushes and trees Dave stopped and turned to Bud and Dog.

"You two," Dave said.

"Stay here. I have no doubt that the armies of Qin will come here soon. They must have planned on this attack the moment they realized that my main forces are clearing the wilds. They used the old man Xix as a lure to get me out of Urburg so they can take over it. Stay here, and protect everyone." Dave said.

"What about me?" the Tengu asked.

"You'll come with me," Dave said.

He needed help if he was going to face the armies of Qin. Dave was powerful, but he was one man. If he faced thousands of Qin soldiers, he would die.

Dave then dialed a number, it was Perfect-Shot.

"Yeah, sup bruh," Perfect shot's voice came from the voice chat.

"Are you available now? I need a tracker," Dave said.

"Yeah, I have some time. Should I call Flanker and Fortress?" Perfect asked.

"If they are available, we don't have much time," Dave said.

"Where?" Perfect asked. He sensed the tension in Dave's voice.

"The Wilds, Urburg."

"I'll be there in a second."

Perfect sent Dave a party invitation. Dave accepted it, and he was once again in a party with TNT.

It took the trio two minutes to arrive, thanks to the party option they quickly located Dave and came running.

When Perfect Arrived with Fortress and Flanker. The Priest and Tank nodded at Dave. Surprisingly without jokes. They must have seen the annoyance on Dave's face and refrained from such.

Perfect asked Dave, "What's the situation?"

Dave gave Perfect the gist of things. "Understandable, it sounds fishy alright, but I don't think you'll need a tracker for this one," Perfect said.

"I don't?"

"Not really", he then turned to the Tengu and said, "You have a Heavenly Dog as an Undead." Perfect said matter of factly.

"Ah," Dave turned to the Tengu.

"I have come to the understanding that you wish me to find the man called Xix? Is that right?" the Tengu asked.


"I have already met him and yes, I can still smell his scent." The Tengu closed his eyes and took a whiff from the Wild's air.

His neck snapped to the south, "He's over there, a long-distance but nothing we can't cover in less than a day." The Tengu said.

"Right, the man was going to send us in the opposite direction then. Very well, let's get moving."

Dave stomped a foot on the ground summoning Spike. Though the basilisk was powerful, the  Pronged Fiend was the fastest in the Wilds.

"Oh, like the good old days!" Fortress spoke."

"Ah man, why do I feel like I'm gonna get the ass-seat again?"

"Because you are," Dave said scratching at the Pronged Fiend's jaw.

"Tengu, take to the skies and scout for us, we'll follow you on Spike. Everyone ready?"


"Then let's go kick some Qin ass!" Dave hopped on the fiend along with TNT and the monster darted through the forest.