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371 Cold Massacre

 It took no less than half an hour for the rumors about the Black Armored Pk to reach the ears of the higher-ups in the Devastator guilds. At first it was disregarded as someone causing trouble and will be punished by the NPC forces that protect the cities of Conquest.

These NPCs preserved order so that there would be no mayhem inside cities. But seeing that these forcers didn't move when the Black Armored PK started, the players thought it was a bug or glitch in the system. However, when the second killing emerged, many players feared for their levels and lives.

The Devastator HQ received several notices about the Black Armored player, and how he was strong enough to take on entire parties of level 300 and could easily escape the hunt of level 400 parties. The killing started in broad daylight and ended a few hours afternoon.

By this time, most players in the Devastator Capital were wary of any player wearing black armor.

Dave had killed the two players and went off to a new destination. Leaving the Devastators in confusion. He teleported to the Northern Kingdom. The HQ of Blood Ragers. He took out the Demonling detecting crystal. After scanning the area and finding nothing, Dave took the teleportation gate to another area. He kept teleporting from place to place in the hope to find one of the Demonlings nearby. Sadly, most of his search was in vain. Until he arrived at Ulmir's Rest.

The city was built at the foot of a mountain, Dave had already come here to aid the Blood Ragers to defend against the advance of the Qin Army. The crystal had located a Demonling, but it was outside of the city, a few miles away.

Dave walked down the city's main street and through its gate. The area was livelier than the time he came here. At least NPC wise. There were more on the street than when the war was going on.

The crystal pointed Dave to the upper side of Ulmir's Rest mountain. The player he was hunting was probably on top of the mountain.

"Shit, heights." Dave shook his head and decided to brave through his mild fear of altitude.

He took a none-traced rout and began climbing the mountain. After a few minutes of climb, a notification appeared in front of Dave.


Your body temperature has dropped below normal.

Your stamina regeneration has decreased by 10%


"This is one of the reasons I would rather be undead," Dave groaned and continued climbing up. His body began shaking uncontrollably. His metallic armor served little to no purpose in defending against the freezing coldness of the mountain.

Every few minutes, another notification would appear reminding him that his body cannot go on like this. Frost accumulated over his armor and his speed decreased severely.

Dave looked down, Ulmir's Rest was far away from him. And no player had noticed him climbing the mountain. He raised his right hand up and clenched his fist. The Ring of True Undeath shone in dark light and Dave was transformed into his Bearded Undead avatar.

A notification appeared in front of Dave.


Never Tire!

As an undead, you cannot suffer, slow/freezing/Stamina depletion.

All negative effects have been reverted.


"Much, butter," Dave spoke in his hollow draugr voice. He continued climbing up until the crystal began humming.

Dave had reached halfway point of the mountain. Right now, he didn't dare look down.

A few meters above Dave was a ledge. He reached the ledge and climbed up. This ledge spanned most of the mountain in a circular manner. It was the only thing that players could use to climb the mountain, or if they were undead with unlimited stamina, they could ignore the ledge and climb the mountain like Dave did.

The crystal shone brighter in Dave's hands. Through the howling of the cold wind on the mountain, he heard the cutting voice of a few players that were coming through from the ledge.

Dave looked around, the area he stood on was too dangerous to fight in. if he made a mistake and fell, that's a one-way ticket to Limbo. He didn't want that.

Dave looked at the ledge one more time and smiled. He waved his hand summoning spectral skulls and buried them in the snow over the ledge. He then climbed down with his hands firmly gripping on the ledge. He didn't need to worry about losing his grip. The undead race had firm control over their bodies and Dave's Strength value and unlimited Stamina guaranteed that he could remain gripping at the ledge for as long as he wished.

After a few minutes, the falling snow covered Dave's hands and most of his upper body. But the voiced of the players never died down. Dave could now hear their footsteps crushing the snow among the roaring of the wind.

"How far is it!?" one player shouted.

"Half an hour! Just hang on!" a player replied.

"Are you sure it's a real dungeon?" another player asked.

"Yes, damn it, I've told you many times before."

"How come no one knows about it, man?"

"Because it's a hidden dungeon. I discovered it by luck." The leading player said.

Dave was listening intently, there was a dungeon on this mountain? That was interesting to him. He was looking to capture more dungeons anyway.

A few seconds later, the party was moving right next to Dave's gripping hands. His smile grew wider by the second.

Looking up, Dave noticed the player with the Demon Icon on top of his head. The player was wearing priest clothing.

Dave grabbed the priest by the ankle and wrenched him into the emptiness. The priest's mind went blank for a moment. He was so surprised and shocked he forgot to scream.


You have killed one of the Ash-King's minions!

Your standing with the Undead Legion grows.

Your Standing with Ramsha grows.

Your standing with the Undeath God grows.


The party noticed the death of their priest all too late. Dave snapped his fingers, blowing up the spectral skulls he buried in the snow. Several explosions echoed at once knocking all the players from the mountain's ledge and into the emptiness. The mass of roiling snow and rocks, covered Dave from their sight as they fell.

Dave gripped hard on the ledge until all the snow and rocks fell. He climbed back up on the ledge and dusted the snow off of his armor.

Dave leaned a bit down, realizing that the height was nauseating, he snapped his neck back, 'Burh that's damn far."

Thankfully, Dave's stunt came out all right. He didn't die and probably wasn't identified. The players died way too fast and too suddenly to recognize what killed them.

Due to his current status as an Undead, he can't be counted as a PK and won't have the Aggressor Status. So, the players will probably be at a loss at what killed them.

Dave looked up; the ledge went on for a while. He continued climbing, the players had mentioned the existence of a dungeon at the top of the mountain. His curiosity got the better of him and he was now going to see what was in this Hidden Dungeon.