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370 First Hun

 Dave appeared in the center of the Devastator capital. Most players that were looking at the teleportation gate glanced upon Dave for a few seconds then ignored him. He wasn't in his Undead form, but still, the pitch-black armor he wore was a bit out of place.

His armor was never seen before kit, but those were common. Many players had unique gear that's why their attention on Dave waned seconds after he appeared.

Dave ignored the players and went on his way casually. He moved through the Devastator capital without care. Dave moved as he was looking at the white buildings and merchantes opening shop. The Devastator capital or the whole Western Kingdom was prosperous. The Devastator guild was owned by some of the world's most powerful tycoons. The money that flowed into the Virtual-Kingdom was enough to drown IRL countries.

The Devastator guild earned money by collecting taxes from players. All the smithies in the kingdom were owned by a sub-guild of the Devastators. So, if any player wanted to have their equipment repaired, or crafted, they will have to pay a sum that will go into the pocket of the devastator leaders. Not to mention shops being opened all over the city that had to also pay tax or even the teleportation gate.

The usage of a teleportation gate or teleportation scroll would deduct a small amount of money from players and put it into the Devi's capital. The amount wasn't much, a few silver coins at most, but due to the sheer number of players using the gate every day, these few silvers would soon turn into millions of dollars of income.

The money then is used to supply the main guild with superior gear and finance raids or dungeon clears.

Warlord and Valentine had created an economic system that kept the funds going into the devastator's funds. Further cementing their position.

Dave had known of this. The money coursed here was more than the funds of some of the world's largest companies and it only grew each day. The reason for which the Devastators didn't like to have their reputation slandered or have any kind of bad rumor going on around them. The reputation of the Devastators was reflected in the IRL companies that were sponsoring them.

The effect of bad propaganda would ruin a lot of businesses if it escalated. Thus the careful handling of all and any situation was needed for the Devastators to remain as a top Super Guild.

Yet, somehow when it came to Mr. Skeletal, all of it would change. The undead would ruin their plans at times and help them at times. Making the Devastators confused about their standing against or with Mr. Skeletal.

Dave moved through the bustling city without a care in the world, he had a wide smile on his face that was hidden by his full helm.

In his hand was the orb that the Undead King had given him and it was glistening with an eerie sheen.

"I didn't think I'd get this lucky, two Demonlings in this city. I hope that none of them is the chosen one though, it might make things a bit tricky,' Dave thought to himself.

Dave turned his head to the left, there was a player wearing red leather armor and was talking with a few other adventurers.

The player had a small demon icon over his head. He probably didn't seem to notice it nor did the other players.

"Sorry bud," Dave smiled and drew his Doom Knight Bastard Sword. He had no intention of showing Deadra's Weapons if he could help it.

People knew that David Ruster was Mr. Skeletal. But no one knew that Mr. Skeletal was Death Stroke, it was a matter of time until they figured it out but he wanted to keep it hidden as much as possible. It was best that no one knew that Dave could change from undeath to human and have the advantages of both races at his own wishes.

When the players noticed Dave coming threateningly toward them, they frowned.

"Dude, why are you drawing a sword in the middle of town," one of them spoke.

"Yeah. The guards will come for you. Hey, do you hear me? Are you deaf?" another spoke.

The player with the demon icon noticed Dave then a moment later his eyes looked up. He was probably reading a notification. Then his eyes widened and he turned around and started running.

Dave smiled, he too received a notification.


Demon Slaying:

The Demonling [Jinshuri] you are hunting had recognized your presence.

As long as they are within 500 meters radius from you, they cannot log out.

The hunt is on!


Dave laughed and ran after the player.

The party that was with Jinshuri, turned to Dave, they must have received a party-voice mail that informed them about the situation so they all faced Dave to give their friend a bit of time to escape.

"Stop him!" one of the players said, he was an archer and loosed an arrow at Dave.

Dave let the arrow strike him and waited for the second player to attack.


the damage Dave received was pitiful. The second player was a caster and shot a snaring skill at Dave. Stroke left the attack land on him also.

"Yes, I got him!" the caster said.

"Alright, I'll take it from here," a player with a sword and shield charged at Dave.

The moment the player clashed into Dave, Dave's grin grew even wider.


"What the fuck? How come your defense is that high?!"

"I was waiting for this, now all three of you are aggressors." He said and used [Stampede].

Dave slammed into the knight and knocked him over. His charge didn't end yet, he kept going until he crashed into the archer.




You have killed an Aggressor!

You have Killed and Aggressor!


Dave stopped right next to the caster who as holding his cane, in a shaky hand. The 'fiend' in front of him just killed two of his party members in one hit. It was true that his friends were barely level 200, but killing the both of them while using one skill was too much.

The black-armored knight became the caster's nightmare, and this nightmare was standing right in front of him. He saw the knight raise his sword high up then chop down. The priest's eyes closed, and when he opened them, he was in a purplish dark world, also known as Limbo.

Dave smirked, 'Sorry guys, I couldn't attack first. Or I'd get in trouble with city guards. Now, for my prey." Dave looked ahead and began running.

The players that were looking at the scene all moved away. They acted smartly after all this player just killed three others without breaking a sweat. And they didn't know what was the cause of his action, nor did they wish to visit Limbo anytime soon.

Dave ran after the player with extreme speed, his armor weighed nothing on him. All thanks to his 1,000 points in strength.

Compared to the other player Dave was like a runaway train closing its gap with the poor soul. Jinshuri appeared in Dave's interface soon enough.

"Why the fuck are you chasing me, get the fuck away!" the player screamed his lungs out.

Dave ignored his please and kept running after him.

Soon, Jinshuri realized he couldn't outrun the player behind him. He had many levels over him and probably more stamina and he couldn't log out. It was just a matter of time before the black knighted player would catch him.

He then began screaming for help, to any players that were near him.

Most players ignored him, but some players decided to become heroes and stopped in Dave's way.

"You there why are you bullying a low-level player," one of the players spoke. This one was a priest that was well geared. His level was at least 400.

His words made other players join in, making Dave look like nothing but a bully.

Dave only wanted to be in range of Jinshuri to use [Spectral Skulls] on him. But seeing the players joining hands to stop him, threw a wrench in his wheels.

'Shit, guess I'll have to be a bit mean,'

Dave stopped a few paces in front of the grouped-up players and stomped his foot hard on the ground. The stop cracked the earth and caused the world to blur. This was the variant of the [Blot The Sun] skill. When Dave was not in his Undeath Form, most of his skills were subtly changed in animation.

The sky didn't dim, but everything looked hazy in a radius of 50 meters around Dave. The players felt their avatars unresponsive and heavy. While Dave moved at full speed and used [Immortal Apparition] teleporting behind the confused players.

He didn't attack them with a direct spell, [Blot the Sun] only slowed them and it wasn't enough to warrant an Aggressor status on Dave. But still, a warning notification appeared in front of him.

Dave appeared on the other side of the confused players. Jinshuri thought he would be safe with the players helping him and he made the idiotic mistake to stop, wait and see. But this only made Dave close the gap between the two even faster.

Dave unequipped his sword and pointed at the player with his hand, shooting eight spectral skulls at him.

The player screamed as the skulls came charging toward him, but screaming wouldn't have saved him.



You have slew one of the Ash-King's minions!

Your standing with the Undead Legion grows.

Your Standing with Ramsha grows.

Your standing with the Undeath God grows.


Dave turned around. [Blot the Sun] status effect was gonna wear off soon. So he couldn't stay here longer. He knew he could take on a few of these players, but sooner or later they would call on more manpower and it would be just a matter of time for Dave to die. He was in foreign territory; he couldn't act as he wished.

"The second Demonling is also nearby, I need to go," Dave turned and dashed through one of the alleys, disappearing from view.