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369 Demon Hunting

 Dave reentered the Dead Realm right in front of Andre's forge. He had won, thankfully so. Looking through his notification he noticed he had two missed calls, one from Lone Arrow and another from Perfect Shot.

Dave called Lone Arrow first, "Sup."

"Hey, you. I called to see how you managed with the Clash of Gods." Lone said.

"It was a tough one," Dave said, he didn't lie. He told Lone what had happened. Dave could have easily won using his skills but he had agreed to fight with just his fist weapons. Desmond Malcolm was a professional fighter. A world champion and his skill kit was built on real struggles, experience and a lot of beatings. The man was tough and Dave respected him for that. His gear was pretty average. But the power behind his fists and his agility were the real thing. In a real fight, Dave didn't doubt this man could take on ten of him without breaking a sweat.

"Wow, you shouldn't risk your Legacy like that Davey," Lone said.

"Yeah, lesson learned. He was tough, if not for my Vigorous passive and his low stamina that couldn't keep up with his DPS I would have lost." Dave said.

"Yeah, and he would have gotten your Legacy, remember that." Lone reminded.

"Yeah, how did you do?" Dave asked.

"Another victory, apparently the system isn't unfair. I fought two players close to my level and got the upper hand. Still, the longer this lasts the riskier it will get," Lone said.

"Yeah, the low levels will get eliminated leaving the strongest ones. You should stop if you feel you can't win Lone. If you face someone of Malcome's caliber, it's gonna be tough on you." Dave said.

"Yeah, I'll keep that in mind," Lone said then halted for a moment and said, "Uncle told me something interesting happened in the meeting room today," Lone said. Dave could feel the teasing? Probably anger in her voice. He didn't want to risk it so he came clean.

Dave told her everything that happened, starting from the moment Lone came to pick him up to buy his car until the meeting. He told her about Ophidia and the staff and how he played the boss in the meeting room.

"Right," Zoe snickered and hung up.

Dave didn't understand what she had in mind. When did a man ever understood what went on in a woman's mind anyway?

Dave shook his head and called Perfect Shot. The second missed call.

"Yo man, what's going on?" Dave asked.

"Ha! I won," Perfect Shot said.

"What do you mean?" Dave asked

Perfect Shot's excited voice came to form the voice com. "I mean I beat a Legacy holder and now I have their Legacy.

"Holy shit dude, what Legacy did you get?" Dave asked expectantly.

"Thread Weaver, it's a Debuff and Control Legacy. It creates threads from nothing and binds enemies. The threads can also be used to invigorate allies or burn them. I haven't explored it fully I'm just learning the skills." Perfect said.

"What rank is the Legacy?" Dave asked.

"It's B rank, not bad huh."

"B rank, that's pretty cool to be honest. A legacy with a B rank means it's pretty special. You can join any super-guild you want using it as a voucher." Dave said.

"Nah, the only guild I'll ever join will be the Legion's ha!" Perfect laughed.

Dave smiled saying "Right. For the Legion!" then he hung up after hearing Perfect Shouting "For the Legion!"

Dave looked around, then thought to himself, 'What to do now?' he looked at his quest log.

"Hmm, the Undead King's armor still needs the Black Dragon's heart and the Hydra Scales. For the scales, I already have a plan, but I can't beat the Black Dragon, so this one is a no go."

He looked at the following quest, "Hmm, Oprenieum. Nah, Dogaron is level 750, the same as the Black Dragon, that's still a suicide. Can't win, at least not yet. So, no."

"Abyssal Knight ascension, requires level 600, still too far away." He kept looking down.

There was the upgrading of Urburg city, but he couldn't do anything to it. The Undead were working hard on it on their own. He could still go back and check if the old man had brought more people to work in Urburg but that wasn't important.

Dave kept scrolling through his quests, most of them were hard or had conditions he couldn't fulfill for the moment. Until he found a questline he had ignored for a long time.

"Might as well do this as I search for the Demonlings," Dave smiled and tore a teleportation scroll to Moria.

The moment he appeared in Moria, he heard loud shouts coming from all over.

Turning his head, Dave saw dozens of knights from the Qin kingdom converging toward his location.

"Undead! Kill THE UNDEAD!" the knights shouted.

Dave looked around then smiled, "Well, I'm already in a hostile relationship with the Qin Kingdom, so might as well..." and he stomped a foot on the ground.

Black shadows materialized around Dave, more than a hundred Death Knights answered the summoning of their lord. Their eyes glowed an eerie blue as they gazed at the Qin Warriors.

"Undead, kill them all," Dave waved a hand dismissively at the Qin Warriors. The moment his words were spoken the undead charged at the Qin Warriors and began a mass slaughter.

Every Death Knight began summoning his own Undead and the city of Moria was soon filled with them. They climbed on the walls and reached beyond the gates, they rose from death and brought death upon all those within the city. Soon, not a single soul was left in the city.


Your standing with the kingdom of Qin has turned to Extreme Hostility.


"Bruh, like that's gonna change anything," Dave ignored the notification.

He then shouted to his Undead followers, calling them to surround him.

When his hundred thousand strong Undead army converged around Dave to listen, Dave summoned Grumpy and stood on top of him to speak, "Undead of the Legion! March ahead! Bring down any Dungeon, any city any town, kill, slaughter and turn any that defy you! Ignore the peasants and citizens but If soldiers bring their weapons to bear on you, slaughter them all. Make everything belong to the dead!"

In one chorus rumbling voice, all of Dave's Undead boomed in a roar!


"Death Knights, lead your armies to capture Dungeons. Your task is to take control of every Dungeon from here to the borders of the Qin Kingdom."

Dave gave an order to the Death Knights and turned to Bud, Dog and the Tengu. "You three come with me."

"What about me, Lord?" Singund asked.

"You'll be left in command of the army, lead them and make everything ours,"

"As you wish!" Singund said, his voice shuddering with excitement. Leading an army of the dead was probably not what he had hoped for, but in truth the might behind this army was something Singund always wished to wield. He had to prove his value to his lord. And when Dave gave him such a task and such trust, he vowed to himself to make his lord proud.

"FOLLOW ME! UNDEAD!" Singund roared guiding his orc regiment ahead of the hundred thousand Undead and toward the Wilds.

Dave nodded as he saw the army heading toward the East. He didn't know what would await them, but with Singund's raw power and his nigh immortality, he could get them out of any troublesome situations they encountered. Not to mention, capturing any Dungeon along the Wilds will help bolster Dave's position in the Legion and increase his Contribution Point count.

Dave realized that maintaining an army the size of his would take a lot of CP, CP he couldn't amass on his own. So, he needed to conquer Dungeons and they will generate enough CP for him to sustain his army.

"Alright, time for the second part of this plan," Dave turned to his Death Knights and said, "I'll be summoning you soon. Be ready, there will be an imminent fight. I'll be searching for Demonlings, you need to be ready for the worst." Dave said.

"If it's just one, we can win with ease," The Tengu said.

"If it's a regular Demonling perhaps I won't need you. But if it's a Chosen One, we might need help. Alright, be ready!" Dave said and tore a teleportation scroll to Urburg.

When he appeared in the city, he noticed that most of the Undead were busy with their work. The NPCs were helping but the Undead did the heavy lifting. The city was becoming more and more beautiful and would be ready to accept new citizens soon.

Dave moved through the NPCs and headed to the tavern. Nick was standing there, wiping the glasses with a white cloth.

"You came for another attempt?" Nick asked.

"Nope," Dave shook his head and raised his right hand. The True Undeath Ring shone bright and Dave transformed from the Doom Knight Kis'Shtiengbrah to regular human-player Dave.

His Doom Knight armor changed accordingly, it became pitch black, not reflecting an iota of light. The draconic decoration on it changed completely to become a glowing red carving of an eagle at the chest area. His black cape changed form; the symbol of an eagle imprinted on it.

"Not a fan of Undeath?" Nick asked.

"No, I'll be hunting Demonlings, I don't want everyone to follow me. If others know that Kis'Shtiengbrah is hunting Demonling, they might get scared and hide. But Death Stroke is a nobody, easier to blend in." Dave said.

"Right, do whatever you want. Just make sure to be wary, the Chosen One won't be easy to defeat." Nick said.

"Thanks for the warning," Dave pulled out a teleportation scroll.

"Let's start with the Devies, see if we get any luck," Dave said and tore it, disappearing from the tavern.