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368 A True Legacy

 Dave stood up, " Wing Chun? What's that? Some type of food?" Dave took a classic boxing stance.

Desmond laughed and said "Good one. Nah, you know Ip-Man?" he asked as he prowled around Dave.

"Yeah, Bruce-Lee's mentor. Pretty strong dude, so Kung-Fu."

"A type of it," Desmond replied and lunged at Dave. Dave tried hard to counter but failed every time. The man was really quick on his feet and didn't give him time to breathe.

Dave stepped back and decide to go into a [Dragon Kick], he propelled himself like a train at Desmond, but the Monk easily sidestepped him and smashed down at Dave mid-flight, canceling his animation and knocking him to the ground.

Dave pressed both hands on the ground and raised his legs, using [Infernal Tornado] his legs swung wide open and he spun on his hands like a top.

Desmond didn't expect Dave's reaction, but his own reaction was admirable. The man tilted back on his hands and began back-flipping away from Dave.

Dave finished his [Infernal Tornado] animation hitting nothing and stood back up.

"Whoa, that was cool. Skill?" Desmond asked.

"Yeah," Dave said and pointed both fists at the other man.

Suddenly a green value appeared over Dave's head, pushing his HP back to 100%.

"Dude, did you drink a health potion? That's unfair man," Desmond said disapprovingly.

"Uh, no. That's my passive, it restores 10% of my HP every few minutes."

The man tilted his head then looked down. "Shit, this is my loss then," he said.

Dave stood up from his stance and asked," Why is that?"

"Bro, you're tanky as heck. I already lost a lot of my stamina and if we keep fighting you'll keep regenerating. I can't down you man," he said.

Dave pondered for a moment and said, "You want me to put on lower-tier armor?" Dave asked.

Desmond shook his head saying," Nah, that ain't fair. You got your gear thanks to hard work. Bruh, I'm just happy to be able to fight Kis'Shtiengbrah.

"That wasn't a fight, that was a one sided beatdown bro," Dave said with a grin.

The man smiled back at Dave saying, "You should learn Martial Arts. You have good gear, good reflexes, but your form is pretty awful."

"Seeing that you made it to level 411 and with that low tier gear. I guess you're right."

"Yep. My goal is to learn all kinds of Martial Arts. I want to make my own style, make my own legacy," the man said.

"Ha, that's probably the truest form of Legacy man..." Dave thought for a moment and said, "I can teach you a skill," he said.

"Really?" the man said.

"Yeah, you have a spear or pole?" Dave asked.

"I think I have a long rod. It's pretty basic, a starting weapon I saved from my early days. Why? I don't use weapons, only my fists you know."

"I know, this is a counter-skill. Bring out your rod," Dave said.

The man pulled out his rod and asked, "What's next?"

"Hit me, a lunging attack," Dave said.

"Right," Desmond lunged at Dave with the pole. The weapon an extension of his body as he struck at Dave .

Dave's eyes shone bright and he raised his foot high and stomped on the pole's tip, burying it in the ground.

With this motion, the Monk was pulled forward, surprised at Dave's immense strength. He was unable to relinquish his grip on the weapon. He was forcefully pulled down, exposing his head to an incoming punch from Dave's fist.

Dave's fist struck the Monk with a blasting infernal impact that sent him rolling a dozen meters back.


Desmond stood up in shock, he had lost an enormous chunk of his HP with that single counter. But he didn't look annoyed, or angry at Dave smashing his nose in. On the contrary, the man's eyes were bright as he came closer to Dave, in a tone akin to begging, "Please tell me how you did that! What's the name of the Skill?"

"It's called Mikiri-Counter, very simple. Now you try it," Dave said and pulled out his glaive.

Dave held the glaive, the bottom side aimed at the Monk, he didn't want to accidentally kill him if he failed in his execution of the Skill.

"When the weapon is still in its extended animation, stomp on its tip with as much strength as you can, you will have a split second after the opponent had been destabilized to attack. You will deal twice the damage of your basic attack if you execute the Skill perfectly."

Desmond nodded that he was ready.

Dave swung the bottom of his Heaven Slasher forward, and surprisingly, the Monk was blindingly fast as he stomped on the pole, forcing Dave to kneel down and exposing his head to a knee kick.

The monk smashed Dave's head in, dealing a low amount of Damage. But unlike Dave, he didn't stop. He shoved his elbow down on Dave's chest then rose up with his shoulder smashing into Dave's chin. He could have continued but he stopped.

"Ouch," Dave said and wobbled back.

"Ah sorry bout that, it's a habit. Oh, I learned something new."

"Mikiri-Counter," Dave said.

"Yeah, but something more. It seems that you didn't fully develop the skill. Here look," the man opened a blue panel in front of Dave.

Dave read the notification.


Mikiri-Counter [Improved]

[Mikiri Counter] A dexterous skill allowing the user to punish enemies who use stabbing moves, correct use of Mikiri Counter exposes the enemy's vitals for a follow-up riposte.

If [Mikiri Counter] is executed perfectly, the next attack on a vital organ will have a 100% critical chance while completely ignoring the target's armor value.

[Improved Style]: Mikiri-Counter can have a follow up of Fist-Fighting Technique, each consecutive hit after a perfect execution of [Mikiri Counter] will have it's base Damage doubled.


"Oh, that's new," Dave said.

"Yeah, all Martial Arts are flexible, it's up to one's own imagination and dedication to add to them," Swingem said.

"Right, thanks for the Skill," Dave said.

"No worries. By the way, you live in New-York right?" Desmond asked.

"Yeah, I do,"

"You should come to my Gym someday. I mean I can teach you a bit about fighting. You'll need them in your adventures," Desmond said with a laugh.

"Yeah, I know the place, Manhattan First Ave" Dave said.

"Yep, that's the place."

"Yea, I'll drop by someday," Dave said.

"Right, Albert," Desmond spoke. Albert showed up.

"Yes? What seems to be the matter? I don't see much fighting going on." Albert said.

"I wish to surrender, I can't win," Desmond told the AI.

"Are you sure? You don't want to fight to the bitter end?" Albert asked again.

"Nope, can't win, not equipped good enough," he said, "And this guy didn't use his magic and I still couldn't take him down. I give up."

"Right, I will be doing an inspection," Albert said and his eyes turned white for a moment then back to their regular colour.

"I see no ill will in conceding defeat, then congratulations Kis'Shtiengbrah on your second victory. Swingem, you will no longer be able to join the Clash of Gods tournament."

"Right," Swingem said.

A vortex opened up, giving way to both Dave and Swingem to leave.

"See you again soon," Swingem said.

"Yeah, I'll drop by when I can," Dave replied and the two parted on a pleasant note.