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367 Pro-Fighter

 Dave took a cab back to his place. He didn't have much to do back at the company. With Samuel's instructions and the new management, the company should have a good increase in activity and revenue.

Dave arrived at his apartment in half an hour, he logged in and found out he had half an hour before the Clash of Gods event would start.

He tore a teleportation scroll to the Dead Realm and hurried toward Andre. The smith should have finished with repairing his equipment.

When Dave arrived at the smithy, Andre was already waiting outside for him. Deadra's Ultra-Greatsword was embedded into the ground and the Round Cursed Shield of Ajax was leaning against the sword. Next to the sword and shield was a crate with a Doom Knight armor placed on top. The helmet was placed on the neck of the chest armor, the cape draped behind them. The boots were on the ground and the gauntlets were next to the armor on the crate.

"Kis'Shtiengbrah, welcome back, I waited for you for a while now," Andre spoke, he didn't look any bit annoyed at waiting for Dave. After all the undead had all the time in the world.

"Sorry about that Andre, how are the repairs?" Dave asked.

"I fixed your armor, it should be as good as when you first procured it. As for the sword and shield. For the life of me, I could only remove the tarnishes on the weapons. Sharpening it was nigh impossible. I did the best I could. This shield, however, its impossible to even heat it to re-forge it. I still made it shinier," Andre said.

Dave smiled and put on his armor saying," Don't worry about it, making these any more powerful will be unfair."

"Ha!" Andre laughed and said, "I'm not as talented as Lord Vulcan. That entity forged these weapons in the void of space. The God-Smith Vulcan is an example to all of us Smiths," Andre said in a smile.

"Andre, you're the best smith I've seen in this world. And because you're undead, you're practically immortal, I say you'll one day be as good as this Vulcan don't worry about it you have time to make it to the top," Dave said.

"Thank you young undead, you are right. But to become a better Smith, I must work with better and rarer material." Andre said.

"Better material..." Dave trailed then spoke, "Would Oprenieum be one of them?" Dave asked.

"Oprenieum? Where did you hear that?" Andre asked. The look on his face was intense, like someone who heard an interesting secret.

"I went deeper under the Volcano of the Burning Heights, there is a node of extractable minerals there, Oprenieum, but..." Dave trailed again remembering the blue monstrosity guarding the area.

"But what?" Andre asked he looked like he would strangle Dave if he didn't tell him right away.

"There is a monster there, Doragon, pretty damned strong. I got sent to respawn by one hit from him."

"Dogaron, the Dragon wolf. That thing still lives... right, you're right. The Dogaron is a creature from hell. It can't die even if killed. And will return soon after it perishes. But I believe that with the help of a couple Abyssal Knights it can be taken down. Still, I don't know if they would help. Oprenieum can help increase the toughness and power of the Legion's weapons and armor." Andre said.

"If it's that important, I'll try asking Lord Samael and Lord Dortha to help," Dave said.

"Oh," Andre rubbed his nose and said, "You should probably not ask Lord Dortha, I mean the man is strong but I would rather not have to repair more Doom Knight Armor if I could help it. The take a lot of effort and manpower to fix," Andre said.

Dave laughed and said," Right let me see how it goes after I finish with my Clash of Gods event. Oh, it should start right now." Dave said as he looked at the timer.

Soon, a black vortex opened in front of Dave. And a notification asking him if he wishes to accept entry or not.

Dave unequipped his sword and shield and accepted the challenge. If he was going to fight someone weak, he didn't need to bring out Deadra's weapons. His Doom Knight Bastard Sword and Tower shield were enough for any casual adversary.

Once Dave went through the vortex, he found himself on the large platform surrounded by the void of the Limbo.

Another player appeared on the other side of the platform facing Dave. The player was a bald young man. He had dark skin, an African-American. He was as burly as Ralph if not more. The player had light equipment, leather armor, and a leather war-skirt. He wore fist weapons, two gauntlets with pointy metallic tips on the knuckles.

When the player saw Dave, he heaved a deep breath and exhaled. There was a bit of disappointment in his eyes. He probably didn't want to face the legendary undead this early on.

Albert showed up and gave the same rules he always told before. Then he disappeared leaving the two players facing each other.

Dave walked slowly toward his opponent, the other man did the same. When they were face to face the gauntlet wielding man smile and said, "Bro, wanna hear me out?" He asked.

Dave nodded to the man, "See, I've played the game as a monk, I don't use magic n'stuff ya know? I've seen you havein them fist weapons on you. How about it? Wana slug it til one of us drops."

Dave inspected the player.



Level 411

Class: Monk

Title: Fists of Hercules


Dave's brows rose up, he looked at Swingem and said, "You don't have a legacy class?"

"Nope, ain't never got it, and to be honest," the man flashed Dave a toothy smile saying, "I ain't ever needed it."

"Right, so fist fighting is okay with you?" Dave asked.

"Yeah, no cheating though bruh, kinda uncool seeing Kis'Shtiengbrah using spells after having agreed not to," the man said.

"If you saw my fist weapons before you should know they have skills imbued in them,"  Dave said.

"Yeah, saw them. You can use those, but the other magic, is not cool," The monk said.

Dave nodded and pulled out his Sworn Stalwart Gauntlets from his inventory, equipping them, the two fists looked like stone dragon heads, compared to the casual looking weapons from the Monk, Dave was several steps above him in gear.

"Oh, this is gonna be damn nice!" the man said and took a stance. He spread his feet and had one of his fists pointed at Dave while the other was tucked next to his ribs.

Dave frowned, he had seen a pose similar to this before, this guy wasn't a casual player, he is a pro-fighter.

'Shit, I think I screwed myself up."

The monk's smile grew wider as he took a step forward. He was fast, that was Dave could register, the man was blindingly fast, he disappeared from Dave's view and smashed a powerful fist into his left flank.


Dave hastily swung to his left, but the monk was a few feet away already, easily dodging Dave's fist.

"Damn bruh, that some strong armor you have there," the monk said and lunge din for another hit.

Dave reacted in time, he saw the fist coming and he sent his own hand to meet it. No matter how strong the Monk was, Dave doubted he could overcome the strength gained from his weapons with mere skill.

But Dave was wrong, terribly so. The monk managed to stop his fist in mid-flight and dexterously moved it to hit Dave's wrist, opening his chest for a powerful left jab.


"Bruh, how much HP do you have?" the monk said, it didn't sound like he was complaining. It meant that he was going to enjoy beating up Dave.

"Pro-Fighter?" Dave asked as he moved back.

"Desmond Malcolm, ever heard of it?"

"Shit, MMA Pro-fighter. Black belt in Taekwondo, Judo, and Karate, talk about bad luck," Dave smirked.

"Oh, so Kis'Shtiengbrah does know of me, but you forgot one thing," he said in a smile and dived at Dave.

His fists smashed rapidly into Dave's chest then he topped Dave form his ankles to the ground and took a step back giving Dave the time to stand up. this rapid combo took down 10,000 Hp from Dave in less than three seconds.

"I'm pretty damn good at Win Chun," he said in a smile.