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366 Learning From The Devil

 "Well, I never started a meeting this way, so for everyone. This is your new CEO, David Ruster. He is here to see the staff and learn about your activities." Sam spoke casually like what just occurred was nothing worth spending breath on.

Ophidia, on the other hand, had a face redder than a ripe tomato. She looked down, probably hoping that a hole would open up and swallow her whole.

Dave smirked at the staff and drew a chair next to Sam and slid in. He looked around the staff for a few moments and said, "Hello."

Most of the people in the room nodded to Dave in acknowledgement, with the exception of two people at the back, they had a sullen look as they stared at Dave. And he didn't miss it.

"David, as of now, Sigma-Electronics is no longer present. You'll have full control over this company's direction and how you will handle its business. I'd suggest that you know what your line of business is first before you start with familiarizing yourself with how the procedure of running a company goes." Sam spoke slowly so that Dave would understand what he was about to get into.

Dave however frowned, he didn't come here to know what the company did to make a living, he knew that he was far over his head in the business, but he didn't want to sound or look like an incompetent leader.

"Excuse me," one of the two men at the back, which were clearly disapproving of Dave running the company spoke up.

"I'm not so sure o how to say this, but you don't look like someone ready to run a company, you should probably step back and let us handle our own job."

Dave didn't even glance at the man. He had a few written notes laid down in front of him. Thanks to Sam having already prepared some tips on how Dave would handle the meeting. Dave read a line in the middle of the page, and after a moment's pause he looked up at the man and said, "Who are you?" he asked.

"I'm Jonas Drek, the head of R&D."

"Oh, research and development," he then looked at his paper and saw another line written there, again without looking at the man he said," You're fired."

Everyone in the room snapped their heads toward Dave, with the sole exception being Sam.  A wide smile was plastered on the Devil's face as he already knew what Dave was doing.

"You can't fire me!" the man slammed his hands at the table.

"I'm telling you; you'll make this company sink!"

"And I'm telling you, you're fired. I don't know how did the webs tolerate your existence in the first place. Your lab in R&D didn't generate anything these past few years. No new projects, no patents to new creation, nothing. The company's electro-Technology had been stagnant for years. If not for the former Larger-Share holder's support, this company would have sunk years ago. I don't need old rusty material working for me, I need something new and fresh, Ophidia, congratulation on your promotion, you're now head of R&D and you, Jonas whatever your last name was, Fired!"

the veins on the man's neck swelled, and he roared in protest then spoke, "I'll have my lawyers hear of this!" the man stomped his foot going to the door.

"Oh, I wouldn't recommend that," Sam spoke, casually slowly, and most importantly, frighteningly.

The man shuddered at the Devil Barrister's words then turned to him, saying, "Are you threatening me?"

"Where did you hear a threat in my words?" Samuel Silvana spoke in a toothy smile that made people remember Jaws.

The man shuddered and didn't move. He knew Samuel had more to say.

"Recently, the company's funds have decreased by 2%; I made some research and noticed that there is a leak. Some of the money that should be going into R&D has gone missing. The amount was low but accumulated. It generated over six million dollars of embezzled money."

The man called Jonas, swallowed hard and said," I don't know what you are talking about."

"Of course, you don't, however. I had a few friends do some checking, and apparently some of this money that went into was used in building a nice villa peering at the shores of Hawaii. The rest was used to buy some fancy cars and many other things that I doubt had anything to do with R&D. So tell me, Mr Drek, do you still not know what I'm talking about?"

Samuel Silvana's words tasted worse than poison; the man shuddered and turned around ignoring the room. His lack of action proved Sameul's words.

"We're gonna let him go?" Dave spoke in a hushed tone.

"And let him leave the country? Heck no, I already called a few policemen, they're waiting outside for him for an arrest. Embezzlement is a federal crime. He'll spend a long time in prison, of course after giving back all of what he took with interest." Samuel spoke in a tone for everyone to hear, and for everyone to fear.

The new direction wasn't as tolerating as the old one as it seems. The famous Mr Skeletal though looked like a young man, started his first day in the company with a fist of steel. Among all the people present, only one was genuinely happy for Dave's arrival. The woman named Ophidia. She glanced at Dave with gratitude and utter respect.

The boy she just met yesterday turned out to be her saviour.

"Alright, next one is, Ferni- fenire, Fenris? Yeah, Fenris Jackob's. Your handling accounting, I presume," Dave spoke and looked at the second man. He had a scowl on his face but didn't dare to raise his voice as he spoke to Dave.

"Yes, sir. I'm the head of the accounting team. We manage the finance and resources of the company. Also, payroll."

"Oh, good. Hmm, you just said you handle payroll. Then increase the pay of all the employees by 5% starting today." Dave said.

"What? That's a lot, it will stress our funds," the man said.

"No, apparently it shouldn't," Dave said with a smile comparable to the devil set aside of him.

"The revenue the company is generating should be more than enough to handle an increase of 5%. It should make the employees a bit happier. I saw the situation before I came in. All of them looked dead tired. This is not a working environment. They deserve some off-time, give them today off and we'll have to revisite the working hours. Also, shut down the funding for the T-Chip."

"But that's our main project. We've been working hard to make this!"

"Bull crap, this is just a rip off of another company's technology. I've seen this installed in Conquest's gear and sets. I don't know who approved of such a job, but that'll get us sued by Conquest the moment it is released." Dave said.

Most of the words he spoke sounded smart and far beyond his level, but thankfully all of it was explained in the note in front of him. Samuel Silvana didn't wish to have Dave appear as an ignorant, so he supplied him with all he needed to manage this meeting. However, surprise was still marked on Samuel's face. he only gave Dave crumbs, and Dave managed these small pieces of information to make powerful statements worthy of a company leader.

"Then what do you suggest we do? We work in Electronics. We can't go back to our old projects. They have been overused, thought upon and made better by other companies."

"Why is your thinking so retro?" Dave spoke, "Who said we'll go back to the old stuff. Ophidia? I see here that you had a new project in mind, mind explaining."

Ophidia scampered on her seat then stood up. There was a file in her hands."

"Yes, I wanted to share this with the company board when I came back from my vacation." She then shared her document with the rest of the people on the table.

Dave flipped a few pages, most of what was written was Jargons he didn't understand, but when he glanced at the people looking intently at the documents, he saw interest written all over their faces.

After a few stressful minutes for Ophidia, the man called Fenris looked at Dave and said, "This is really risky, it's too new. Innovative I admit, but really risky. Something like this has never been put into the market. I don't know if we have the capability to market it." The man said.

Dave smiled at him and said, "But if it got good marketing, you think it would sell?" Dave said.

"Worldwide marketing or forget about it," the man said.

Dave's smile grew even wider, "That's why you have me. Remember, I'm Mr Skeletal. I'm all the advertisement you'll ever need."

The man's face lit up," Right, you're absolutely right. Ophidia, send this file to my lab, I'll have the staff calculate the necessary funds needed to start, and you can have your staff working on it as soon as I give you the estimated funds." The man spoke excitement on his face.

"Of course," the girl spoke, her face beaming with a wide smile. Apparently, her idea was not refused and received approval - another step toward the top.

"Good, I like this. So what's left." Dave looked at the files and frowned, "Fenris, mind telling me why are we funding Rembaldi Private Institution?"

When Dave finished his words, Samuel turned to him and said, "Finally saw it."

"Yeah, didn't think they were in cahoots with this company," Dave said.

"They used our technology in their equipment," Fenris said.

"Prototype treatment, bone and flesh reconstruction, Bio-Tech," Dave spoke.

"Y-yes, how did you know? That information was private."

Dave scowled at the paper and said, "I know, because I was treated there. Well, more like tested upon. Sam..." Dave turned to Samuel Silvana.

"Remember when I told you I only needed time and to do a bit of research before bringing them down?" Sam said.

"Yeah," Dave replied.

"Apparently, I no longer need to. We have all the evidence we need to bring them down now. The files from this company are in your possession, and they can work wonders in proving the inhuman treatment you suffered under the hands of Rembaldi Private Institution."

"Right, how long should it take for us to move on them?" Dave asked."

"I'm already on it, David. I already filed a report the moment I received this information. I only need you to sign a document allowing me access to some of this company's files. By the way, did you decide on a name? I don't want to call it This Company anymore.

"Yeah I did, quite a simple one, Skelectronics," Dave said with a proud smile.

The rest of the room fell quiet, a rueful smile plastered on their faces. Like if the name was shameful, but no one had the audacity to speak their minds. After all, the guy just fired the head of R&D without batting an eye.

"Ugh, my niece warned me of your terrible naming sense, whatever then, I hope it's catchy," Samuel said.

Dave kept smiling and said, "I guess this is all, meeting adjourned. I hope to see you all later."

Dave stood up and walked out of the room, accompanied by Sam.

"You seem in a hurry," Samuel said.

"umm, yeah, I have a duel coming up soon. Clash of Clans. Oh, I heard you joined Conquest with Dante Silvana, what class did you take?" Dave asked.

"Merchant, I'm not a fan of fighting, and I'm generating a decent amount of gold. The game is quite fun. I see why it has such an appeal." Samuel said casually.

"Merchant, huh. Well, if you ever want to level up or something tell Zoe, I should have some time to power-level, you guys. For now, I have to go," Dave said.

"Right, go and do what you do best. I'll be doing the same," Samuel said and bid Dave goodbye.

Dave, on the other hand, hurried out of the company. He had about half an hour before his match would start. He didn't want to be disqualified for not being there on time.