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363 A Date

 "So, what do you think?" Nick spoke as he floated in mid-air.

Dave was still on the platform where he started his training. Dave, on the other hand, was laid on his bum. Exhaustion was clearly drawn on his face.

A notification was blinking in front of Dave.


you have died in a simulation of the Undeath God's training arena.

You will suffer no adverse effects.


"Guess I got lucky. I didn't think he can turn to that," Dave said and waved the notification away.

"Yes, but don't start feeling all hurt on me. True, it was luck that you managed to win, but if you get stronger, you'll be able to win again easily." Nick said.

"Yeah, I guess so. I killed it nine times. I only needed one more, but he became too strong," Dave shook his head and stood up.

"Yes, that's the power of the Chosen ones," Nick said.

"Yeah, the situation might have changed if I had the help of my undead," Dave said.

"It might, but I doubt it. Lakhbar would consume them to regenerate. I don't think it would have changed much but would have made the fight even more difficult for you," Nick said.

"Right, guess I'll leave," Dave said.

"Oh, you don't want to try again?" ick asked.

"Nah, I 'won't win. I'll need a few more levels before I can try again, besides I have a date."

Nick smiled and said, "Then go ahead, if you ever want to come here, come find me in the tavern, and I'll bring you here to train. Cya, kid." Nick disappeared in a swirl of black smoke, leaving Dave alone on the platform.

A black vortex emerged into existence next to him. It was the same one that brought him into this place.

Dave took the vortex and teleported back to the tavern.

Dave looked at the time. It was evening, a good time to take Zoe out, he thought.

He called her on using the in-game dialing option. After a few rings, Lone's cheerful voice sounded from the other side of the lie.

"Supp, Davey!"

"Supp, so you ready? I finished with what I have to do today," Dave said.

"Yeah, I'm done, so I'll come to pick you up?" Lone asked.

"Yeah, I'll be waiting for you outside," Dave said.

"Right, see ya then Davey," Lone hung up.

Dave chose the logging out option and found himself back in his room. He got out of the capsule and went to take a quick shower.

He shaved some of his growing facial hair and used cologne. Most of the bath accessories were provided by Karen thankfully. She did not just equip his house with furniture. She had made sure that all the necessities he could use were produced.

When he got out of the bath, he went back to his bedroom. He thought about wearing back the same clothes he had on, then decided against it. They were sweaty and he just took a shower.

"Damn, I should have gotten more clothes," Dave said to himself. He just noticed that most of his clothes were old, torn in some places and looked over-worn.

After debating against himself on which of his clothes was the least horrendous, Dave's eyes wandered to a section in his room. There was a small closet that he never paid attention to before. Afterall he just started living in his penthouse. It was like he was discovering something new.

Dave went to the wall section, there was no handle, but it clearly looked like there was something behind it. Dave pressed on the wall, trying to see if there is a way to move it, then the wall moved back on its own and slid to the left, revealing what was behind.

Dave's eyes widened. There was a huge section hidden behind the wall, filled with all kinds of clothes and suites.

"Holy cow!"

Dave went into the closet. A motion sensor light bulb lit up. Showing that there was more to the closet than meets the eyes. There were ties, shoes, shirts, and t-shirts - all kinds of clothes and wears, almost comparable to a small clothing shop of the highest quality.

Dave looked over the items. They perfectly matched his size. He smiled as he began pondering on which to take.

"Suits are a no go, though fancy, I'm just going out with Zoe, not to a staff meeting." Dave ignored all the famous brand's suits and went deeper into the dresser.

He found a pair of slim black jeans and a shoo to match. He paired them with a white shirt that was tight around his upper arm.

He looked at a mirror that was installed into the dresser.

His har was a bit shaggy, but while it was wet, it gave him a 'Hot-Mess' kind of look. The shirt fitted perfectly on him. Dave wasn't an athlete, nor had a perfect body, but the shirt was perfectly fitted to him that it showed the best of his chest muscles. The jeans were lean and slim and made him look taller.

"Nice!" Dave gave his reflection the double thumbs up and went out of the dresser.

When he looked back at his other clothes, he shook his head and took them all to the trash bin.

"Bruh, I gotta get the trash out soon." He said to himself and turned to the lounge and sat there waiting for Zoe's call.

After forty-five minutes, Zoe finally called.

"Yo, what took you so long?" Dave asked.

"A girl needs her time to ready up! So, where are you?" she asked.

"I'm still at home. How about you?" Dave asked.

"I just got out, I'll be there in a minute, there is no traffic right now," Zoe said and hung up.

Dave stood up and left his penthouse. Dave took the elevator down, but it stopped at a random number, there was someone waiting for the elevator.

A young woman in a black suit and a short hair cut walked into the elevator. She was in her mid-twenties and carried herself with pride as she moved inside.

She had a pair of glasses on her, she lifted them up and down at Dave then turned, ignoring him. She seems like she was going downstairs too. Her black suit made her look like a professional businesswoman.

Dave shook his head, smiling and also ignored the woman. She must be working here or one of his neighbors. The building Dave was on was a mix of companies and living residencies though most of the residences were on the upper floors.

As the elevator was going down, the woman sniffed at the air audibly and said without turning to face Dave, "You put too much cologne, you're not going to impress anyone with that."

Dave raised his brows and replied, "You're probably right, but I'm not trying to impress anyone. Next time I'll put less." He said with a smile. Then the elevator door opened up.

Dave let the woman descend first, and he followed behind. She was going outside, and so was Dave. But apparently, him trailing after her kind of made her irked as she turned and said, "Listen, I just told you, you won't be impressing anyone. I included, so why are you following me?" She asked.

"Easy there, I'm just going outside. My ride is there."

"It better, be," She said and turned with a puff, her pace growing faster as if to get away from Dave as soon as possible.

Dave groaned to himself and moved out of the hotel. The girl was standing on the sidewalk, probably waiting for a taxi. Dave had to wait for Zoe, so awkwardly, he had to stand on the sidewalk and wait for her to come.

The woman ignored Dave and moved a few steps away from him. Unluckily for her, no taxis were around, making her more flustered and impatient.

Soon, a purple Lamborghini zoomed in front of the building. A purple-haired girl honked at him to get in.

When the woman in black saw the girl, her brows arched up, she recognized her, and it seems she was waiting for the man with the shaggy haircut. Dave didn't notice it though and went to the Lambo.

The woman kept her eyes on Dave until he got in.

Zoe, however, was a woman and seeing another woman staring at Dave didn't sit too well with her. So, the moment Dave got in, she lunged on to him, stealing a kiss.

Dave was left half-stunned half pleased with the sudden kiss and got on, buckling his seatbelt. Zoe, on the other hand, turned to look at the girl with a leer on her face saying, 'Back off, he's mine." Then she pressed the pedal as hard as possible, forcing the car to roar in content as it sped off in the distance.