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362 Godly Training

 Dave walked into the pub or tavern as the old man called it. The place was a perfect replica of the bar that Nick hanged out in. A long bar lined the wall and there was a stage built inside, for musicians or anyone interested in pitching a show for the tavern guests.

Thick wooden pillars supported the ceiling, and there were several tables all over the place with small chairs for the costumers.

Nick was wiping a glass with a white cloth as he smiled looking at Dave.

"Welcome, kid," Nick said.

In front of him, two undead were enjoying ale that Nick must have served to them. There were even a few other human NPCs sipping beer from wooden mugs. The undead and the NPCs nodded at Dave when he got in.

"Hello Nick, seems like you're having fun." Dave said.

"Nah, the fun has yet to begin. I'll be doing an audition soon. Want to join in?" Nick asked.

"What audition?" Dave asked and got next to the bar.

Nick served Dave a mug full of foaming beer. And said, "Musical audition. You know, remember the old days. I told you before, I used to hold sick concerts here."

"Sorry, I'm tone-deaf. But I know someone who might be interested," Dave said smiling. He thought about Vanessa, she could enjoy singing here. But the situation between the two was still awkward, so it was better he tells Lone and she would tell her. Dave wanted to talk to the girl again hoping she wouldn't be mad at him.

"Very well give them this for me." Nick handed Dave a sealed letter.

Dave pocketed the letter and asked, "So, mind telling me what's going on with the Clash of Gods thingy? You kinda rattled the world and went on your way." Dave sipped from his beer and wiped some foam that was stuck to his nose.

The taste was pretty close to the real thing. Conquest was a state-of-the-art technology that mimicked real-life experience to its fullest. It could even translate ones and zeros to one of the world's best beer brands. Quite amazing and frightening at the same time.

"Like I said before, the young gods have started to move. I don't know what pushed them to take action but I'm not liking it one bit." Nick said and served another bottle of ale to the undead sitting against the bar.

"Yeah, I met another of them this morning." Dave said, "Nasty monk. Quite a hypocrite too." Dave said.

Nick frowned, "You mean yet another Demi-God tried to take your ring?"

"Yeah. He failed, heck, Dortha beat the shit out of him too." Dave said chugging another time from the beer.

Nick remained quiet for a few moments and said, "Kid, you must win the Clash of Gods."

"I'm planning to do the best I can, Nick. I can't promise you anything. The world is pretty big, and I'm certainly not the best," Dave said in a matter of factly.

He knew that his character was currently one of the strongest, if not the strongest in the world of Conquest. But that was it, there could be other people, who have the skill, experience and even with a bit of luck, they could beat me." Dave said.

Nick sighed and said, "I know that, but that's not an excus-"

Dave cut Nick off saying," I didn't say I'll lay down and let anyone walk over me, Nick. I'll fight, anything and anyone with my full strength. Heck, I don't want to lose my legacy to anyone that's for sure. And I do want to upgrade it. I won't let anyone take what is mine easily, Nick. If anyone wants what's mine, they'll have to fight me for it. Be it player or demi-god."

Nick smiled saying. "That's what I want to hear, kid. Good. Now I'd like to tell you something. There seems to be a Demon on the loose," Nick said.

"Yeah, The undead king and Ramsha told me about him. I don't know if I can beat him." Dave said.

"If you meet him, run," Nick said in a simple monotonous voice.

"Ho, that's new. You telling me to run. I mean, you kinda sent me to the jaws of death many times on your quests. Heck, I had to go through the wilds while under-leveled, face dragons, necromancers, fight off armies and now, you're telling me to run when facing this...demon.  I killed a chosen, I can do it again." Dave said.

Nick smiled and said, "Right. I didn't think about this."

"What do you mean?" Dave asked.

"You, Kis'Shtiengbrah. You grew arrogant," Nick said.

This was the first time Nick the undead god called Dave by his character name. It felt a bit strange. But arrogance, Dave didn't feel like it. He was strong and had the strength to prove it, that's what he thought.

"You grew complacent with your power. You're thinking you can take on the world now. You think no one can stop you. Right, you and your underlings. Well, It's about time I show you how wrong you are. Come with me," Nick said and waved a hand opening a black vortex behind Dave leading to some mysterious place.

Before Dave could protest, the vortex sucked him in and Nick followed behind, leaving the undead and NPCs in the tavern.

Dave appeared on a wide platform. The area looked exactly like the place in Limbo where Dave fought in the Clash of Gods. Only the platform he stood on was dozens of times wider.

Dave looked down, he was wearing his Doom Knight armor instead of the Death Knight armor he had on.

A notification appeared in front of Dave.


You are currently in a simulation created by the God of Undeath.

Death does not carry over to the real world.

All of your skills' cooldowns have been reset.

You cannot gain EXP while in the training grounds.

A new option has been added to your character. You can visit the Devin Training Grounds whenever you wish.


"So, what I'm gonna fight you now?" Dave asked.

"Huh, you wish. I can splatter you with a sneeze." Nick said in a grin.

Dave remembered the day when Nick used the "bad words" when he was next to Demiurg in space. The world itself seemed to shake and shudder in fear of the small Undeath God.

'Yeah, he probably can.' Dave smiled to himself.

"So, why did you bring me here? If it isn't to fight you." Dave asked.

"This is a place where you can summon the entities you have fought and slain before. You can fight them again to enhance your battle experience. Want to try?" Nick asked.

Dave thought for a moment and said, "Yeah, why not."

"Good," Nick waved a hand and hundreds of projections materialized in front of Dave.

There were wolves, felines, undead. These were numerous. The creatures Dave had killed when he first started. Then the ethereal projections turned a notch stronger. Showing Yetis, creatures of the Wilds, like the were-tigers, even a Prong Fiend was there.

Another lineup of projections --Dave now believed to be souls. These were the strongest, they were mostly unique creatures. There was a Sworn Stalwart, and Ashkar was there in his hideous form, Leonard, Didrik, the boss of the first raid Zone of the Underworld, and even Lakhbar, the boss of the third raid zone. The Kraken was there so were a few manticores.

"Choose one," The undeath god spoke.

"I guess, you want me to pick Lakhbar again," Dave said.

"Yep, so, you think you can win again?" Nick asked.

Dave took a breath and said, "Yeah, let's try again!"

Nick disappeared from the area and the ethereal form of Lakhbar hardened into a physical form.

Dave inspected the boss monster he already slew before.


Lakhbar (Chosen of the Demon King) -Soul-Projected-

Raid Boss

Level: 450

Tier: Epic

Base damage: 85,000-90,000

Danger Level: ☠☠☠☠☠

HP: 200,000

PD: 150,000



[Blessed One]

·         Skills can only work once on Lakhbar.

·         Revives stronger after death. Each Death Increases the base HP pool by 100% HP.

·         Lakhbar can revive 10 times.


The chosen of the Ash King, Lakhbar was appointed a king in the place of the deceased Pharaoh. His aim is to offer tribute to the Ash King and supply him with soldiers, magic and wealth to empower the Ash King's demonic army.


The man in white robes, had his eyes closed and stood in the middle of the arena. It seemed that if Dave doesn't make the first move, he will stay there.

Dave took a breath and pulled Deadra Sword and Shield from his inventory.

"Guess I'll have to see if I can win without luck this time."

Dave took a step forward, and the boss creature opened his eyes. Lakhbar didn't speak, but dashed toward Dave with claws pointed ahead.

Dave dodged the attack and sent the gigantic sword in a wide swing toward Lakhbar. The sword smashed into the man in white breaking ribs and sending him rolling down the ground.

-200,000 HP

Dave had used the skill he learned from [Dortha] to empower his attack. He lost a bit of HP, but the [Vigorous] passive kicked in and replenished his lost HP.

"Right, first Death, nine more to go! Stand up!" Dave shouted, and so did the boss. This time horns grew up his head and hands emerged from his sides as Lakhbar grew larger, Giving Dave a sense of Deja Vue.

Dave charged again at the boss. This battle was bound to be a long and hard one. But Dave wasn't in a hurry anyway.