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361 Another Chosen One

 "Davey, you saw the stuff that's happening? Now everyone will be in the Clash of Gods," Lone said through an in-game call.

"Yeah, I would recommend you don't participate, it's too risky for you, and I guess you didn't even finish your legacy quest, right?" Dave replied.

"No, I still need one more quest. Something about recovering an ice scepter: then I should be done. How about you? Any progress on the raid of the underworld?" Lone asked.

"I just went to the forth raid zone. Pretty difficult area to be honest." Dave said.

"Then wait until all the party gets their legacies, and we can try it together," Lone suggested.

"Yeah, that'll be for the best. I'm limited to the number of undead I can bring with me anyway." Dave said.

After a pause, Lone asked, "What are you doing right now?"

"Just reviving some undead. Other than that, I don't have anything immediate to do." Dave said.

"Hmm, how about we go out tonight?" Lone said.

"Yeah, I'd love that. You'll come to pick me up, I guess?" Dave asked.

"Yeah, I will. But you should probably get yourself a sweet ride. You're rich now, heh." Lone said.

"Hmm, might as well. Then let's go out and pick up a new ride then."

"Right. I have a good idea what would suit you most," Lone said in a snicker.

"Hey, I'm not a fan of supercars," Dave said.

"Yeah, I get that, but don't worry, I have a good taste," Lone said and hung up.

Dave shook his head, smiling. He was in his settlement. The tengu was already resurrected and now sat in a meditative pose next to the barracks.

There was still a lot of time before Andre could finish repairing Dave's armor. So he decided to go and visit a few places. First off to his Red Fortress in the Burning Heights area. The second raid zone.

He teleported into the fortress and looked around. Hundreds of undead were moving about in the fortress. There were loads of Blood Stones placed all over the area in boxes and mining crates. The undead has been mining all this time rigorously.

A death knight approached Dave and said, "Lord Kis'Shtiengbrah, there is a guest awaiting you."

"Me?" Dave questioned, then said, "Lead the way."

"As you command," the Death Knight replied and went ahead of Dave and into the fortress inside.

Dave went after him and entered the fortress.

Soon he found a stone golem with a green name tag waiting inside the fortress's main hall.

Dave inspected the golem.


Stone Messenger.

Level 1


There wasn't much for Dave to see. This golem seemed to be just a messenger.

"Hello," Dave said.

"Greetings," replied the golem. His voice sounded heavy and deep.

"I hear that you have been waiting for me," Dave said.

"Yes, for twenty-four days."

"Oh, I'm sorry about that. I wasn't informed until now." Dave said, a bit embarrassed.

"There is no harm done. Neither my patron nor I care about time. I only came to collect a debt." The golem said.

"What debt?" Dave asked.

"The debt you owe to the underworld guardian, Lord Ramsha."

"Ah, right. I forgot about that. You," Dave called the death knight that accompanied him.

"Yes, my lord." The death knight replied.

"See that our friend takes his due," Dave said.

"Before I go, lord Ramsha had told me to give you a message," the golem said.

Dave waited for the golem to finish his words.

"The Ash-King had sent a few of his minions to contract humans outside."

"I know of that. I was tasked to take care of it." Dave said.

"Yes, but did you know that among these is a true demon."

"I heard they were Demonling, isn't that the same?" Dave asked.

"No, Demonlings are entities that have the ability to turn demonic after being blessed by the Ash-King. Those are nothing but lesser beings. But a true demon is much stronger than them and more dangerous. Lord Ramsha wishes not to see demons taking a step in the overworld."

"Right, so I'm supposed to eliminate him also?"

"If you can, yes. Lord Ramsha has promised you a great reward for succeeding." The golem said.

"Alright, I'll see what I can do."

"Yes, be careful, though. This demon has managed to escape the lock that Lord Ramsha had placed. This means it is powerful. Though not of royal lineage as the Ash-King. He is infinitely close..." the golem stopped for a moment then added, "Do you remember the Lakhbar?" The golem asked.

"Yeah, I remember."

"The demon that has escaped is much stronger than him. He, too, is a chosen of the Ash-King. You must find him!" the golem said grimly.

"Right," Dave nodded.

The golem left the fortress and went out to collect the blood-stones leaving Dave alone in the hall.

Dave thought about the fight with Lakhbar. It wasn't easy. And he only won because of the 0.01% execution chance he got from his skill. Lakhbar was immortal, or as close to it as possible. A nightmare to fight, and now he had to kill something much stronger and probably with the same regenerative abilities.

"This is gonna be a tough one." Dave shook his head. He didn't have much to do here anyway, so he disappeared from the area, tearing a teleportation scroll to Urburg.

When he arrived at the hidden city Dave squinted his brows. Urburg was utterly different from what he left.

Most of the houses in the city were in perfect condition. They had been repaired and painted new. Only a few houses at the perimeter of the town still needed repairs, but the undead was busy repairing them.

The city walls were repaired and now rose in great height. Dozens of undead walked along the walls keeping an eye out to anything that might think of invading.

There was a new mansion in the middle of the city. This was not here the first time, Dave thought.

The broken forge was fully functional, and its bellows were blasting hot air out.

Hundreds of undead were carrying logs and building materials to repair the rest of the damaged buildings.

Human NPCs were helping the undead in the repairs. There didn't seem to be any sort of conflict or disagreement with them. Everyone worked together in complete harmony.

Dave smiled as he saw this. He looked around and located the self-proclaimed great-grandson of General Ouki.

The man had a bandana over his head. And no longer wore his ragged clothes. He wore a tank top tunic and shorts. For an old man, he had a lot of muscles. He was single handily carrying a log that needed four men to carry. Or one undead.

The man carried the log and placed it next to a pile, then turned and noticed Dave.

"Our benefactor!" the man's aid and approached Dave bowing down.

Dave stopped him mid bow, saying, "We don't do that here. Stand up." Dave said.

"A bow is a show of respect to one most deserving." The old man said.

"By bowing to me, you show you are inferior. A simple nod is enough or a salute. Don't bow to anyone." Dave said. and then turned to the buildings.

"You made great progress. The city looks more and more like a habitable place. We should invite more people here." Dave said.

"Right, a city would only function with more people. Lord, do you permit me to bring some of our members? a few of them had decided against coming here, afraid of the Qin army to discover them. But now, they would find safety within these walls."

"Yeah, go ahead. If you know where they are, that is."

"I do."

"Then take a few death knights with you. They will protect you."

"Thank you, kind lord." The man was about to bow again but refrained from doing so halfway.

Dave smiled, at least the old man learns.

Dave summoned five death knights and ordered them to accompany the old man."

"Ah, right, I remember." The old man said before he left.

"What is it?" Dave asked.

"Well, a person came a few days ago. Well, he looked like a young kid, but his mere appearance made every undead shudder in fright. I never thought undead could fear. But to this kid, they all shook at his presence."

"Huh? Kid?" Dave asked in monosyllables. He didn't know of anything that could make the undead fear. Was it another divinity? He thought. Then he remembered that the only deity he knew and was a kid was the Undead God.

"Did this kid have a Mohawk haircut?" Dave asked.


"Spiky hair like a rooster," Dave said.

"Yes, exactly," the old man replied.

"Right, what did he want?" Dave asked.

"Well, he wanted us to make him a tavern of sorts. It was a strange tavern lot of chairs and something he called a wall bar."

"Oh, is that so," Dave looked around and saw a place called the Last Man's Drink. A pub.

"Guess it's that place," Dave said.

"He's been there for a while now." The old man replied.

"Good, I've wanted to ask him a few questions." Dave strode away from the old man leaving him with the death knights and went to the tavern.