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359 The World Stirrs

 Dortha turned to Dave and said," You should get going, young one. There is nothing left here to do."

"What about the node of life? If we take that down, we can finish this raid and add another area to the legion," Dave asked.

"True, but I'm not strong enough to take on the Node of Life. It is far more...troublesome than the node of power." Dortha said, "And, this was not the reason why I came here." Dortha added.

"Yeah, you told me you needed to get to a fountain," Dave said, "How's that going for you?"

"Not well, I have found it, and it was completely dry. I need to seek Dagla for further information on other sources to calm my inner beast." Dortha said.

"Right, well, if you feel grouchy, just call me, I'll come swinging with these baddies and wake you up whenever you need," Dave said in a toothy smile.

"Very well, I shall do so. Now, take your undead and leave. A powerful being stirred within these lands, and I don't think myself capable of taking it down alone."

'Bruh, you just beat the crap out of a demi-god! How powerful is this thing to make you say you can't take it down?" Dave didn't word out his question, nor did Dortha remain to listen to it.

The beast merged with the darkness of the Drow Kingdom and disappeared from the area.

"Boyz, we're heading back!" Dave called and took his undead with him out of the Drow Kingdom.

Dave drank more health potions as he headed out of the area. When he went out of the area's perimeters, he was at full health. But instead of the 1,500,000 HP. He only had half of the amount. His armor was battered and cracked in several places. Unfit to wear or use in battle.

"Damn, gonna have to pay Andre a visit. I hope he doesn't get mad at me." Dave said in a sad smile.

"Ah I almost forgot,"

Dave pulled out his shield and sword and inspected them.


Cursed Shield of Ajax

Tier: Godly

Requirements to handle: Undead race, or level 450, Knight Title.

Mandatory requirement to use the weapon: 1,000 STR


+150,000 MD

+150,000 PD

+ 250,000 HP


[Consume]: The cursed shield of Ajax can absorb an attack once every 10 seconds. Absorbed attacks can be saved within the void inside the shield to be used later.

{Note, the shield cannot absorb Execution Skills or Boss Class Skills.}

Number of absorbable skills possible [2]

Once the shield has absorbed [2] skills, it will no longer be able to consume other skills for later use. But it will absorb their effects and destroy their energy within the void inside it.

[Reject]: Reject an absorbed ability with 100% power and potency of the first usage.

[All seeing Eye] The Cursed Shield of Ajax can be used as a catalyst to cast skills if the required item is used on the shield.

Currently, you have Two [2] items that can be used on the shield to use the ability.


Cursed Shield of Ajax is a shield of a vaguely known origin. It was said that it was creature by the God-smith Vulcan. He slew a void dragon and used its fangs, scales, and the ridge of its eyes to create this monstrous shield. Too heavy for any man to wear, and also deadly to anything alive to carry. Only undead with immense strength can wield this shield and use it to the best of their abilities.


"Holy smokes! This thing is an end-game shield! And what two items it's talking about? I should probably ask Andre."

Dave inspected the sword.


Cursed Sword of Durandal

Tier: Godly


Knight Title!

Level 450!


Category: Weapon

Type: Ultra-Great-Sword

Requirements to handle: Undead race, or level 450, Knight Title.

Mandatory requirement to use the weapon: 750 STR

Damage: 4,000-6,000

Damage modifier: 20% STR


(Passive) [ [Weight of the Universe], the Cursed Sword of Durandal is sealed by the world's laws. Every 100 STR above the minimum required to use the weapon, the wielder can release 1% of the sword's weight to use.

Currently, unsealed weight is [50KG].


The Cursed sword of Durandal was created by the God-Smith Vulcan. In his attempt to create the most durable and sharpest weapon, Vulcan traveled to the depth of a black hole and tried to craft a sword using the pressure of the Universe's densest matter. However, no material could survive the weight of the Black Holes but mere iron. Iron, and a lot of it. Vulcan had said that he used an entire planet's weight in iron to create this sword. Whether his words were real or false, only something as strong as a god can prove them.


"Bruh, this sword is just mean. Its basic stats are enough to tear through anything. Man, these things are way too strong for the current game." Dave glanced at the weapon and shield and then placed them in his inventory. He didn't want to reveal these two monsters to the world, at least not yet.

But if anything comes knocking on his door, he wouldn't mind showing him how hard he can hit.

Dave tore a teleportation scroll to the Dead Realm. His Death Knights appeared around him. "You guys can go and rest. Or do whatever you usually do when I'm not around," Dave said and turned to the city.

He didn't want to waste time by reviving the tengu. He needed to get his armor repaired.

Dave strode through the undead city. It was bustling and 'livelier' than usual. Something big was happening.

Dave ignored the Undead that were roaming about and headed to Andre's smithy. He arrived at an open courtyard where he heard the loud sound of hammering and shouts. Dozens of undead were working iron and steel, creating armors and weapons for the legion.

The bellows of the smithy roared hot steam as they blasted iron and charcoal making steel. Andre was overseeing the work when he turned and saw Dave coming toward him.

Andre's eyes soon turned wide, and he bellowed, "By the gods! What happened to that armor!" Andre's first words were what Dave feared.

"Yeah. I was with Dortha earlier, and he got a bit angry. Sadly, only I was around, and he decided to vent his frustration on my armor." Dave said in a rueful smile.

Andre shook his head and said, "His lordship Dortha is a powerful being; you shouldn't fault him for his misbehavior; he didn't' mean it." Andre said defending the Abyssal knight.

Dave laughed, replying, "Nah, I know, he should be better now. Tell me, Andre, can you fix this armor for me?" Dave asked.

"Yes, I can, hand it over," Andre said.

Dave changed into his older Death Knight armor and handed Andre the Doom Knight set.

"Damn, His lordship's power is as rumored. This armor is made from orichalcum and Blood-Steel. Only half-God weapons can damage it this way. I guess you recently died?"


"You survived Lord Dortha's claws? By the gods, I don't know what to feel right now," Andre said, his eyes showed both shock and amazement.

"Well, I doubt if I could survive him when he is fully aware of his surroundings. Even that half-God dude was beaten back by him."

"Half god?" Andre questioned as he handed over the armor to an undead next to him for repairs.

"Yes, some monk, I'm pretty sure he was bipolar, you know, peaceful for a moment, then more wrathful than Drahma the second."

"That must be Cha-Zhen. I understand a little better now," Andre replied.

"What do you mean?" Dave asked.

Andre took a deep breath and replied, "The half-divinities are moving. A great war is coming, and we don't know the target. You need to be careful around any being that holds or held a divine item."

'He must be talking about legacies."

"Why is that Andre?" Dave asked.

"His majesty, the king will have more answers than I. You should ask him yourself."

"Right, ah also, can you help me with this," Dave said and took out the Cursed Shield of Ajax.

"Heavens! It's lord Deadra's Shield!" Andre said excitedly.

Dave feared if the old undead would have a heart attack from the consecutive shocks.

"Yeah, it says I need to use an item on it to use it's [All Seeing Eye].

"Not any items. You need the eyes of a god. Or something as powerful." Andre said.

"Huh, you mean something like this?" Dave asked and pulled out the Kraken's eye.

Andre snatched the eye from Dave's hand and said, "Exactly like this! right, I heard you slew a Kraken and made it part of the legion. Yes, this is exactly what you need."

Andre then placed the soccer-ball sized eye on top of the shield. The metallic fangs opened up, and the ball was absorbed inside. Soon, the eye grew large enough making the shield look like a giant white eye with a square pupil inside.

The eye moved on its own as if it was a living object.

"Oh, that's creepy," Dave said. he then remembered that he obtained a Demon's Eye when Drahma killed the boss of the first raid Zone named Didrik.

He took the eye out and showed it to Andre, "How about this?" Dave asked.

"I believe I had enough shocks for today, right this eye will work. It's even better suited." Andre took the red glowing eye with a cat iris and placed it on top of the shield.

The demonic eye replaced the Kraken's eye, and the shield was now a large red eye with a cat-eye iris. The demon eye moved rabidly around the shield taking in the world.

"Man, this thing looks mean, but wouldn't it be really bad for the eye if it makes contact with a sword?" Dave asked.

"Ha, you think god's eyes are weak?" Andre laughed; he took a sword that was next to him and slammed down on the shield. The sword bounced off the eyeball with a loud metallic clang.

"Right, so what's the use of these things?" Dave asked.

"You'll have to figure it out yourself. Lord Deadra didn't tell many people of the secrets of his shield. Now that you have the shield, can I see the sword?" Andre asked.

"Right," Dave replied and showed him the weapon.

"Hmm, the sword is in dire need of repairs. But I can't do as well as the God-Smith who created it. Still, I can fix it up for you. Remove some of these scars and blemishes, make it shine as new!"

"Great. How long will this take?" Dave asked.

"About a day, I will haul all of my workers to repair these along with your armor, in the meantime, you should go see his majesty, perhaps you might know more about what's happening in the world."

"Right. Thanks, Andre," Dave said his goodbyes and headed to the Bone Palace.