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345 Mysteries of Isla De Muerta

 Dave's shield was right in front of his face; he had predicted the gunshot and enabled [Block] to cancel out the damage.

He had an ugly expression on his face, Dave was wrathful, "What I hate most in this world are unfaithful assholes and those who point at me with a gun!"

Dave stomped his foot forward and crashed into the undead in [Stampede]. The blue-coated undead fell to the ground, his flint a few feet away from his hand, he scrambled to the gun, but Dave struck down with his bastard sword on the undead's arm cutting it off.

"You're weak," Dave muttered, the undead was only level 200, and Dave's slash had already taken more than 30% of his HP.

Dave kicked the gun away from the undead and held him by the collar or neck, "What made you?" Dave asked.

But before the struggling undead could speak, the second one-shot an arrow at Dave's back.

Dave waved his other free hand summoning eight spectral sculls and detonated them against the undead with the bow. Explosions echoed in the forest, and the undead with the bow was turned to bone dust.

Dave's party arrived and stood around him. They were all waiting for the undead Dave was holding to speak.

The undead in Dave's hand smiled and said, "You don't think there's only me in this island? Also, you may serve under your king, but I have my own king to serve!" the undead struggled in Dave's hand, but Dave smashed him on the ground and said, "Speak, what made you? Who is this king you're talking about! Give me answers or else..." Dave said

"Or else what? Ha! I'm undead. You should know well I don't fear threats."

"Is that so?" Dave said, his lips rose in an evil draugr smile. He patted the bag on his waist, and a blobby slime emerged from there.

"Tiny, want a snack?" Dave said.

When the undead saw the slime in Dave's pocket, he struggled to free himself harder but couldn't, "What the hell are you doing with a Grave Lord! Let me go!" the undead shouted. But this only made Dave's smile grow wider.

Tiny shuddered, jumped out from Dave's bag and began growing. He increased in size, transforming to his massive form. His body parted the trees away as it grew, bones and flesh made its torso, and two demonic horns grew out of its forehead.

Dave tossed the undead in the air. As it was falling, Tiny summoned dozens of chains that wrapped around the undead.

"Speak, or suffer a fate worse than death," Dave said.

The undead writhed and thrashed around trying to release itself from the coiling chains. But this only made them tighten harder around him. Popping sounds echoed from inside the undead's body. His bones were being snapped one by one.

Tiny opened its gullet wide, fangs as sharp as a shark's and as numerous appeared to the undead. Tiny hung the undead right above his gullet and was waiting for Dave to give the order. He began salivating at the thought of a snack.

"I'll speak, I'll speak! Get this thing away from me!" the undead shouted.

"What are you waiting for then? Talk! Who is this king?" Dave asked.

"The Pirate King! Gangplank!" the man with the blue coat said in a shrill voice.

"Huh? Wasn't that the owner of the Leviathan?" Dave muttered.

"Captain, he lies," Gafgar spoke, he had just arrived at the island and noticed the fuss, he didn't want to disturbed Dave, but when he heard the man with the blue coat speak, it angered him greatly.

"Gangplank had fallen through the world's edge with the leviathan I saw it with my own eyes. There is no way he is still alive or undead," Gafgar said.

"I didn't lie! I swear, it's the pirate king Gangplank, he has a castle inside the volcano."


Quest Update

Treasure Hunt.

You received information regarding the legend of the Pirate King Gangplank.

Gafgar is skeptical about this information.

Look for more clues in the castle inside the volcano.


Dave looked at the blue-coated undead and said, "Thanks for the info, Tiny, enjoy your snack."

The undead's eyes widened when he heard Dave's voice. The last word he spoke was an unwilling "No!" before Tiny clamped his jaws tight on the undead.

After a few chews, the pirate's voice disappeared completely.

"Davey, why didn't you let him go? He did tell you what you wanted," Lone asked.

Dave turned to Lone and said, "He pointed a gun at me. I don't like that," Dave said casually and moved toward the gun on the ground.

He went down to pick it up, but the moment Dave touched the flint, the weapon turned to dust.

"What the heck?" Dave questioned.

"You can't loot that." The voice of an old man sounded dangerously close to Dave; it made him yelp.

Turning, he saw Albert standing close to him. He didn't know when the old man came.

"To loot a gunner weapon, you will first need to find the Gnomish Ruin related to it or the crafting recipe," Albert said.

"Ah, thanks, but could you not do that?" Dave said.

"Do what?" the old man smiled.

Dave shook his head at the old man and ignored him.

"Guys, let's go to the mountain. The rest of you stay here. We'll need you to guard the ship. Gafgar, come with me, I need you to verify the identity of this Gangplank guy," Dave said.

"This is becoming more and more like a real mystery adventure," Flanker said.

"You don't need to comment on everything," Ralph said to Dave and turned to Dave saying, "I suppose we'll find some not so friendly undead up ahead."

"Yeah, most likely. We should explore the forest slowly. Perfect, can you go and scout ahead?" Dave asked.

"Yeah. I'll go on ahead, but the foliage is damn thick," Perfect said. There was a dense layer of vegetation blocking their path ahead. They'll need to cut through it.

"Let me take care of that for you," Dave said, he drew his Glaive and activated [Heaven Slasher]. A long vertical line appeared din space in front of Dave and split the vegetation wall in two. When the wall fell down, Dave was face to face with a small circular hole.

Dave frowned for a moment. This thing looked familiar, he thought.

Then a loud thundering boom echoed.


Dave was blasted away for dozens of meters out of the forest and fell on the beach sand.

"The fuck was that?!" Dave cursed. Thanks to the new armor stats he had managed to survive the surprise attack.

"Dude, you got shot in the face with a cannon man!" Flanker's voice sounded from the voice-chat.

Dave stood up. He was dizzy. The circular hole was actually a cannon's muzzle.

He heard the sound of gunshots echoing in the forest.

"There are a lot of undead here," Fortress said through the party chat.

"Ready up for a fight. And watch out for those fucking cannons, that's one-shoter," Dave said through the voice ran back into the forest to help his teammates.

Mercy disappeared into stealth and began killing the hostile undead.

Ralph charged into the fray, ignoring the bullets shooting everywhere and killed any undead that was near him.

"Flanker, spam heals on the undead!" Dave shouted as he ran past the priest in white.

Flanker waved his staff and chanted, "Mass heal!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

A glowing light aura shot out from Flanker's staff and assaulted several hostile undead. Steam and fumes burst out of their bones and skin. Their HP plummeted at a fast pace.

Lone Arrow and Perfect Shot sniped any undead that was pointing their guns at the party staggering them and hindering their aim.

Tess waved her hands and summoned her scepter, she twirled it around and shot dozens of fireballs in all directions. Each fireball killed an undead and sat the foliage on fire.

Minutes later, the last undead fell, and the area was clear.

"The area ahead might have a lot of traps." Dave looked around and stomped a foot on the ground.


Failed to summon!



Dave stomped on the ground again, but the same notification appeared in front of him.

"What's wrong? Did the dirt hurt you?" Flanker said sarcastically.

"I can't summon the undead. Tiny, you try." Dave said

Tiny waved his hands and summoned several coffins in the air. But the moment the coffins appeared, their appearance distorted and they dissipated.

Tiny tried again, but he failed.

"What's going on?" Dave asked no one in particular.

"Uh, why is this here?" Lone said.

Dave turned to see Lone carrying a small piece of wood. It looked like a part of a keg or crate.

There was a small, barely visible symbol on the piece of wood. It was a black skull symbol.

Dave recognized the symbol he had encountered it many times and was the cause of a lot of his problems.

"What could the Black Skull Order be doing here?" Dave muttered.

That symbol explained why there could be hostile undead in this area. The black skull order were the Legion's foes. And the reason why he couldn't summon his undead was most likely related to their existence here. But this gave him more unanswered questions.

What could they be planning? Why are they here? And who is this self-proclaimed Pirate King and what is his relationship with the Black Skull Order?

He turned to the mountain to look at the mountain that was shrouded with mystery.