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344 Setting Foot on Treasure Island

 Dave swam down into the deep sea. Even with his undead passive making him able to see in dark areas, the sea was darker than ink, and it was hard to see anything. Dave waved his hand and summoned eight spectral skulls. He made them dive in front of him, lighting the way.

After a while of swimming, the light from the ethereal skulls was reflected off an enormous shape. It was the Kraken that was falling to the depths of the sea.


Your body is enduring under the sea pressure.

-1,000 HP

-1,000 HP

-1,000 HP

-1,000 HP



"Shit, I won't make it like this," Dave muttered. He was swimming fast, but the Kraken's diving speed was increasing.

Dave equipped his chest armor to help him dive faster. But at the same time, the pressure from the sea increased, and he lost even more HP the deeper he sank.

He couldn't see how deep the sea was and knew he had only one chance at taking the loot from the Kraken. It took two minutes before Dave made it to the Kraken. Dave touched the Kraken to take the loot.


Kraken's Eye (Socket Item)

Kraken's Ink

Kraken's Whip.

Kraken's Suction Cups X 200 (Consumables)


"That's it? The drops are shitty!" Dave cursed. For the grueling fight he had, the drops were surely measly

Dave was about to loot everything and swim-up until a crazy idea crossed his mind.

"Might as well try it," Dave said and touched the Kraken again.


"Where is he?" Lone asked as she was looking from over the railings.

Ralph and Fortress were wet and sitting on the ship's deck. They were scooped up thanks to the undead in the boat.

Ralph spoke first, "Don't worry about him; he is an undead. Undead don't drown and don't need to breathe. He'll be okay," Ralph said and stood up, he then walked to the railings to look for his friend.

All of Dave's party were now looking over the railing, waiting for him to surface.

The calm sea began roiling. Its vitality restored in every passing moment. Soon the waves will be too high for them to see Dave if he surfaces.

In a not so far spot of the sea a few bubbles rose up. Dave's face emerged from under the sea. The ship was far away. He shouted toward the players, but they didn't hear him.

"Guys," Dave spoke over the voice-chat.

"Dave?! where are you, bro?" Ralph replied.

"I'm a bit far from the ship, gimme a second." Dave summoned the Torab serpent under him.

The serpent moved through the sea and went under Dave. The serpent carefully went under Dave and lifted him up. It then moved toward the ship and dropped Dave on the deck.

"What took you so long?" Lone asked.

"The corpse was drowning too fast. Anyway, I got the loot," Dave said.

"What did you get?" Ralph asked. Everyone was interested in what an ethereal creature would drop.

Dave pulled a big enormous ball out of his inventory. It was glistening and covered in a thin slimy coating.

"What's that?" Ralph asked.

"Kraken's eye, a socketing item. Like a rune," Dave said.

Flanker's face turned pale white. He placed a palm over his mouth and mutter, "Okay that's disgusting, let me go and throw up," Flanker turned and went to the other side of the ship and began hurling. Though this was VR, the dizziness and sea-sickness were real.

"That's all you got?" Perfect asked he expected more.

Dave grinned and smiled but didn't reply.

"Hmm, anyway where to next?" Mercy spoke; she looked bored.

"We'll keep moving. We shouldn't be that far away from the treasure island," Dave said and turned to Gafgar.

"Gafgar, let's get going."

"Aye, aye, captain! Hoist the sails!" Gafgar shouted, and the remaining undead began pulling the ropes and lifting the sails of the ship.

The wind blew against the sails, and the ship resumed its voyage.

In the high seas, the water was turbulent, but soon, the waves calmed down, and the sea became as docile as a lake.

After several hours through the water, an undead at the Crow's Nest shouted "LAND AHEAD! LAAAAND AHEAD!"

Dave and co rushed toward the boat's bow and squinted their eyes. They couldn't see anything yet.

Gafgar came closer and gave Dave a spyglass. He looked through it and smiled, "There's an island ahead." Dave handed the spyglass to Lone for her to see and gripped at the railings.

"We're the first to sail this far in the sea guys. Let's hope we find something worth our travel."

Lone handed the spyglass to Ralph and said, "What do you think we'll find there?"

"I don't know, maybe monsters, maybe nothing. We'll see when we get there."

Dave went back to the deck, leaving the rest of the players bickering over the spyglass.

The ship continued on its trajectory, and the island in the horizon became clearer and grew larger the closer they got to it.

"This is as far as the ship can go, we'll continue with rowboats. Lower the sails, drop the anchor!" Gafgar shouted.

The undead followed Gafgar's orders and readied up two rowboats for the players.

Dave jumped over the ship's railing and landed on one of the rowboats. The rest of the party jumped behind him. Dave lowered the boat into the sea and took the oars into his hands and pulled on them, pushing the row-boat toward the island.

The rest of the undead followed behind Dave and rowed their boat following after him.

Dave's base strength made it easy for him to cruise the row-boat and made quick work of the distance between them and the island.

The island had a round shape from afar. There was golden sand making the beaches along the circular island. A few dozen feet behind the golden beach was a healthy green forest. And in the middle of the island was something that looked like a mountain or a volcano.

It took the party a few minutes until they reached the beach, Dave hopped from the row-boat and pushed it onto the sand, after securing it with a small anchor, everyone jumped form  the boat.

"Wow, this island looks lit," Ralph said, he turned his head and saw someone relaxing under the shade of a parasol and resting on a beach chair.

"The fuck? Isn't that, Albert?" Ralph blurted.

The players turned their head to where Ralph was pointing. It was like Ralph just said, the AI Albert was like the usual, wearing his Hawaiian clothing and sipping juice from a coconut with a straw and a small pink paper umbrella.

Albert raised his sunglasses and smiled at the players. He pointed up in the sky, and a server announcement appeared.


Congratulations to the following players for having set foot on the "Isla De Muerta."





Lone Arrow


Perfect Shot

Pussy Flanker

Human Fortress

All of these players will receive the title:

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Explorer: +10% chance of obtaining double the drops from any monster slain.


"Isn't that nice," Zoe said, "Thank you Albert!" she said jubilantly.

"Guys, I don't know if you took your Spanish lessons, but I think Isla De Muerta translates to Death Island." Flanker said, his cowardly nature was kicking up again.

"I think I heard this name before" Ralph said.

"It's from an old movie about pirates and a ship with black sails," Fortress said and looked at the Leviathan. "Talk about coincidence,"

"No, I mean I read about this from some book I saw in the Devastator Capital. It talked about some enormous creature living under this island."

"If there's a monster as large as this island, then it's game over man!" Flanker said.

"Don't wet your panties yet. Let's explore this area first. We don't know what we might encounter so be on your guard," Dave said and moved ahead.

Just as he stepped into the vegetation, an arrow embedded itself into Dave's shoulder.


"Huh?" Dave tilted his head, not from the low damage. But he saw what just attacked him. It was an undead with a red nametag.

This undead had old and decayed clothing, there was a red bandana over his head, and he had the drabs of a sailor. A large cutlass was strapped to his side, and he had a small bag on the other side of his waist.

"What's wrong, Dave?" Lone asked. As she got closer, she saw the undead in front of Dave preparing to take another shot at him.

"This isn't right, aren't all undead your allies?" Lone asked.

"Last time I checked they were allies," Dave equipped his shield and sword.

"Guess we're about to find out why," Dave held his shield forward and his sword readied up for a fight.

"Who goes there!" a loud voice echoed from inside the forest.

Another undead came behind the first one. This one had a blue naval coat that looked old and decayed, he wore a round hat over his head and had an eyepatch covering one of his eyes.

"What is the filth of the Undead King doing here?" the second undead spoke.

"The hell is going on?" Dave asked he was finding it strange that these undead had red names.

"Doesn't matter, I see corpses waiting to drop!" blue coat undead said and raised his right hand pointing at Dave with a flint.

"Die!" The undead said and the loud sound of a gunshot echoed from the forest.