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343 Dont Forget Something That Important...

 Dave waved his hand creating eight spectral skulls. They transformed into ethereal skeletons that ran at the Kraken and began hacking at it. Dave flew above the Kraken and smashed down with his fist at the top of its head as it was occupied with the skeletons.

A dragon made of bones materialized and coiled around one of the Kraken's limbs pinning it and stopping it from moving. The dragon didn't seem like it would dissipate anytime soon.

Dave slammed down with his leg in [Dragon Kick] creating another bone dragon that coiled on another of the Kraken's eight limbs. The Kraken ignored the skeletons and swung its limbs at Dave like cracking whips.

Dave dodged twice but failed to see a limb coming from behind him. The attack thankfully went through him due to his [Immortal Apparition] still being active. But another limb came right after the first one and this one managed to slam Dave from the air onto the water surface.


Dave bounced a couple of times on the water. Dave stood up, groaning from the sudden attack. But thankfully he didn't lose any HP. Demonic Ascension would convert extra siphoned HP into a shield, and that was all Dave lost.

As Dave was about to rush into the fray again, he received a phone call. It was from Zoe.

Dave accepted the phone call and ran around the Kraken to find a good opportunity to attack it.

"Davey, whatcha doing?"

"Are you home yet?" Dave asked.

"Yeah, just got there. Why?" Zoe asked.

"Well, I could use some help, call the gang, there's a Kraken I'm fighting."

"Kraken? The big squid?"

"Squid? More like an octopus but yeah, it's big, mean and has a nasty temper. I can't win alone."

"Alright, I'll call everyone. Hang tight!" Zoe hung up.

Dave jumped up, his [Demonic Ascension] had a few more seconds before it was over.

He dove back on the Kraken. His gauntlets now turned into demonic claws and slashed into the Kraken's skin carving it. Blue blood poured out of the gashes as Dave dragged his claw against the Kraken's skin.

The Kraken howled in pain.

"Defile!" Dave shouted the chant for the [Defile] skill. Bones rose from under the Kraken and ripped into its flesh, forcing blood to gush out from the many holes now on its body.

The Kraken was suffering massive damage and bleeding. Yet after all of Dave's hard work he barely managed to down 30% of the Kraken's HP.

There was no way he could win alone. Demonic ascension effect has ended, and Dave was forced to go back on the water's surface. His wings disappeared along with his horns and his demonic aura. He was back to being an undead, yet he was still shrouded in a dark aura from [Final Phantasm].

The eight spectral skeletons exploded at once, shaking the Kraken and taking away 4,000,000HP at once.

The Kraken roared and swung with two of its tentacles at Dave.

Dave switched to his shield and used [Block], the two tentacles crashed against the shield. But two more limbs came sweeping at Dave from the side.

"Fuck!" Dave cursed. He had no way to escape the other tentacles.

A second before the impact, an ice arrow embedded itself between Dave's legs, then an ice dome materialized over him. The two tentacles smashed into the dome shattering it, but they couldn't get past to damage Dave.

"Are you okay?! And what's up with this atmosphere?" Lone Arrow shouted.

"Legacy Skill. Also I'm okay,you logged in just in time," Dave said as retreated from the Kraken.

"How are you walking on water? Is that from your Legacy Skill?" Lone asked. She found Dave moving on the water's surface amazing yet strange at the same time.

"Inspect the Kraken, and you'll get it. Anyway, stay on the ship, this guy's pretty dangerous."

"Oh, guess I'm on time," Ralph's voice sounded from the voice-chat.

"Get your ass down, I need help," Dave shouted. He switched from his sword to Ouki's Glaive and twirled it over himself as he waited for another of the Kraken's limb slams to come down.

Just as the tentacle was about to smash down on Dave, he swung down with his glaive in [Heaven Slasher]. A vertical white line materialized in front of Dave when the Kraken's limb touched the white line, the limb split in two.

-1,250,000 HP

The tentacle split in half and each part fell next to Dave's sides.

"Good," Dave said and jumping onto the tentacle, he proceeded to climb up the limb.

"What's going on? Holy shit is that Cthulhu?!" Flanker's voice sounded from the voice chat.

"No, that's a Kraken, Cthulhu is a mix of man, octopus, and a dragon, if that thing was here, we'd be dead," Fortress's calm voice sounded after Flanker. His knowledge of all kinds of trivia would surprise anyone.

"Stop yapping and come help!" Dave shouted.

"On my way boss," Fortress hopped over the ship's railing and onto the water surface.

"Bouncy!" he said. then he ran toward Dave, his shield held in front in front of himself.

Blaster had already arrived next to Dave and slashed at the Kraken.

"Where are Mercy and Tess?" Dave asked.

"Mercy's logging in, I don't know about Tess," Ralph replied and used [Slice and Dice]. His sword blurred and sliced several times in succession at the Kraken. The Kraken was now at a loss, the pesky draugr had allies, and it didn't know who to attack first.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Seeing the newcomer attacking it without care, the Kraken roared and slammed down with its limbs at Blaster.

"Tess should be here soon, [Anchor Hall]!" Fortress shouted.

Hundreds of anchors rose from under the water and wrapped around the Kraken's limb then forced them to slam into Fortress.

Fortress raised his shield and used [Block] nullifying the attack.

"I'm here!" Tess shouted, "I'll use my Legacy Skill. Buy me some time!"

Tess waved her hand and summoned a scepter with a red jewel. She raised the scepter with both hands forward, and a red aura began gathering around it. The scepter's color turned a baleful red and was making the space around it ripple.

"I'm here," Mercy spoke through the voice chat. With one glance, she grasped the situation almost immediately and hopped from the ship onto the water's surface. Mercy's avatar vanished into invisibility as she began running toward the boss.

With the participation of Dave's party, the boss's HP decreased another 10%.

"Alright, time for a big one!" Dave shouted as he retreated a few feet away.

"Phantasmal Edge!" Dave called.

Dave had only two Legacy Skills, one would summon the Undeath God's guitar enabling [Final Phantasm] and the other will end the [Final Phantasm] but will take away 50% of the target's current HP in flat damage value.

The last time he used it, it summoned hordes of undead riders that tore away at Leonard. But this time it was different.

The dark skies churned and the clouds twisted into a vortex. From the vortex in the air a boney hand emerged. Dave recognized the hand. It was the Undeath God Nick's hand. The hand pointed at the Kraken, and a single black water drop fell from the tip of his finger.

The Kraken noticed the vortex in the sky, and its dull eyes revealed fear for the first time.

The Kraken shook and shuddered as the black water drop fell towards it. Its instincts were screaming at it to escape and run away. The Kraken dove down under the water hiding from sight. But the water drop kept going down until it touched the surface of the water and dove under it.

"What's going on?" Ralph asked as he looked at Dave. Currently there were only Dave and his party on the water's surface. The Kraken had completely disappeared.

Dave shrugged saying, "I don't know bruh."

A thundering boom echoed from under the player's feet. It was as if a massive explosion had detonated inside the sea and caused the surface to ripple into waves the size of mountains. The waves lifted the players high up in the sky and dropped them on the sea surface. Mercy yelped as she was forced out of stealth.

The dark shadows surrounding Dave dissipated. The skill was over. Though the Kraken was still underwater, it must have suffered considerable damage. Moments later, a dark shadow grew from under the player's feet. The Kraken was surfacing again. It rose up screeching, most of its flesh was burnt, and a couple of its limbs were torn. But its eyes were red with anger and pain.

The Kraken slammed down with its limbs at Dave, the preparator of the last attack.

"Here it comes!" Tess shouted and smashed the bottom of her scepter on the ship's deck.

The red aura exploded into a gout of smoke. Then the smoke roiled, coiling into itself and forming a spear. The Kraken's attack stopped midway. Tess's Legacy Skill had two drawbacks, the first was the long cast time, and the second one was the Threat it generated.

The Kraken opened its mouth and spat a torrent of ink at Tess. Thankfully the distance between the red witch and the Kraken was too far, so the ink took time before reaching the boat. Tess pointed with her scepter at the Kraken, causing the red spear to roil and shoot out like a bullet toward the Kraken.

The spear made contact with the ink and burnt it all to cinders as it went through it. The red spear continued moving forward until it pierced through the Kraken.

The Kraken's skin turned red as if it was boiling from the heat. Cracks appeared on its skin, and it began to dry.

The Kraken was losing HP rapidly, Tess's Llegacy was Ddestruction, and among all the S class legacy skills, hers had the highest firepower.

The Kraken began screaming in pain, the howling echoing across the Dead Sea.

"BLITZ IT!" Dave shouted. And raced forward with his glaive pointing at the Kraken.

"What did I miss?" Perfect Shot's voice sounded from the voice-chat.

"Nothing much, help us out," Fortress called.

Perfect Shot knelt down and shouted, "EVERYONE MOVE AWAY!"

The players noticed Perfect's bow-drawing posture and remembered the shark-attack he had used when facing the Torab Serpents.

They all moved away from the Kraken as Perfect released the nocked arrow.

Fire coiled around his arrow and materialized an enormous ethereal blue shark that shot like a train crashing into the Kraken, shaking it away from its position.

The shark turned to a blast of blue fire that burnt at the Kraken's exterior.

"Smells like barbeque," Flanker said.

He then pointed at Ralph and said, "Bless thy servant with flames!"

Ralph's weapon gained an infernal heat, and his base damage increased massively.

"Bestow, Vigor of the Troll!" A green aura surrounded Ralph, Mercy, and Fortress," Their HP regeneration spiked up.

"Here's another, Grant my ally Feline Grace!"

Apart from Dave, all of the party gained a massive increase in dexterity and agility.

"Sorry Skelly, you're undead, I can't buff you," Flanker said apologetically.

"No problem," Dave said, "Its only got 20% of its HP left guys., We'll be able to take down yet another Ethereal level monster! Go!"

Just as Dave was running toward the Kraken, he heard thundering bangs coming from behind him. Looking up, he saw dozens of round metallic balls flying toward the Kraken and smashing into it.

Just as the projectiles smashed into the Kraken, Dave's feet dug deep into the water as he fell into the sea.

"What the fuck?!"

Dave was drowning rapidly. He had yet to understand what was going on. He removed his armor and swam back up. Dave's face emerged from over the water, looking around, he saw Flanker and Mercy swimming near him with no sign of Fortress or Ralph.

His grayed out undead option was now accessible, and his link to his undead was restored. Dave turned to look for the Kraken but couldn't find it anywhere.

"Did it escape?" Dave thought, but a notification showed him something unexpected.


Level Up

Level Up

Level Up



"What's going on?" Dave asked in the party chat.

"The Kraken is dead. We gotta save Blaster and Fortress. Their armor is drowning them!" Lone shouted in the voice-chat.

Dave looked at the seawater that now regained its vitality and began moving. He felt that the Great White and the Torab Serpent were near him.

"Save the two knights!" Dave sent them an order.

The shark and the serpent dove deeper into the sea, and moments later they lifted the two players who were at death's door.

"Fuck! Drowning is too damn realistic in this fucking game, man!" Ralph cursed.

"What happened?" Fortress asked.

"Uh, Dave I don't know how it escaped your notice, but you have a naval ship that has cannons. Why didn't you use them?" Lone asked.

Dave stared dumbly at the ship and said sheepishly, "I kinda forgot."

"Well, what are you waiting for, go and loot the Kraken!" Lone shouted.

"Yeah, I'll be right back," Dave said and dove down underwater.