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342 Facing the Sea God with a Dragur Smile.

 Dave slammed down with his extended fist on the Kraken. The Kraken swung another tentacle at Dave as he was running, to prevent him from getting closer. But Dave was ready this time, he used [Immortal Apparition] that had just come off cooldown and dodged away appearing right in front of the Kraken's face.

Dave slammed down with his fist, creating a  massive explosion and summoned an ethereal Fire dragon that bored into the Kraken.

The Kraken screeched in pain and began slamming its limbs on the water surface.

The Kraken shook its face in an attempt to shake Dave away. Dave gripped at the slippery facial meat and managed to hold tight. The Kraken swung one of its limbs on the pesky draugr. But Dave hopped away causing the Kraken's attack to land onto itself.


Dave smiled and said, "Stop hitting yourself!"

The Kraken attacked again only to hit itself more as Dave jumped away.

The moment Dave landed on the water surface he used [Ray of Flames] blasting out a torrent of smoldering fire at the Kraken's face.

The fire was strong enough to melt stone, so it caused the water-type creature immense pain as it landed on him.

The Kraken roared in pain and raised all of its limbs above the water. Then it smashed them all down at Dave.

"Shit!" Dave switched back to his shield and held it above himself.

The eight massive tentacles slammed into Dave's shield like a collapsing mountain. The whole water surface around Dave bounced up and down from the weight of the limbs.

"Heavy!" Dave groaned as the limbs were too massive for him to move.

The Kraken removed its limbs to see if it had finished off the draugr but was surprised to find him still alive and kicking, literally.

Dave had sent a [Dragon Kick] at the Kraken creating an Infernal Dragon made of fire that flowed toward the Kraken shaving another chunk of its HP.

Dave's damage was immense thanks to his buffs. He had already taken 12,000,000 HP from the Kraken's HP but that was barely 10% of the Kraken's total HP. Dave knew he couldn't stay in his empowered form for a long time due to the HP loss, but he had a way to offset this problem.

Red lighting crackled around Dave. His infernal aura became redder, and two black horns bulged out from his forehead. Two enormous wings also materialized from his back as he entered [Demonic Ascension].

The skill passively drains 0.1% of the enemy's max HP. It might look like a small number, but for a monster with 125,000,000 HP, the 0.1% value was 125,000 HP per second refunded.

Dave's raven wings gave him enough mobility to dodge the Kraken's attacks. He flew in the sky and moved away from every swing. Dave's hands blurred into ninja-seals.

He then pointed forward and activated [Spectral Skulls]. Eight fire orbs materialized in the sky in front of him. It was his synergized attack between [Dragon Ball] and [Spectral Skulls].

The fiery orbs had a ghostly face to them, they all gazed at the Kraken indifferently and howled as one as Dave pointed at the Kraken.

The infernal orbs shot like small meteors towards at the Kraken. The sea god swung a limb at one of the spheres in an attempt to destroy it, but was still damaged.


The other orbs slammed into the Kraken, causing massive explosions to echo in the Dead Sea World.

Dave dove into the Kraken right as it recovered from the impact. The Kraken roared again creating a massive tsunami that covered Dave's vision.

Dave activated [Advancing Dragon] as he was moving toward the wave. The AI took control of Dave's avatar and made him teleport to the other side of the wave and right above the Kraken, his fist slammed down on the Kraken's head creating another Infernal Dragon that bore through the Kraken's head.

The Kraken had several burn marks on it, and it looked to be in pain. Dave shaved away another 10% of its total HP.

In pain and clearly not a match for the buffed Dave, the Kraken roared once more. The water surface began rippling in multiple areas, and five creatures with multiple draconic heads emerged from under the water.

Dave was surprised, he didn't know what these things were, but he had a guess.


Dave couldn't waste time inspecting the hydras as they all opened their maws at the same time and shot a torrent of concentrated water at him.

Several dozen torrents of water blasted towards Dave. Thankfully he was still AI-Guided thanks to the [Advancing Dragon] effect, so his avatar flew under and above the torrents of water dodging away from them.

"Shit, if only I had my undead!" Dave cursed, he was outnumbered and clearly outmatched. The Zealot buff only lasted for 60 seconds, and it was about to end. The moment it ended, Dave would have no way to deal with the monsters surrounding him.

Suddenly, a small creature peeked out of Dave's bag. It was Onixya.

The Black Dragon gazed at the draconic sea creatures and gave a small growl. This little harmless growl from this small black dragon caused all of the hydras to shake. Though the Kraken was the god of the sea, the Black Dragons ruled over all draconic bloodlines. It was embedded in their souls that they had to respect the higher bloodline.

The hydras all whimpered and dove back into the water, leaving the Kraken in a dazed surprise.

"Thanks, Onixya, but go back into hiding, this is going to be tough," Dave said.

The dragon agreed as it saw the massive squid looking at it.

Usually, the Kraken would fear the dragon, yet Onixya was still young, and it didn't cause it much fear. Unlike the hydras who were suppressed by their bloodline.

The Kraken swung its arms at Dave,; he dodged away and slammed both his palms together in a thunderous clap.

The bright cloudless sky began shaking as a massive meteor emerged from outer space and thundered down towards the Kraken.

The Kraken noticed the incoming meteor and began submerging itself into the water.

"Like hell you will!" Dave whistled loudly and flew away from the Kraken.

The whistle was the activation condition for [Double Edged]. Dave didn't know if it would work, but it was his only chance at forcing the Kraken out of the water.

Suddenly, the maw of the Minhocao emerged from underwater. The thick water surface was unable to hinder the Worm Emperor as it rose, its jaws clutching around the Kraken and lifting the huge monster above the water.

The Minhocao noticed the incoming meteor but still continued to lift the Kraken up. The Kraken howled in pain as it was elevated above the sea. The Minhocao spat the Kraken into the air and dove back into the water disappearing from sight.

The meteor slammed into the Kraken in mid-air and smashed it into the water.

The Kraken was forced into the deep sea due to the weight of the meteor. The creature howled in pain as it was forced deeper and deeper into the water. Large bubbles rose from the deep sea and burst upon contact with the surface.

[Zealot] had come to an end, Dave disabled the azure water rune, and the depleting HP stopped. He just now realized that the clone from [Perfect Reflection] had destroyed some time ago.

[Demonic Ascension] still had some time active, but Dave knew that there was no way for him to win this fight with just [Demonic Ascension].

Dave flew down and stepped on the water surface. He looked down past his reflection on the water and waited for the Kraken to rise back up. He knew the Kraken hadn't died, due to the water still being solid.

Dave waited and waited until the sea under him became dark. The Kraken was rising, and it looked angry, all of the Kraken's limbs burst forth from under the water at the same time., Dave was directly under the round maw of the Kraken.

"Can't help it then. Final Phantasm!" Dave spoke slowly.

The clear sky immediately turned dark. Lightning crackled in the sky as clouds churned covering it completely and transforming the world dark. The Kraken was about to engulf Dave whole when the Undead God's Guitar smashed into it. It stuck itself into the water and blasted out a dark wave of death.

The still water shuddered as massive ripples reverberated away from it. It was as if these ripples were afraid of the guitar itself.

The Kraken continued with it's engulfing but didn't notice Dave using [Immortal Apparition].

Dave had turned into an ethereal form of flames, and the Kraken's attack was nullified.

"Let's get Kraken then!"