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341 The Sea God

 Dave's eyes were glued to the monster. The creature's limbs were as wide as the Leviathan's mainmast. Not to mention the rest of its body that was still mostly concealed underwater.

The Kraken rose out of the calm ocean. Its yellow eyes looked directly at the ship.

It looked at Dave's crew with its indifferent eyes. These eyes were the eyes of a predator looking at helpless prey. The Kraken slowly made its way toward the ship. The seawater parted, making way for the behemoth of a creature, but not a single ripple was caused even as the massive creature of legend moved through it.

"Ah, this will be the end of us," Gafgar said. But he was gripping at his cutlass tightly. He was going to fight to the bitter end.

Dave kept his eyes glued at the Kraken and inspected it when it was close.


Name: Kraken

Tier: Unique-Ethereal

Danger level: Extremely Dangerous!

Level: 600

Base damage: 350,000-450,000

HP: 125,000,000


MA: 0


[Calm Before the Storm]: (Passive) Whenever the Kraken moves, the oceans become tranquil. The waves die, the wind disappears, and the ships can no longer move. The seas surface becomes as hard as steel so the prey can no longer dive underwater in order to escape. Only the Kraken can move through and under the water.

[Terror of the Deep] (Passive) With its dull eyes, the Kraken applies a [Fear] effect in an area of 200meters around it.

[Soul Lasher] All of the Kraken's attacks have a 20% chance to execute a target under the effects of [Terror of the Deep].

[Murky Waters] The Kraken can shoot a spray of black ink that causesd poison damage that inflicts 20% of its base damage over 20 seconds (Stackable) on targets and causes the [Blind] status effect.

[Lord of the Sea] The Kraken is the God of the Seas, it can control all the sea creatures around it to attack its enemies.

[Sea God's Roar] Tthe Kraken's roar creates tsunamis that can drown its prey.


What is a Kraken but a glutinous mass endowed with a malignant will? But a Kraken is not just a malignant will. It is the will of the sea, its lord, ruler and the destruction hidden in its depths. The Kraken has ruled the deep seas for millennia , making both man and beast alike bend to its will, the strong would flee in its presence, and the weak would give their lives to the Kraken.


"That's a lot of HP. Most of its skills are broken as fuck. But it's badly matched against the undead," Dave said and turned to Gafgar.

"Gafgar, it's not yet time to despair!" Dave's smile brought back some of Gafgar's fleeting hope.

"Right, we can't give up before we try," Gafgar smiled.

Dave hopped over the ship's railings and fell down to the water. But instead of diving, he landed onto the water surface in a three-point hero landing as his cape fluttered.

"As I guessed, the water is as dense as steel. We can't dive down. Ghosting the ship and trying to dive underwater is useless."

Dave drew his sword and shield as he looked at the incoming Kraken.

"I can't summon any of my undead, and all I have is the crew in the ship," Dave smiled as he took more steps forward.

The Kraken, interested, halted in front of the incoming undead.

Dave's back was to the ship, his cape slowly moved with every step, his sword drawn and his shield in his right hand as he moved fearlessly toward the giant Kraken.

Dave looked like an ant facing a behemoth, but his posture was like that of a mountain facing the terrors of the world, fearless and filled with bravery.

The undead on the ship began jumping over the railing and following behind Dave.

Most of them were as strong as Undead Captains. Not much compared to Dave's Sub-Division, but they were still members of the Legion. Seeing their captain moving to face the beast alone gave them courage, not that the undead lacked any.

"I guess it's a tale to tell when we are back in the Undead Realm," Gafgar said in a chuckle as he whirled his cutlass.

"I don't plan on croaking here Gafgar," Dave said then pointed his bastard sword at the Kraken.

"Big guy, by the end of this day, you'll join the Legion!"

The Kraken, clearly a smart creature must have understood Dave's words, and its reply came in the form of a roar that shook the world.

The clear sky rumbled, and the motionless water finally rippled. These ripples grew and rose until they covered the sky. Then a wave hundreds of meters high came crashing down on  Dave

Dave didn't hesitate to huddle up behind his shield, and shouted, "Shields up! This water is as thick as lead, so don't get hit!"

All the undead raised their shields and awaited the crash of the water.

The tsunami fell down like an avalanche down the side of a mountain,. The water dispersed like smoke upon impact, but it still caused the seawater under Dave's feet to bend like hot steel plate.

The water surface bent down, and creaking sounds echoed from the sea, it was as if the water itself was about to break.

The tsunami wave dispersed into water vapor, but it thankfully didn't affect the Leviathan.

"If that's all you got, then you ain't a big deal. Not worth the conscription effort," Dave said sarcastically.

The flesh above the Kraken's eyes knitted into a semblance of a frown. It was as if the beast could show it's anger. The Kraken then waved one of its limbs and smashed down at Dave.

"That's more like it!"

Dave sprinted forward as the limb was coming down, and before it made contact, Dave used [Immortal Apparition] disappearing from beneath the incoming tentacle and appeared right in front of the Kraken's face. His sword pointed at the Kraken's eye.

"That's one eye down!" Dave said as he came down at the Kraken's eye with his sword. But before the sword touched the eye, Dave was smashed down far away from the Kraken.


Dave was sent tumbling on the water surface.

Groggily standing up, Dave noticed that there was an extra limb standing threateningly next to the Kraken's face.

"Shit, that thing is damn fast," Dave smiled, the Kraken had taken about 20% of Dave's HP in one hit.

"Taking more of those hits will get me killed in no time. This is fun!" He sprinted back toward the Kraken.

At this moment, the rest of the ship's crew had made it to the Kraken and began attacking it, yet the Kraken didn't even bother with the weaklings attacking it. It's large HP pool hardly budged even as all those undead assaulted it at once.

The Kraken swung one of its limbs and smashed most of the undead surrounding it.

"Pull back. You can't damage it guys!" Dave shouted. He didn't want to lose his crew. Otherwise even if he won he would be unable to sail the ship.

The Kraken realized that Dave was the true leader and the one who posed the most danger, so it raised one of its limbs and smashed down at Dave.

Dave used his sword to point at a spot a few hundred feet in front of himself and cast [Defile]. Large barbed tree roots rose from under the sea, the roots managed to part the seawater and climbed up into the air clashing against the incoming limb slam.

The tree roots coiled around the limb, stopping it from attacking Dave. This gave him enough time to run forward while activating [Stampede].

The Kraken swung another limb at Dave but thanks to the [Stampede] passive aeffect, he was unaffected by the knock-back effect of the tentacle and managed to slam into the Kraken.

Dave [-320,000]

Kraken [-620,000]Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The two of them received damage, but Dave came out on top. Still it was far from doing any real damage to the immense HP pool of the Kraken.

Dave's [Vigorous] passive kicked in, restoring some of his lost HP


"I can't win like this, time to kick things up a notch."

Dave slammed the pommel of his sword on his chest, disabling the [Azure Water Rune]. This caused the [Chaos Runes] to burst in massive heat waves. Dave's armor cracked and chaos energy coursed through his veins and muscles empowering him but constantly depleting his HP.

Dave rubbed the ring on his finger activating [Perfect Reflection] this created a clone that looked just like Dave and it began receiving the chaos damage instead of him.

The Kraken swung sideways with one of its limbs at Dave. Dave used [Vertical Slash] to flip backwards and dodge the attack. He rubbed at his earring while in midair activating [Zealot].

More power coursed through Dave as his muscles bulged up. Vapor blasted out from the cracks in his armor from the amount of energy coursing through his veins.

The Kraken's head tilted back, revealing its circular razor lined maw from under the water. It then shot a torrent of putrid black ink at Dave.

Dave's vision turned dark when the ink splashed into him.


Due to your undead nature, you resisted the poison effect from [Murky Waters].

Poison Resisted!



You have been blinded for 20 seconds.


Dave used [Undying Will] to remove the [Blind] debuff and ran toward the Kraken. The Kraken swung two limbs at Dave. They were like two incoming trains aiming to splatter Dave into a bloodstain.

Dave could block one of the attacks, but the second one would throw him back.

But he didn't stop and kept moving toward the Kraken. The two limbs smashed into Dave with a thundering boom.

Gafgar was momentarily stunned, his captain died just like that?

But an explosive heat forced the Kraken's limbs apart. Dave was covered in a glowing aura. It was [Bastion] and [Aura] at the same time. Also his sword and shield had disappeared and were replaced by two enormous gauntlets.

"It's clobberin' time!" Dave grinned and jumped up toward the Kraken.