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336 Housewarming Party

 The Torab Serpent moved after the shark, it was much faster than the Sea-Beast and caught up to it in seconds. Then a battle ensued in the middle of the sea. Vast amounts of blood dyed the deep blue sea waters red. It took a few minutes before the rattling and chaotic water splashes to settle down. A blood-stained white belly floated atop the sea waters. It was the Sea-Beast's carcass.

"Bring it over," Dave called.

Lone came over, there was still a hint of redness on her cheeks, but she asked, "Are you gonna loot it?"

"Nah, I have a better use. You'll see," Dave said.

The Torab Serpent coiled around the shark and swam toward the Leviathan. It then lifted the shark all the way until it was next to the ship's railings.

Dave touched the carcass with his hand and used [Raise Undead]. Thankfully the spell was successful on the first attempt, and the white shark turned to undeath.

"Oh, an undead shark, that's new," Fortress commented.

"Lord Kis'Shtiengbrah, I have to say, your methods are quite unorthodox ," Gafgar said. "But what use is it to turn the shark into undeath?"

"He'll help us against other sea-monsters if we encounter them. It's best to have these creatures as guards. We'll have a much safer trip." Dave said in all confidence.

The undead-shark struggled and released itself from the Torab Serpent's hold diving into the sea.

It then began circling the ship.

"You too," Dave said to the serpent," Follow behind."

The ship continued on its course. The players hearts were more at ease.

Ralph and Mercy were on the deck. Dave pulled Ralph over and asked, "You looked like you were having some fun up there."

Ralph smiled mischievously, "Yeah. Well, it wasn't my idea, to begin with, but heck I can't say no to that." Ralph was grinning as he looked at Mercy.

Mercy noticed his gaze and turned the other way. Her face was beet red.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Dave shook his head at his friend, saying, "Incorrigible."

"Bruh, you should step up your game, or you'll be a hermit," Ralph said.

"Yeah, you're right. I'm seriously thinking about it anyway."

"Good, that's the first step. Anyway, how far are we from this treasure island?" Ralph asked.

"Two days at most if we keep up at this speed."

"Right. But it's gonna be boring to stay here on the ship for two days."

"You're right. Hmm, well, I've been planning to go to my new crib today. Might as well log out and move in right now while the ship is sailing."

"Oh. Right, I forgot about that. So, we're having a party, right?" Ralph asked in a grin.

"Yep, bring the booze, we'll have our fun there while the ship is moving." Dave turned to Gafgar and said, "Gafgar, can you keep the ship on this course? I'll come back later."

"As you wish," Gafgar said and took the tiller from Lone.

"Where are you going?" Lone asked.

"It's time that I move into my new house. And everyone's invited, Ralph is throwing a party."

"Hey!, hold up, you're the moneybags!" Ralph said.

"Stingy as always. Don't worry about the cost. I'll take care of the bill. Everyone, you should probably log out if you don't want to get bored out here at sea."

"And what about our avatars?" Flanker said. His face was whiter than a paper sheet.

"Just leave them in my cabin,"

"And what if the ship is attacked?" Tess asked.

"I'll turn it to a ghost ship. She won't sink," Dave said and used his ring ability.

The ship began corroding and turning ancient and ethereal. Then it became a ghost ship.

The ship's speed increased massively and was coursing through the sea like a torpedo.

"At this speed, no monster can catch up to us. And weak ones will run away the moment they feel the ghost ship approaching," Gafgar said.

The players followed after Dave and entered into his cabinet. They logged out one by one, leaving their characters idle  there inside the cabin.

The Great White and the Torab Serpent were following behind the ship. Their undead nature made them tireless and able to keep up with the vessel even as it moved at top speed.

Dave left his capsule. He took all of his clothes and placed them in a bag, then after a final glance at the hotel room that hosted him for a long time, Dave closed the door and left.

He checked out of the hotel room. Looking at the bill of his stay, Dave almost fainted. Thankfully, he had enough money to pay for the expensive fees.

"Damn, $1,500 for a night!"

Dave had stayed in the hotel room for close to a month. He smiled ruefully as he wired the sum of his stay to the hotel's bank and left the hotel.

He called a taxi and told the driver to head to his apartment downtown.

After a few minutes ride, Dave was in front of a sixty-story building. He paid the driver and exited the cab. He quickly got into the building and took the elevator to the penthouse. There was a fingerprint lock on the door. He placed his thumb on it, after a scan the door opened revealing the interior of the loft.

The penthouse had a magnificent view of the city. The windows were large and clean and brightened his place. He stepped on the wooden floor and removed his shoes before walking on a handmade carpet. Dave turned around. His home was extravagantly yet beautifully decorated.

Karen, the broker, must have hired a professional home decorator as the set up was fantastic and modern.

There was a round wooden table in the centre of the room where a circular white sofa surrounded it.

To Dave's right was enormous tv screen hung on the wall. And from the entrance he could see modern kitchen with its wares. There were wooden circular stairs  in the middle of the home. They led upstairs to the bedroom and gaming room.

Dave did a quick tour of his new house. It was empty, but it felt warm and much more spacious than his old dirty flat. Dave was welcomed into the high-class life with open arms.

Dave received a call on his phone. It was from Zoe.

"Are you at your new place yet?" Zoe asked.

"Yeah, just got in. I've sent the guys the address," Dave spoke as he was poking at a Oriental style vase.

"Alright. Tess can't make it, she doesn't live in New-York, unfortunately." Zoe said. "There'll be just me, Mercy and the rest of the boys."

"Ah too bad for Tess, we'll still have our fun anyway," Dave said.

Flanker's paranoia about Tess made Dave have some curiosity about her. He didn't care if she was a he, but he still wanted to know what Tess looked like in real life.

"I'll be waiting for you guys. Ralph will probably be busy buying drinks, and since I said it's on my tab. I'll put 911 on hot dial in case I get a heart attack."

Zoe giggled as she heard Dave and said, "Okay, I'll get Mercy and come over then. See you later."

She hung up.

Dave put his phone on the table and went closer to the window.

He looked down at the streets of New-York and smiled. The cars moved through the streets of New-York. The clouds in the sky were really close, and the sun was brightening both his home and mood.

'It's been tough on you Davey, but you made it.' Dave kept smiling as he watched everything. It's been long since he was happy, today he was.