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333 Tech-BeatDown

 Lone approached Dave and said in a giggle, "Talk about a one-man army."

"Yeah, I wonder how he did it," Dave said while rubbing his beard. He knew the world of Conquest had many powerful players, and it seemed that one of them is strong enough to take on the army of Qin and come out with the number one spot.

"I have a video of this Jeffery guy, here look," Ralph said and showed the players a video panel.

In a city in the north, a single-player was standing at the gate. Hundreds of Qin warriors were coming toward the city, but this player didn't look afraid or panicked. He raised his hand and suddenly, metal began materializing over his avatar. The metal morphed and transformed, creating a metal armored humanoid that was as tall as the ten-meter city gate.

"Gundam?" Dave muttered.

"Evangelion?" Lone said with a tilted head.

"More like a Valverave," Flanker said.

"Valvraves are burly, I think more like a Jeager," Perfect Shot said.

"Metal Gear!" Ralph shouted.

Fortress turned to Ralph and said, "I see that you are all men of culture, but no. The closest to this is a Kataphrakt kg-6 Sleipnir."

"The heck is that?" Dave asked. He was sure that Fortress was just making names up.

Fortress brought out a browser panel and showed Dave an orange robot. Besides the color, It looked similar to the robot Jeffery was riding.

"Damn, it looks a lot like it," Dave was in awe of Fortress Nerd-Culture.

The armored robot was standing tall. Its mere appearance forced the soldiers of Qin to stop their charge; they have never seen anything as strange as this.

The metallic robot drew a sword from his back, it was easily five meters long, he grabbed it with both hands, and the sword turned red.

"The heck, is that a lightsaber?" Flanker commented.

"Idiot, lightsabers don't have a blade," Fortress replied, shaking his head.

The robot took a few steps then began sprinting toward the Qin soldiers. Panic spread among the army and they started spreading in all directions escaping, yet the giant robot wasn't going to let them escape.

It slashed down, the mere impact blew dirt and rocks everywhere, causing the splinters of rock to kill and injure the escaping warriors. Not to mention the souls that immediately died to the blade's edge on impact.

"That's a lot of damage..." Dave's voice trailed.

The robot ran after the escaping Qin warriors, slicing and slashing at the escaping soldiers. The robot didn't stop until all the Qin warriors next to his feet were dead. Then it turned its gaze on the soldiers that were too far away from it.

The robot bent to the side and took a crossbow that was strapped to its leg. The crossbow was easily the size of a mega-ballista.

It drew the crossbow and pressed the trigger. Hundreds of bolts shot consecutively out of the crossbow. That was no different than a fully automatic machine gun shooting a hail of metal.

The crossbow bolts shot at sound-breaking speed and penetrated through the soldiers at the far distance, killing all the stragglers. Then a moment later, the bolts that were embedded in the ground began a chain explosion until no Qin soldier was left standing.

"The fuck, that's just broken."

"The video still has a few more minutes," Ralph said.

In these few more minutes, the horizon was covered in the blue and green soldiers. These were the knights Dave dreaded. Each of them had the strength of a doom knight.

When they faced the mecha, they didn't falter. Two of them ran at top speed. Their footsteps broke the snow picking up a rooster tail of it. One of them jumped up and slashed down with his sword on the mecha's head, yet the sword simply bounced away.

Jeffery sliced with his sword at the knight, but the knight easily dodged.

The second knight jumped toward the mecha's leg. There was a small area that wasn't fully armored; it was the back joint of the knee. He sliced at it, causing tons of steam to burst out. The Mecha fell on one knee.

"He done fucked up now," Flanker said.

But just as flanker finished his words, the Mecha's eyes lit up in a bright red. The two knights were staring at the Mecha while raising their swords and pointing at it.

The Mecha's back opened up, revealing a square canister that held dozens of small missiles. Two of these rockets shot out from the cannister and headed directly at each of the knights.

One of them sliced at the incoming rocket, to destroy it. But his action brought his doom. The missile blew up, and in its explosion, it detonated the second one. The explosion blasted the two knights leaving nothing but parts of their armors, battered and broken while the men inside them had turned to cinder.

"Holy shit, that firepower is insane!" Ralph said.

"That's not fair man, how can anyone deal with that?" Fortress added.

The remaining rockets shot out at the other side where the hundreds of blue and green knights were standing.

Explosions echoed in the distance, and all that remained of the hill that these knights stood on was an enormous hole.

The kneeling robot detached one of its arms, it transformed into a smaller robot that began repairing the damaged part of the knee. Seconds later, the Mecha reattached his arm and stood up.

The video cut right after that.

"Well that's our answer," Dave said.

"Man, that's just broken. How can anyone deal with that?" Flaker complained.

Everyone turned to Dave; they all had the same question in mind. 'Can you win against this Mecha?"

"It's hard to beat that guy, but he is not invincible," Dave said.

The NPCs sure had died to the robot. But they revealed that the robot could be brought down. With enough numbers, it can be swarmed and destroyed piece by piece. That was Dave was thinking. The only problem was getting close to it.

If Dave ever had to fight against this robot, he believed that he would have a hard time defeating it, but he was sure that he can still win. Especially with his legacy skill. Using [Immortal Apparition] under the effect of [Final Phantasm] will make him ethereal and reduce the threat of the rockets.

Dave's mind began spinning as he thought of all possible scenarios. But he still believed that the robot had many more attacks he didn't use.

"Alright. Enough with this. Right now, the Leviathan should be finished." Dave said.

"Leviathan?" Ralph asked.

"Yeah, you weren't there. It's our ship. We're going to look for the treasure of the pirate king."

"Treasures! What are we waiting for?! Let's go!" Ralph seemed more excited than the usual.

Dave smiled lightly and said, "Wait until I call you guys," He then tore a teleportation scroll and disappeared from the area.

Dave appeared in the dead realm. He crouched down, placing his palm on the dirt. Black sigils spread form his hand and Grumpy appeared next to Dave.

Dave hopped on an pointed to his settlement. The Onyx basilisk ran toward it. As they were going, Dave felt movement in his side-bag.

He the head of a black dragon popped up from it. Onixya was able to change her size to fit into the small backpack, but it seemed that she was annoyed.

"What's wrong?" Dave asked. But just as he finished his words, the small slime, Tiny emerged. The two of them were fighting for space inside Dave's side pocket.

"No fighting!" Dave scolded the two. Onixya lowered her head, feeling wronged, and Tiny deflated.

Dave sighed and pulled the two out. He placed Onixya above his helmet and tiny in front of him on the head of grumpy.

Onixya enjoyed the high view and began roaring, though it was more like squeals than roars it was still adorable. Tiny didn't want to be outshined by the dragon. So he shook and changed his form to that of a dragon extremely similar to Onixya then began roaring.

"That's cool, Tiny," Dave complimented the slime. Tiny jubilantly moved around itself and wagged its tail.

Onixya, seeing the slime mimicking her appearance and getting praised by Dave snorted two streams of black gas then opened its mouth wide.

Small black particles coalesced in front of her. Dave saw the skill Onixya was using and he broke into a cold sweat. This was frighteningly similar to the Black Dragon's Dragon Breath.

However, the black orb in front of Onixya was not even a fraction the size of the one the Black Dragon summoned. But the strength gathered inside it was enough to make space bend.

"This orb might look like the dragon breath, but it's not hot. It's different," Dave thought to himself as he gazed at the orb.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Onixya, having gathered as much energy as she could close her mouth in a snap and the orb flew in the distance. The orb was headed toward a few withered trees in the Dead Realm. When the globe made contact, it expanded to ten times the size then compressed to one-tenth of the original size.

This expansion and compression caused the space to fold on itself. The trees twisted as if they were a mirage. The ground spun, and it was as if space itself was turning. A moment later, everything the radius of a sphere was compressed into nothingness.

A sizeable spherical hole was left in the small hill.

Dave's eyes widened at the skill's effect.

"Holy smokes! That's like a black-hole!" Dave was mouth agape. His small dragon had developed an ability completely different than its birth parent.

Onixya snorted once again and looked at tiny with a hint of mockery.

The slime-dragon kept watching the hole in the hill. It then opened its mouth...

A thought crossed Dave's mind, that if Tiny could mimic Onixya, he would have some powerful creatures.

But that hope was soon shattered. As tiny opened its mouth it couldn't gather the specs of black light to create the orb, even after trying hard he failed at it.

Looking at the small dragon above Dave's head, Tiny felt that the disdainful gaze grew colder, the dragon scoffed at him and ignored the slime.

Tiny felt aggrieved and returned to his slime form then scurried toward Dave's side pocket. He refused to come out even after Dave called out to it.

Dave shook his head and said, "You shouldn't bully him like that Onixya. That's not cool."

The dragon whined and lowered its head like she had done something bad.

Dave smile and kept going toward his settlement.

As he arrived, Dave spotted Gafgar moving in circles. He looked to be waiting for someone.

"Gafgar, how is the construction going?" Dave asked.

"Lord Kis'Shtiengbrah! I've been waiting for you since morning. The leviathan is afloat, and we only need you to take it for its first journey!"

"Great! Take me there!" Dave said.