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331 The Demon Bares His Fangs

 Small change. Douche-Guy's name has been changed from Jhon Ford to Jhonathan/Jhon Webb. Sorry for the mess up in the last chap.


The smiling demon walked away from the scene and went to the reception. He showed his business card to the man behind the counter.

"I'm Silvana Samuel, and I have witnessed an assault from one of the workers in this company on another person. By law, I have the right to demand your security video feed."

When the smiling demon spoke, the man finally realized that there was someone talking to him. He was occupied with watching his boss' son making a scene at the company's entrance.

"Ah, y-yes." The man had to agree and handed the lawyer a drive that contained the video of what just occurred.

When Samuel took the drive, he turned and went to the entrance. Dave was angrily staring at both the security guard and Douche-Guy. He had no idea what was going on, sure he did play him dirty, but Douche-guy didn't have to go physical.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Mr. Webb. I was coming here to have a meeting with your father, but it seems that your sense of hospitality is rather vulgar," Samuel spoke his words calmly and confidently.

Douche-guy turned, when he saw Samuel Silvana, he hesitated for a moment and said, "Sorry for this. He's just some homeless bastard, you don't need to bother with him. Follow me I can take you to my father's. we can have our meeting."

Samuel Silvana frowned, 'Was this guy really that dull? He could have at least respected Dave as a friend of Skeletal. But now he dared call him a homeless bastard after assaulting him?'

Samuel Silvana was actually surprised at the denseness of this kid. He was too idiotic to realize that his actions were nothing more than washing his own neck and sharpening the guillotine by his very hands.

"Fucking asshole!" Zoe blew up. "Why the fuck did you hit Davey when he is injured?"

"Zoe, mind your tongue," Samuel spoke calmly, however deep down he approved of Zoe's cursing, this person perfectly fitted the term asshole.

Just now, did Douche-guy noticed that Zoe came with Samuel Silvana. He then turned to Dave, and a few scenarios began spinning in his head. The last time he saw Zoe, she was with Dave, she was clinging to him like his girlfriend. Other than that, Zoe confirmed that she was Lone Arrow, this he knew from the bartender who heard and spoke of it at the Underground club.

Lone arrow always accompanied Skeletal. And now, this is the second time he saw Zoe accompanying Dave.

Could it be...?

Yet he immediately shook the idea out of his mind. It was impossible for such a low life scrub to be the famous Skeletal. Though he hated the undead, he still respected his reputation. As for this low life? Not in a lifetime will he ever do so. He didn't deserve to be lumped with the Elites.

"It's just a misunderstanding between him and I. But if he is accompanying you, I can allow him to go into the building, but he'll wait in the hall," Douche-guy didn't like Dave, but he had to give the Silvana lawyer a bit of respect and let him enter the building.

"Who the fu-.." Zoe stopped, she was about to use a 'bad word' then she said, "Who do you think you are to stop or allow Davey to go in?"

"Huh? Are you blind, I'm the company's CEO's son!" Webb blew up. He was feeling more and more irritated at being belittled, especially in front of so many employees who were watching what was ongoing.

Just as Samuel was about to speak, the elevator opened, and an old man hastily came running.

"JHON! What the hell are you doing?!" The man roared out. The veins on his forehead were bulging threatening to pop. This kid was causing him so many trouble he felt he would be the end of him.

"Dad. There's nothing serious. Just a misunderstanding," Douche-guy said, trying to calm his father.

Samuel didn't think that way, the moment he saw the CEO he wanted to make a scene. Making scenes is always good for his business, and he excelled at it.

"Misunderstanding?" Samuel scoffed, "I fail to see how verbally assaulting my client, shaming him in front of people than physically assaulting him while he is still in recovery a misunderstanding!" Samuel said, this time, the smile was no more.

The expressions on the Demon Barrister were different from before. His face showed no emotions, yet at the same time, his face looked cold and serious.

When the word 'Client' was uttered, Jhon Webb felt like he was doused with a bucket of ice-cold water. He didn't dare turn and look at Dave. The word Client had very, very serious implications.

Mainly because the reason for the meeting today with Mr.Silvana was to meet his 'Client.' The client who is also known in the game as 'Mr.Skeletal.'

The scenarios that turned in Webb-Jhonathan's head a few moments ago resurfaced, only this time, the face of Dave replaced Mr.Skeletal. This made Dave's human face a hundred times more terrifying than the undead skeletal's draugr face.

"Client?" the old man said, then he noticed Dave standing outside the building.

"You mean?"

"Yes. It's about time everyone knew," Samuel turned and looked at Dave meaningfully.

"Yeah. I don't really care anymore. It was tough to keep it hidden early when I started playing but now. I'm an 'Elite,'" Dave said the last words but his tone and voice had a hint of mockery and they were aimed at Douch-Guy

"Vey well. Then, for all to know, David Ruster. Also know in the game of Conquest as Mr. Skeletal is currently the shareholder of the majority of Sigma-Electronics. And you, as Webb-Johnathan had assaulted him in his working place, prevented him from entry, verbally and physically assaulted him.

These are more than enough reasons for me to file a civil lawsuit and have you pay through the teeth for all the damage you caused to my client. And in other words, your real boss," Samuel said these words all of them, slowly and uttered them with complete clarity for all to hear.

Douche-Guy was stunned, for a long while, he could only listen, but his lips couldn't move to defend himself. He had nothing. He couldn't say anything.

If the ground could split and swallow him, he would feel much better. If this was nothing but a bad nightmare, this would have been fine. But this nightmare felt very real. Too realistic to not believe. He didn't need to pinch himself to know that this nightmare had just begun and it was going to last for his entire life.

A single-action due to anger had caused this very person who had a bright future ahead of him, to see nothing but a dark and deep maddening abyss covering his prospect.

His road toward taking over the company was destroyed as if it was demolished by a gigantic meteor. And this meteor had the face of David Ruster.

Johnathan Webb's father was also stunned. His son, his only son, had always been a cause of trouble, but he doted on him. His son always thought himself the best amongst his peer. Though his father knew that there were many that were far ahead of him on the social ladder, he never made his son feel inferior. And this created a superiority complex in his child. This very superiority complex made Johnathan Webb take the wrong turns many times in life.

Starting by when finding out about his fiancée EX, a low life scrub who he wanted to crush. This caused his twisted personality to reveal itself. He felt inferior that his 'Beautiful' Anna used to fancy someone else. As dumb as it sounds, it is also true.

Then another encounter, where he saw Dave accompanied by influential people, like the famous Caitlin Giovanni, or Zoe Silvana, or even Vanessa Shrind. And the final straw was when Mr. Skeletal said that he was Dave's friend. Why couldn't his circle of friends be as powerful?

John Webb's father had concluded that it was his own mistake for raising his son this way that he ended up like this. And this method of raising his son had come back to bite him in the ass. But now, it was too late. The future of the company will be ruined the moment he goes to court.

Assaulting a majority share-holder? Inside the very building they work in? that's nothing short of an economic and social suicide!

"Wait!" John's father shouted. His face showed deep fright and panic. He didn't want this to happen. His son can't go to court. He can't be trialed. He knew of the Demon's capabilities. Sending his son to jail would be as easy as twisting his hand. That was not something his son could take.

"You can't go to court! We can settle. I know you need the rest of the shares I can sell you some!"

"Oh, that was quick," Dave muttered. He was actually surprised at how the situation had turned. They were coming here with some dirt on the Webbs to get them to sell, but it seemed that they wouldn't even be needing to get into arguments and conflict I the meeting. This was going all too damn well for Dave to believe.

"Yes. It's usually this way in the grown up's world, kid. But there is one thing Mr, Jason Webb is forgetting. Do you know why they call me the demon?"

Samuel Silvana turned to face Jason Webb. He had a smile that wasn't a smile plastered on his face, he then slowly spoke, "If I go after something, I'll take it whole, See you in court!"

The words fell down like the decree of a god. The demon barrister turned and led Zoe and Dave out of the building. Leaving Jason Webb shocked and stunned. His knees soon turned weak, and his vision became blurry. Jason Ford immediately fell on the ground, fainted.