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330 Douch-Guys Future Prospects

 Dave took a quick shower and went downstairs. He found Zoe waiting for him.

Zoe was fixing her hair as she was looking into her phone's mirror. Dave got out of the hotel and into the car,

"Sup, Z."

Zoe groaned and said, "Recently I've been feeling more like your driver than girlf- ahem, Uncle is waiting for us, let's get going!"

"What was that?" Dave exclaimed, but the red-faced Zoe hit the accelerator and made Dave have a small fright that made him forget what he was about to ask.

A few minutes later, Zoe had arrived near a small coffee shop.

The place was small and neatly decorated. It had a wooden floor and several square tables that were surrounded by comfortable looking sofas.

Samuel Silvana was sitting in the deepest part of the shop. He was drinking a cup of black coffee while reading from a holographic journal.

Noticing the two, Samuel removed his reading glasses and welcomed them to sit.

"Good morning, Sam," Dave said and sat in front of the old man.

Zoe squeezed herself next to Dave and sat after saying hello to her uncle.

"Good morning, kids. You came early which is good." Samuel said.

"Yeah. What was that you were talking about yesterday? You said you found some dirt on the Fords." Dave asked.

"Not just some. Mountains of it. The Fords had been going about their business in extremely illicit ways. Thanks to a few acquaintances of mine, I managed to get my hands on some dirty files, and this is enough to bring them to the table for a proper discussion."

"That sounds reassuring. But can you tell me why you had me running all over conquest helping everyone in a pinch?" Dave asked.

"You still don't get it?" Zoe shook her head, "And here I thought you were a smarty. Uncle said that to boost your reputation. With the files he has, he will make the Fords give up on some of their shares, and that will give you the chance to buy them. Then the company will be fully yours." Zoe said.

"Oh, so it's related to that. Well, what are we waiting for?" Dave asked.

"I already ordered a meeting with the fords an hour ago. They should still be waiting in their conference room."

"You mean we are late?" Dave asked.

Samuel shook his finger at Dave and said, "We are not late. We are purposefully stalling. When you have the upper hand, it's best to make the other party feel the pressure. Make them overthink and fall to false conclusions."

"Uncle is always like that," Zoe said, "Even if the Fords are nothing but a small business family, my uncle is a like a lion. He uses all of his power even if he is hunting rabbits."

The words Zoe just spoke were pretty accurate. Dave had seen Samuel working his magic many times. Dealing with the world-tycoon Conquest or just the small company of Sigma-Electronics, Samuel always bared his fangs at the start of the battle.

The waiter came to their table, asking for what they would like to drink.

Dave ordered a black coffee, the same as Samuel while Zoe opted for a cappuccino.

"Enjoy this coffee, we will be going to the meeting in an hour," Samuel said as he took a sip of his bitter-sweet coffee.

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In one of Manhattan's office buildings. A middle-aged man was tapping his leather boot impatiently on the wooden floor. The man wore a black suit and was sighing every now and then. Next to him were four other men in black suits. They each had a suitcase and were looking at the time impatiently.

"Should we call? He's late!" a young man who was looking over the window of the office spoke.

Dave would know this young man as John Ford. Or better yet, Douche-Guy.

"No. Don't call. He'll be here." The anxious middle-aged man said.

"But Dad, he said he'd be here an hour ago!"

"Just shut up John! All of this is your fucking fault to begin with!" The middle-aged man snarled.

The young man, offended by his father's words was about to lash out. But he thought better not to. He was already in a precarious position. His banter with Skeletal had critically threatened the survival of their company, and now it was going to be devoured by the very Mr.Skeletal he offended.

John Ford was unwilling of such a thing to happen especially since he knew that Skeletal was Dave's friend. His Fiancée's EX.

Mr. Skeletal probably did this on the behest of Dave. This was something John Ford found hard to swallow. Some trash nobody from the lower ladder of society dared pull strings to threaten John's future? He couldn't accept it.

Thankfully, Skeletal hadn't bought the majority of the share. Someone had beaten him to the remaining 6%. There was still hope for John Ford into excluding Skeletal from taking over his company. He only had to meet this man ad have him join them in collaboration. This will make Skeletal nothing but a money bag, while they will still call the shots in the company.

After this urgent meeting called by Skeletal is over, John was going to look for Satan Slayer and even beg him if he had to. So he would reveal the identity of the one who bought the last 6% of the shares. He knew that Satan Slayer had significant influence, and finding out who bought the shares wouldn't be hard for him.

But John wasn't willing to listen to his father anymore. He was angry right now, and felt the need to prove himself.

'I'll show you how I can be better than you in leading this company.' This thought crossed John's mind, and it sprouted a seed of unwillingness.

He stormed out of the conference room despite his father's continuous shouts for him to come back. John ford was going to call Satan Slayer right now and organize a meeting later this day. He will find out the identity of the last share-holder and have him join hand, and by that, he will be the hero this company needs to survive its current crisis. He knew he messed up big time by crossing Skeletal, but he still had the ability to restore everything to order.

Not only when his plan will work will he be perceived as saving the company, but by combining forces with the third party, they will be ruling the company. They won't be Satan Slayer's subordinate anymore, nor will they be Skeletal's subordinate. They will own everything.

These ideas were spiralling in John's mind as he descended the elevator, he was even thinking of the future where the whole company will be his and all he ever wished for will be in his hands.

John was brought back to reality the moment the elevator's door opened. His eyes landed on a person who was fixing his shoe at the entrance of the building. This person was very familiar to him. It was a lid he despised the most. Thoughts of hatred crossed his mind, and he rushed forward.

He went in between an old man and a purple-haired girl who looked like they were watching the idiotic person fixing his shoe. John was furious at the man, so he immediately grabbed him by the collar and shouted, "What the fuck are you doing here!"

"Wow bruh, chill," the person wore a white dress shirt and black jeans.

"Get the fuck out of here. You caused enough shit already! This is the real world, bitch. You have no influence here!" the man said.

"What's going on?" one of the security men at the entrance came running.

"Mr. Ford, what seems to be the problem?" the guard asked as he looked at John Ford grabbing the young man.

"Kick this sucker out. I don't want to see him here," John said and pushed back the guy he was holding.

This person, seemed to have a minor limp, and when he was pushed back, he fell on his back. He echoed a pained groan. It appeared that an old injury was agitated.

"You'll have to come with me," The security said to the person on the floor.

Out of the notice of most of the people, the purple-haired girl was trying to go and help the person that just fell, but the old man next to her was holding her from moving. A devilish smile was plastered on his face. It was a smile rare would know, and those who did would tremble greatly.