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325 Routing The Enemy

 Dave was now a doom knight, so he had the ability to talk and summon his underling from everywhere in the world of conquest. For now, he only had a hundred death knights, but his main death knights were still in the wilds. He needed their power, so he summoned them.

Dog, Bud, Spark, Tengu, and Singund were summoned around Dave.

"Lord! I haven't finished my business with my clansmen!" Singund complained.

"We're about to fight an army, do you want to miss all the fun?" Dave asked.

Singund looked around him. He just noticed the ongoing battle.

"No! my blood boils! Graaaah!" Singund's excitement was apparent.



Artisan of War Title activated!


All your underlings have received a boon of 20% damage

Your underlings have a chance of (3%) to resurrect upon death immediately!

The blind faith of your underlings gives them courage!

Attacks have 5% to ignore the target's defensive values!

The troops under your command have +20% increased damage from all attacks and abilities.


The Death Knights rushed forward. Dog wielding his bone-flail and riding on his basilisk led the entirety of the death knight platoon into the thick of the battle. Dave took the left flank and ordered the Tengu and Singund to take the right flank.

Dog blasted through the Qin warriors like a rampaging bull. His flail knocked the soldiers away, and his basilisk swatted them away at every opportunity.

The tengu entered into an Iaido stance and began casting his ultimate ability.

The players were at first wondered at why the tengu was standing still and 'talking' to himself. The tengu's hand flashed, a single click echoed from the movement of his katana. The speed he drew the blade, sliced and sheathed it back was too fast for the human eye to follow.

Suddenly, the world split in two as the mountain was cut in two perfect halves, and all the Qin soldiers that were on the tengu's path were turned to corpses.

Singund charged into the thick of the fight, he alone became like a berserker, slashing and cutting off libs all alone in the middle of the battle. The numbers of the Qin warriors only served to increase his power. The more blood Singund lost, the fiercer he became.

Dave stomped on the ground activating [Blot the Sun]

The cloudy sky churned. Dark clouds gathered, much darker than rain clouds, they looked like gouts of black smoke that covered the sky. Red thunder crackled in these clouds. Deathly energy began pouring down on the battlefield.

"Singund! Call your brigade!"

"As you command!" Singund raised his sword. This action summoned a thousand High-Orc into the battlefield.

One of the Qin soldiers ran toward Dave with an ax in hand. He struck at the doom knight's back, but his attack failed to deal any considerable damage.

Dave turned to face the Qin warrior. His ethereal blue eyes looked into the NPCs' eyes; it was as if Dave was looking directly into the NPC's soul.

The NPC was shuddering. He was affected by Dave's Doom Knight passive, [Deathly Presence]. Dave took advantage of the opportunity and grabbed the warrior's face with his hand and activated [Spectral Skull].

The skulls usually emerged from Dave's hand when he waved it to summon them, and now he created them at Point-Blank right into the face of the warrior.

The first skull materialized into the warrior's face and blew up. The explosion shook the warrior.

A few Qin soldiers noticed Dave holding their comrade with one hand, but the aura around Dave made it hard for them to approach and help their ally. They couldn't do anything but watch.


Another skull materialized and rocked the warrior through his core.


And another one.


Continuous explosions blasted through the warrior's face, and with every explosion, Dave's grip tightened further on the warrior's face.

Until the eighth explosion, the NPC's head was cleanly blown off.

"That'll teach you to attack me from the back," Dave muttered these words. Simple words, but to the Qin warriors who saw their brethren being grabbed like a ragdoll and had his head blow off, it was a clear warning from the Doom Knight.

Cross me, and you will die!

Singund was rampaging through the Qin Soldiers ranks. Though most of the NPCs had a higher level than Singund, they didn't have the benefit of the High-Orc passive. The more numerous the orcs were, the stronger they became.

The orcs were like a rampaging grim reaper. They culled the lives of the Qin warriors with every strike.

The players looked at Dave's troops in amazement. They were a thousand and few more undead, but just these numbers were enough to turn the fight in favor of the players.

A notification appeared in front of Dave.


One of your underlings had killed a Qin Warrior.

[Blot the Sun] duration increased by 5 seconds.

One of your underlings had killed a Qin Warrior.

[Blot the Sun] duration increased by 5 seconds.

One of your underlings had killed a Qin Warrior.

[Blot the Sun] duration increased by 5 seconds.



This was a great skill to use in battle. It slowed the enemy and increased the [Horror] effects of Dave skills. While at the same time had a 5% chance to revive a killed enemy into Undeath.

A few of the Qin soldiers became undead and then started to assault their own comrades. These units sadly would not join Dave's Sub-Division when they revived but will join the undead legion as a whole and be appointed to random units.

Slowly the undead began pushing the Qin warriors back. This gave the players a chance to breathe. The attack on Ulmir's Rest was repelled by a single player. Mr.Skeletal.

A few wyvern warriors decided to take out some of Dave's troops by grabbing them and throwing them off high heights.

Dave noticed this tactic and clicked his tongue. He had an aerial disadvantage, and he didn't like that the least. He wanted to use [Demonic-Ascension] but decided against it. That skill was one of the highest and strongest he has besides the broken Legacy skill [Final Phantasm].

He didn't want players to know more about his skills as the more secrets he keeps, the better it is for his future progress.

"Tengu, take them down," Dave ordered.

"As you command!" the tengu flapped his raven wings and rose to the sky, he sliced at the first Wyvern Rider taking off his head. He then rode on the wyvern itself.

But the beast disliked the fact that someone else was riding him and decided to do several barrel rolls to drop the tengu off. The tengu held on for a while, but when he understood that the wyvern was not going to give in, he pierced through its head with the [Rift Maker].

The wyvern's carcass dropped on a few qin warriors killing them while the tengu flew off to chase after the rest of the wyverns.

A few Qin soldiers decided to gang up on Dave. But with his new armor defensive values and his high HP, their damage was like pricks to a wall. Dave slashed away at the Qin warriors and fought on. These soldiers sure had a high level and a lot of HP, but their damage wasn't much for Dave.

A white glow appeared around Dave then a red numerical value appeared above his head. This was the highest damage he received so far.


He turned to find the culprit, but there was one player who was shuddering and shaking in place it was a priest.

"S-sorry, I wanted to heal you."

"Dumbass, don't use heals on the undead," Dave shook his head and turned back to the fight.

A few players cursed at the priest and ordered him to go to the backline. Several tanks rushed toward Dave's left and right and helped him in tanking the massive armies of the Qin warriors. A Qin captain mounted on a warhorse charged at Dave.

Dave was occupied with fighting off a Qin sword master so he didn't notice the incoming captain. But the tank next to Dave stomped his foot to the ground and activated [Anchor Hall] a forceful threat generating skill, that caused the charging captain to change direction and attack the tank.

Dave heard the loud blow behind him and turned. He saw that the player was still activating [Anchor Hall] pulling the attacker away from Dave.

Dave switched to his gauntlet and jumped up. He smashed down with his right fist at the captain's face, blowing him off his warhorse via [Dragon Fist]. The ethereal dragon surged out from Dave's gauntlet burning the captain and the many Qin warriors behind it.

Dog had broke through the Qin warriors formation and ordered his basilisk to bite at the captain. The basilisk began slamming the captain on the ground. With every hit, his armor would break, so would his bones. As a finisher, Dog wanted to make the attacker suffer.

A gigantic ethereal image began materializing in the sky. Dave 's eyes bulged as he noticed that it was Dog's doing.

"SHIT! DOG STOP!" Dave shouted.

The dullahan thankfully heard Dave and canceled his attack. He was about to use his own legacy skill, that would have caused a lot of unwanted attention to Dave's underling. Something Dave didn't want right now.

Thankfully, not many players noticed the effect, and even if some did, there was no way to link it to Warlord. Afterall there were many players next to Dog, and the legacy avatar aura could have come from any one of them.

Dave continued to fight on. He was gaining exp at a rapid rate. The undead were bringing down carnage and decimation upon the Qin warriors. Singund had reached his ultimate state, he had just 1% HP right now, and his attack speed and power were so tremendous he looked like an incarnate god of wrath.

His brigade butchered the soldiers ; they didn't fear the sword and moved into battle with glee and recklessness. This caused trepidation and fear to surge through the ranks of the Qin warriors. Soon after, the sound of a loud horn echoed through the battlefield.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

It was the call to retreat. The Qin warriors decided to fold back; the attack on Ulmir's rest was not going to work.

With that, the army of Qin moved back and away from Ulmir's Rest.


The Qin warriors have been routed from Ulmir's Rest

Congratulations to all the participants in the battle.

All players that were in the battle at Ulmir's rest will receive a bonus 1,000 War Contribution Points added to their base WCP count: for successfully repelling the Qin army.


For just a few seconds, the battlefield was quiet. Then loud cheering and rooting echoed at the gates of Ulmir's rest.

No one knew who started, but someone shouted the name "Skelly!" then all the players began rooting for Dave.






Dave smiled. He was never in the spotlight, but now he seems to enjoy it. Dave patted the back of the nearest tank next to him and said, "Good job, you have great Threat Control."

"T-thanks," the player said, rubbing his head.

Dave waved his hand opening his character panel. He checked out his War Contribution points. He found out that he now had 4,222.

'Not bad. I guess I get some from my undead.'

Dave was sure he didn't kill that many Qin warriors, but he understood his undead counted added to his count.

The players began converging around Dave. Some wanted to take a picture with Dave, and some wanted just to say hi while some were acting 'cool' and looking at Dave from afar.

"Alright, party's over! shoo, move away!" Blaster was finding it hard to get to Dave with all the 'fans.'

"Thanks, man, you saved our ass," Ralph said.

"C'mon, it's alright," Dave said, patting Ralph's shoulder.


Dave heard the sound of a cough next to him, turning. There was a player in full-red standing next to him.

"Satan Slayer," Dave said.

"Skeletal. Thanks for the help. I'm sorry I didn't think you could tip the battle in our favor this much."

"It's cool. Just came to help my bro," Dave said.

"Right." Slayer turned to Ralph and sent him a private message. Then Ralph sent the contents of the same message back to Dave.

"Do you want to know who bought the remaining shares of Sigma-Electronics?"

Dave's attention was instantly perked, that was something he really wanted to know.