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324 Skelly Joins The War

 Dave moved the notifications away to read them later and turned to face Kurukuru.

"Sup, big guy."

The bug, seemingly not understanding Dave's words hissed at him. Kurukuru moved closer to the corpse and dug in it with his claw.

Dave frowned, "Hey, you took my kill, but that body is mine," Dave said.

The bug hissed at Dave again, as if he was threatening Dave not to get any closer to the decapitated corpse of Leonard.

'Shit, I might have to fight this guy too.' Dave thought to himself. Yet another notification appeared in front of him.

This one, Dave, had to read because it was flashing continuously.


You have successfully completed the S tiered quest:

The Hunt is on!

You have obtained the skill [Isolate] When facing single enemies, you will have a +5% increase in damage.


"Oh, I forgot about that. But still, I need to revive the body..." Dave said.

Kurukuru didn't care for what Dave was talking about and shoved his maw into Leonard's carcass.

The moment Kurukuru's fangs dug into the body, the corps disappeared. Leaving only the head.

Kurukuru pointed at the head, then pointed at Dave and disappeared.


You have aided Kurukuru in killing Leonard. Now, he will go into hibernation to evolve into his final form.

You currently have a friendly relationship with Kurukuru.


"Damn, what am I supposed to do with this head," Dave sighed and touched the head, hoping to get some sort of loot.

Yet all he obtained was a trophy.

"And he took the loot with him, shit." Dave became more and more annoyed. He took Leonard's head and placed it into his inventory then began checking the other notification.

They were level up notification and quest completion. Dave had just reached level 405 after killing Leonard.

Dave turned to see that the Undeath God's guitar was still embedded in the dirt. Onixya was right next to it, yet something seemed a bit different about the dragon. She was a bit larger than before.

Dave inspected Onixya


Black Dragon [Battle-Pet]

level 75

HP: 75,000

MD: 25,000

PD :25,000


[Lesser Aura of Terror]


"Oh, so you levelled up, good job," Dave patted the dragon that was clinging to his leg like a house-cat.

Then he moved to the guitar. 'Nick wouldn't just throw this around.' Dave struck one of the guitar strings, releasing a sharp sound that reverberated through the wilds. Yet nothing seemed to happen.

"Well, if he doesn't want it, might as well..."

Dave tried to grab the item and put it in his inventory when he heard a loud, coughing sound behind him.

Turning, Dave had an awkward smile on his face, "Sup Nick."

"Yeah, welp, that's mine." The undeath god said in a monotone.

"Yeah, I thought you lost it."

"Riiight." The undeath god said and waved a hand, the guitar dug itself out from the ground and rose in the air until it reached Nicholas.

The undeath god placed his guitar on his back and turned to Dave, saying, "Did you enjoy the power of Undeath?"

"Yeah, was really op." Dave said, "Too bad it doesn't last as long as other legacy skills."

The undeath god shrugged, "Longer doesn't mean more useful; it's about how you use it."

Dave frowned, the words Nick just spoke could be interpreted in several ways, and Dave didn't want to continue on that trail of thought.

"What have you been doing lately?" Dave asked.

"Nothing much. It's kinda boring without you running around doing fetch quests for me," the Undeath god smiled at Dave.

"Yeah, I knew it. You were slave-driving me all this time," Dave shook his head.

"Anyway. The stunt you pulled this morning is going to cause you a lot of problems." Nick said as he stroked his Mohawk back.

"What stunt?" Dave asked.

"You killed some of the Qin kingdom soldiers. They won't let that go. Are you ready to defend Urburg from hordes of soldiers? Like I said before, Urburg was a lit place, the concerts I held here were one of the best. And I can't have the city going to ruin again." Nick said.

"I won't let anyone take Urburg from me. You don't have to worry about this," Dave said.

"I'll be overseeing you defending Urburg then. Toodles!" Nick waved at Dave and disappeared along with his guitar.

Dave was once again left with Onixya. He grabbed the dragon and began moving aimlessly in the Wilds.

"You sure have gotten a bit heavy," Dave said in a teasing tone. But it seemed that the dragon didn't like being called fat and bit at Dave's hand.

-1 HP

Dave smiled and patted the dragon saying, "I'm just kidding; you're perfect just the way you are."

It seemed as if the dragon liked Dave's words, she released her jaws and began nuzzling into Dave's chest.

Dave spent a few hours in the Wilds. He hunted a couple were-lions that continuously kept attacking him due to his Stench-Debuff. He then remembered something and called Lone.

"Hey Davidskin, what's going on?" Lone asked.

"Do you still have the Stench Debuff on?" Dave asked.

"Yeah, why are you asking?"

"Well, it's strange, normally the dragon would have smelled you from miles away. You didn't see it anywhere?"

"Nah, the dragon never came toward us. How about you?"

"Same, I didn't see it at all. This is strange."

"Well, it's best if the dragon never shows up. Oh yeah, Dave, I have some news," Lone said.

"Yeah, what's going on?"

"Apparently, Daddy had decided to join the game."

"What? Didn't he say he didn't enjoy the game-" but Dave trailed for a moment then facepalmed himself, "He wouldn't be joining because of the new Gunner class?"

"Exactly, not only that. He even dragged uncle sam with him."

"Oh, god."

"Yeah, and you know what's funny?

"There's more?"

"Yep. Apparently, Mercy's father felt a bit jealous when he knew dad's going to join the game, so he too decided to play. Dad's been bugging me about getting him some guns to play with, so if you find anything, please tell me."

"Right. They mentioned that there were some Gnomish ruins in Conquest. Okay, if I find something I'll tell you."

"Thanks, Davidskin!" Lone hung up.

Dave then called Ralph.

"Hey, man. You're still doing your legacy quests?"

"Nah man, I had to stop. The Devastators recalled all the players. We're having a hard time holding Ulmir's Rest."

"Ulmir's Rest? Isn't that in the Blood Rager's territory? What are you doing all the way there?" Dave asked.

"Well, the Ragers and Heaven's Dawn threatened to collaborate and destroy the devastators if we don't help them push back the assault."

"Meh, that's a low blow. Kinda cowardly.

"Tell me about it. But man, I don't think we can hold for much longer. Ulmir's Rest is going to be overrun in a few hours at most. The death toll is too much, and we are forbidden from leaving our spots."

"You mean, if you log out or teleport out you'll get punished?"

"Not just punished, banned from the guild and treated as an enemy. Lots of players are pissed because of this. We can't hold the east. We'll just die man."

"Shit, this isn't cool. If you die, you'll lose two levels man," Dave said, he was feeling angry at the Devastators and the other super-guilds. They were exploiting the players for their own benefits.

"Not just that, man. I'm at a stage of my legacy quest where I must not die." Ralph said.

"Shit, I know that feeling man. I had to survive for a long time during my legacy quest. You know what. I'm coming. Wait for me." Dave said and hung up.

Dave tore a teleportation scroll to the Blood Rager's capital.

He arrived in the middle of a glacial city. The houses were covered in snow, and the people were nowhere to be seen with the sole exception of some players that were scurrying around the city in haste. There were also a load of low-level players just wandering inside the town.

One of these low-level players in nooby clothes noticed the doom knight standing next to the teleportation gate. Shocked, the player shouted, "Mr Skeletal!"

Dave turned his head to see the shaking player, then he smirked at him and beckoned him over.

The player looked behind him then pointed at himself in a 'You mean me?' gesture.

Dave nodded, and the player hastily came toward Dave.

"Y-yes," the noob player said.

"What's going on? Where are the NPCs?" Dave asked.

"They are all hiding."

"Hiding, how come?" Dave asked

"Zhang Shi issued martial law. And all the players need to be in the frontline."

"Right, to fight against the east. But why are there s many low-level players in the city? Shouldn't you all be grinding?" Dave asked.

"We can't. With the east invading, all the low-level hunting grounds have been closed off. And we can't take the teleportation gate to safer areas until we are at least level 100." The noob player said.

"Even the area around the capital? The east is still too far from here."

The noob player shrugged, "I don't know either. I went outside the city, and all I saw were Dire-Wolves. They are level 120, and we can't take them on." The noob player said.

"And I suppose that there are no high-level players nearby to power-level you right?" Dave said.

"Yeah. It's kinda boring and unfair, you know."

"Yeah, I know. Not being able to hunt, you'll have to wait for many days until the Eastern Raid is over. Well, I'll try to do something about it." Dave said in a smile.

The player didn't know what Dave was talking about for the moment, but he still said, "Thanks, Skelly. I'm loving the daily Skelly adventures. I hope you keep updating."

"Yeah, I still have a lot of content for CCN, just keep watching," Dave said and took the teleportation gate to Ulmir's Rest.

'The situation is serious. This is affecting the lower level players as it is affecting the higher-level ones.' Dave appeared in Ulmir's rest. It was a walled city that was positioned at the foot of a mountain. The towering mountain was a natural barrier, and the climb to the town was steep and dangerous. It was a great area to defend but looking at the situation, Dave noticed that even the mightiest fortress could be toppled over when unlimited hordes of enemies.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The city was burning. The eastern warriors brought wyverns instead of siege weapons. They used them to rain fire and boulders at the city. The players were having a hard time defending the tens of thousands of warriors surrounding the city.

Shouts and howls of battle echoed all over Ulmir's Rest.

A few players noticed Dave and were instantly alerted. They were at a loss, the east was attacking, and now Skeletal had appeared out of nowhere, they didn't know if he was an ally or an enemy, but seeing that he didn't attack yet, they felt a bit assured but not entirely safe.

Dave looked around. He didn't see Ralph anywhere. He must be outside the city fighting the eastern warriors.

One of the Devastator players moved past Dave, Dave called to him and asked, "Did you see Blaster anywhere?"

"Mr Skeletal?" the player just realized that there was a doom knight standing in their ranks.

"Yes, now where's Blaster?"

"Unit leader? He's at the front, why?"

"I came to help my friend," Dave said in a smile, "Lead the way."

"Right!" The player shouted and ran to the front.

Dave arrived at the city gate, it was open, and the players were huddled up together in front of it, holding off the Qin warriors.

The player that led Dave to the front pointed toward the gate and said, "There he is,"

Just as he finished his words, a loud screech echoed in the sky. Looking up, Dave saw that a wyvern had just thrown a large boulder that was heading toward the Devastator player that was leading him.

Dave raised his Tower Shield activating Block, the rock shattered upon contact, and the weight of the boulder didn't even make Dave flinch.

"T-thanks!" the player said, he didn't even notice the rock coming down toward him.

"No worries," Dave said and moved to the gate.

"Excuse me, coming through, sorry, pardon. Sorry, coming through!" Dave was pushing the huddled players and moved forward between them. When an angry player turned to shout at the person who just pushed him, he was met face to face with Dave's smiling draugr face. the anger changed immediately to shock, and the shout was forced down and exchanged by a loud gulping sound.

Right beyond the players huddled at the gate was a larger ring made of players that were holding the enemy.

"Wow, so many," Dave said as he was looking at the numerous Qin warriors.

"Skelly, you came Wow, that equipment looks nice!" Blaster said he was wounded, and his HP was sharply low.

"Yeah, I became a doom knight. Now, what's the situation. And who's in command?" Dave asked.

"We can't hold. And currently, Satan-Slayer is first in command." Ralph said and pointed forward.

There was a dual-wielding swordsman slicing and dicing at the Qin soldiers at the front, he was fighting bravely but looked completely overwhelmed by the numerous numbers of the Qin warriors. The players next to him were doing their best to pull the enemy's aggro and give Satan Slayer the chance to deal damage.

"Guess I'll have to help. Tell slayer to retreat. I'll take it from here."

"What?" Ralph asked he didn't believe what Dave was saying.

"C'mon bro, believe me," Dave said.

"Alright, man," Ralph called Satan slayer and delivered Dave's message. Not believing Ralph's words Satan Slayer continued fighting.

"He doesn't believe you, man. He said that you couldn't hold the front alone."

"I'm never alone, remember. We are legion!"

Dave raised his palms forward, "Come!"

Suddenly, the space distorted and a hundred black shroud was summoned into the battlefield. They were Dave's Death Knights.

"FOR THE LEGION!" Dave roared! And with this, all the hundred death knights shouted at once.


This was a wake-up call to all the players who were present in the battlefield. These hundred Death Knights had come from nowhere, and they were about to show the might of the undead legion.